Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 602: Six major forces in the Western universe


The great elder said, “After several resistance alliances were destroyed, a small number of these people fled to the sea world and hid in the sea world. The inland world was divided up by the major monastic forces. First of all, It is the Taitian Clan, and our area is the territory of the Taitian Clan, and I think the young master must also know it!”

“In addition to the Taitian Clan, there are also several super powers such as the Taimo Clan, the Blood Clan, the Red and Black Demonic Leopard Clan, the Ghost Face Clan, and the Fire Demon Clan. They are basically secluded forces!”.

“What about the God Jehovah?”. Lin Feng asked.

He had communicated with Satan before. This force under God Jehovah is the most powerful force in the Western universe, more powerful than Satan’s force, and more powerful than the original top forces such as the Ning family.

The relationship between Jehovah and Satan has never been good.

However, according to Satan, when external forces began to invade the Western universe, the relationship between him and Jehovah also eased a lot.

The great elder said, “God Jehovah was indeed a powerful figure before, but now he has become a tragedy!”.

“Same as Satan? Did they all encounter some terrible situations during the rebellion?”. Lin Feng asked.

“Jehovah is much worse than Satan. Satan at least escaped. Jehovah couldn’t escape and was directly killed! It’s hard to say whether he is still alive or not!” The great elder shook his head and sighed, mentioning When talking about Jehovah, he will inevitably feel a little sad.

Mainly because Jehovah, a person, was really unattainable in the past. Who would have thought that such a big change would happen to the Western Universe after the great changes in the world, especially after the top external forces began to suppress the Western Universe. These forces in the universe collapsed too quickly. This is true for Ning’s side, Satan’s side, and Jehovah’s side. In the past, they were all well-known figures in the Western universe, but now, some people have become prisoners, and some people are It turned directly into dust.

Especially Jehovah is a little different from Satan and others.

Like Satan, the Ning family organized powerful forces to resist.

But Jehovah did not have time to mount a large-scale and comprehensive resistance, and was solved by the other party’s beheading action.

The other party probably also knows that the Holy See controlled by Jehovah has the widest sphere of influence in the Western universe. As long as Jehovah is eliminated, many things will go extremely smoothly.

So, they sent the top strong men to deal with Jehovah, and the people under Jehovah directly defected to external forces.

And this incident is simply devastating to many forces in the Western universe.

Lin Feng then asked a lot of questions.

After asking these questions, Lin Feng already had a general understanding of the current Western universe.

The current Western universe is an extremely bad situation for Lin Feng, because the power that Lin Feng can borrow is nothing more than the alliance formed by the Ning family, and the power of the monk army here in the alliance formed by Satan, through Satan as the middleman If so, maybe we can mobilize the power on Jehovah’s side.

But now, the Ning family has been completely destroyed. Although Satan has escaped, he does not know where he is hiding. He cannot be contacted. There is a high probability that Jehovah will be killed.

The alliance formed by Ning and the alliance formed by Satan still had some monk armies that were not completely wiped out, but they all escaped.

I don’t know where they fled to. Some people may have fled to the overseas world.

But the overseas world is vast and vast, and it is not easy to find them.

As for the army of monks under Jehovah, they have completely become executioners under the command of external forces.

Of course, according to the great elder, the six superpowers are not monolithic now.

Because the strong men behind the six super forces belong to different forces. Although most of them are forces opposed to Lin Feng, there are also forces on the neutral side. Unfortunately, there are no forces on Lin Feng’s side.

After some inquiring, Lin Feng knew that it turned out that there were strong people on their side who wanted to support some forces. They were supporting forces like the Ning family and Satan. And they knew what happened next. It was the defeated side, so the strong men on Lin Feng’s side withdrew after several alliances were defeated.

Now, the six superpowers are actually competing with each other. To put it bluntly, it is mainly the forces behind them that are competing with each other. After all, these forces are also competing for resources.

However, their competition was controlled within a controllable range.

Rather than a situation where rival forces fight to the death for resources.

In addition, these big forces have been looking for the origin of the Western universe.

Lin Feng knows that many powerful people from big forces want to be like Lin Feng and also want to be recognized by the Origin of the Western Universe. The Origin of the Western Universe mentioned this matter to Lin Feng before. Some people may be able to use special methods to Pass your own ideas to the origin of the Western universe.

However, they definitely did not find the origin of the Western universe.

If we really find the origin of the Western universe.

They don’t need to be polite to the origin of the Western universe, they can just force the origin of the Western universe to recognize them.

Lin Feng got a lot of useful information from the chief elder of the trading company.

The results of this trip are also quite satisfying.

Next, Lin Feng wants to try to find Satan first to see if he can find Satan. If he can find Satan, it will be easier to open up the situation if Satan is there.

Lin Feng then said goodbye to the great elder of the trading company. He planned to leave with Poison Ancestor and Shi Long.

But at this time, the chief elder of the trading company said, “This young master looks like a wealthy person at first glance, and in the next day, the Lord of Yishui City, the big boss behind our Yishui Trading Company, will hold a trade fair. I don’t know that young master Are you interested in participating?”

“Oh? Trade fair? Not bad, I can attend!”. Lin Feng said.

The great elder said, “That would be great!”.

After finishing speaking, the Great Elder took out an invitation and handed it to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng accepted the invitation, and then he felt a slight movement in his heart, and asked, “It seems that the lord of your Yishui City is not just as simple as the lord of a medium-sized city, right?”.

The great elder said, “Yes, our Yishui City City Lord is the apprentice of an old and powerful man from the Taitian Clan. She only has a thousand years of life this year, but her cultivation is unfathomable. Now that she has come out to practice, she can only serve as the City Lord for a few years. Years have passed, but her connections are unimaginable, so this trade fair is worth looking forward to!”

Lin Feng said, “Can the Great Elder introduce me to the Lord of Yishui City?”

Lin Feng only wanted to ask the elder of Yishui Trading Company to help introduce the city lord of Yishui City, mainly because he wanted to exchange super-level immortal stones with the city lord of Yishui City.

If you were just a city lord of an ordinary medium-sized city, you probably wouldn’t have many super-level fairy stones.

Lin Feng didn’t bother to recognize him, but the status of the city lord of Yishui City was really extraordinary. Lin Feng believed that he would definitely be able to get a large number of super-level immortal stones from this person. ()


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