Invincible Hero of Necromancer Chapter 2677: Lightning calls



“Your warriors are vulnerable.”


Facing the winged man elemental envoy wearing the cloud robe, Ji Jia said rudely.


The Elementalist fell silent, and the loose skin and flesh were piled up together, making him look even older. After a while, he sighed deeply: “If you said this before, I’d just think you were talking nonsense, but now I know you’re right.”


Ji Jia clenched the blood-stained machete tightly, arched her waist slightly, and stared at him at the same time: “Are you going to avenge them? I won’t compensate you for your losses.”


“Vengeance? I won’t do that. You killed those warriors in a showdown, and no one can blame you.” The Elementalist shook his head and said.


“Really? They are your clan.” Ji Jia looked at him suspiciously.


“They’re just slaves, and if it wasn’t for this exposition, they wouldn’t have caught my eye. Their deaths weren’t meaningless, at least they let me find, tough warriors like you.”


“Slave…” Ji Jia looked at the blood of the winged warriors, and the winged elementalists who didn’t care about their deaths at all, and realized something in her heart, “I began to understand, Why was Tanan so angry back then?”


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“What Tanan?” The winged man element was a little puzzled, but he quickly put it all behind him and looked at Ji Jia admiringly: “You have the potential to stand out in this expo and become a The last treasure dedicated to the air monarch. When it comes to the selection, I and the other eliminations will vote for you, and the other creatures who witnessed the battle will do the same. If you can meet the air monarch , and please don’t forget us.”


“What elemental monarch, I don’t belong here.” Ji Jia pouted, at this moment, she seemed to think of something, and out of the corner of the eye caught a glimpse of another person, “However, I happen to have something and need your help. .”


Aside, Ojomo was looking at the ring-shaped booth in disbelief, and muttered: “She actually won? How is this possible…”


Ojomo realized that he seemed to have been underestimating the barbarian. She was a legendary creature no matter what, her strength was so much higher than those of the winged warriors, and she was able to win the battle. Nor is it surprising.


Just when Ojomo was restless, Ji Jia came to him, not only that, but also the winged man elementalist behind Ji Jia.


“My slave warriors are dead, and I’m furious now.”


Listening to the words of the winged man elemental envoy, Ojomo was slightly taken aback, and hurriedly said: “Master elemental envoy, this is what you asked for…”


The winged man elemental interrupted him unceremoniously, with an even more angry look on his face: “Are you saying it’s all my fault?”


“I didn’t mean that…” Ojomo hurriedly explained, “The barbarian killed your slave. You can punish her as you like, preferably using chain lightning to teach her a lesson.”


“What’s the use of punishing her? Could it make all my dead warriors come alive? I’d rather question her manager, you, than that barbarian.”


Listening to the unceremonious words of the Winged Man Elementalist, and feeling the magic element gradually condensing on its body, Ojomo also realized that the problem was wrong. He turned slightly and looked back at Ji Jia, who looked at him disdainfully. , I also guessed in my heart that they must have reached some kind of agreement and turned against themselves.


Ojomo threatened loudly: “I am the manager chosen by the Thunder Elemental Lord Pangdon. By doing this, you are fighting against the Thunder Elemental Lord and the entire Air Elemental Plane…”


Before he finished speaking, when he heard the news, the Thunder Elementalist who also belonged to the Thunder Elemental Lord came to him, and he placed the shackles of thunder and lightning on him, and condensed into substantial lightning to wrap his hands around him. If he struggled hard, he would be severely bombarded.




Just as Ojomo looked terrified, the Thunder Elementalist came to the Winged Elementalist: “These low-level creatures are causing you trouble, you can deal with them at will.”


Listening to these words, the winged man elemental ambassador showed a satisfied look, while Ojomo fell into a deeper despair. He never imagined that the trouble Ji Jia caused would eventually be involved in his head. In the beginning, the barbarian should not be ignored.


As he glared at Ji Jia, the winged man elementalist also came to Ji Jia and asked her, “What spell do I need to use to kill him?”


Ji Jia glanced at Ojomo. Not long ago, he was planning to sacrifice himself in this way, but now he has completely reversed it. She opened her mouth, revealing the sharp fangs of a barbarian: “Chain lightning.”


“No…she must have lied to you, I didn’t do anything!”


Hearing Ji Jia’s words, Ojomo finally understood the current Now he is alone and helpless, the mage companion in the jar wants him to die soon, and the elemental person he relies on is completely He gave up, no one would come to save him, and he was destined to never return to the main plane.


The Winged Elementalist was unmoved by Ojomo’s words. He opened his hand, and a swift and powerful lightning formed in his hand.


That’s Tier 4 magic, chain lightning. Under the blessing of the air element plane rules, the power of chain lightning can easily reach several times that of the main plane. The light of the lightning was extremely dazzling, and the nearby flying creatures screamed, unable to look directly. Even Ji Jia would be hit hard by this magic, not to mention the weak Ojomo.


Feeling the terrifying power of the chain lightning, Ojomo’s teeth trembled. He didn’t want to die on the plane of the air element, which was full of monsters. He wanted to return to the main plane and take revenge on the necromancer who killed his family. Therefore, even if he sacrificed his companions, he would betray his soul.


In desperation, he remembered the method. As long as he called Somra’s name aloud in the bombardment of chain lightning, the giant monster came across the space to save the creature who called him.


That sounds incredible. It’s like a trap method. It’s not believed by Ojomo at all. Even if he tries, it’s impossible for him to do it himself, but at this moment, this method has become a desperate situation. The only hope, and the only straw he could hold when he was about to drown in the sea of ​​despair.


The burst of light was fleeting, and as the wingman elementalist stretched out his hand, the thick chain of lightning struck Ojomo.


Being hit by a chain of lightning, Ojomo’s skin instantly turned into coke, his eyes dissolved, the thick water also vaporized instantly, and the boundless darkness swallowed him, and he also issued a cry from the bottom of his heart:


“Save me, Lord Somra!”


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