Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 601: Satan’s current situation


Yishui City is a medium-sized city in the Western Universe. The city is adjacent to the Yishui River, hence its name.

Lin Feng and his party arrived at Yishui City.

Although this Yishui City is only a medium-sized city, it is still extremely lively.

There is an endless stream of people coming and going.

The streets are also full of bustling scenes.

It seems that the turmoil in the Western universe has not affected cities like Yishui City.

Actually, this is normal.

Because this Yishui City is a city under the Taitian Clan.

The Taitian Clan serves as a collaborator with external forces and one of the promoters of the great chaos in the Western universe.

In fact, their side was not greatly affected.

Those who were greatly affected were mainly those forces who resisted unyieldingly. The cities under their command had been almost destroyed, leaving a dilapidated scene.

But the Taitian Clan and other races don’t care at all. What they and the external forces behind them care about is not whether these cities are still prosperous.

What they value is whether they can obtain a large amount of resources and whether they can seize a large amount of free labor and become slaves to help them mine various resources. For example, some special mineral veins require high-level monks to mine them. People can’t enter that kind of mountain range, and they will die if they go in. Therefore, many high-level monks have become prisoners or even miners, which is quite embarrassing.

After Lin Feng and the others arrived in Yishui City, they first found a place to stay. Due to the large number of people, they rented three courtyards in a higher-end inn.

Lin Feng lets everyone move freely.

He took Poison Ancestor and Shi Long with him to find out the news.

Some of the rest of the people did not want to go out, so they stayed at their residences, while others went out shopping. For them, it was a rare leisure time.

And you may not be able to relax for a long time.

As for the Ning siblings, they were worried about being recognized and had no intention of going outside. They also stayed at their residence.

Lin Feng, Du Zu, and Shi Long came to a place called Yishui Trading Company to inquire about information.

Money can make the world go round.

Lin Feng and the others met directly with the great elder of Yishui Trading Company.

Both parties greeted each other.

The elder of Yishui Trading Company asked, “I don’t know what news the young master wants to know. We know all kinds of news here, but when answering the young master, it is difficult for me to tell everything. I believe the young master also Understand that many times, we are unable to help ourselves. Some things that can be said will naturally be said, but some things that cannot be said will not be said even if you give us the courage!”

This is to put the ugly words first, and to lower Lin Feng’s expectations appropriately. If there is really no way to talk about the following things, Lin Feng will not be too disappointed. This great elder is quite good at it. One who understands people’s hearts.

Lin Feng then said, “Of course I know the rules!”.

He pondered for a moment and then asked the first question, and the first question was about Satan.

Because Lin Feng came to the Western Universe and tried to sense Satan’s breath, but he couldn’t sense anything.

Even the space of creation failed to summon Satan.

Something is not right about this.

Lin Feng wondered if there were some problems on Satan’s side. After all, the Western universe was too chaotic, and many major forces were not immune to the disaster.

The forces under Satan are also quite powerful. Although Satan is not a force in the alliance of the Ning family, they will eventually fight against those outsiders.

Unless Satan also chooses to surrender, but with Satan’s temperament, there is a high probability that he will not do so.

What’s more, Satan is still a member of the creation space.

It is even more impossible to choose to surrender.

Lin Feng asked, “Does the elder know the news about Satan?”.

The elder of Yishui Trading Company nodded and said, “I have heard about Satan. Before the monastic forces were born, and before the external forces invaded the Western universe, Satan’s power was very powerful, and it was also Very active, prosperous, talented people, very popular, and very influential in the Western universe, but then something went wrong. It is said that someone there admired Satan quite a lot, so they sent people to recruit Satan, but they were Satan refused. Satan also attracted some forces, and even wanted to unite with the alliance formed by the ancestors of the Ning family and others to resist those forces. However, before they could unite, the alliance of the Ning family was the first to be destroyed, followed by Satan and the others. The alliance he was in was also defeated!”

This Yishui City is, after all, a city controlled by the Taitian Clan.

The elder of Yishui Trading Company has some scruples when speaking. However, it is not easy to speak out things from a more neutral position. It may be difficult to change the position of other places. It won’t be so neutral anymore.

Lin Feng said, “What about Satan himself? After their side is defeated, Satan will not be killed, right?”.

The elder of Yishui Trading Company said, “I heard from the gossip that he was arrested and then imprisoned!”.

Lin Feng frowned slightly, this is not good news.

He asked, “Is this news accurate?”.

The elder of Yishui Trading Company hesitated slightly, as if he was weighing something. Lin Feng knew that this old guy was a pure businessman, and he obviously wanted to see Lin Feng’s sincerity.

Lin Feng flicked his finger.

A long river of high-level immortal stones flew out immediately. There were a million high-level immortal stones. After all, it was just for information. Spending tens of thousands of high-level immortal stones was already an incredible price.

It is rare to see someone as wealthy as Lin Feng.

The great elder smiled, he put away these high-level immortal stones, and then said, “I have a distant nephew who is now working at the headquarters of the Taitian Clan as a worshipper. I heard him talk about it some time ago. Regarding the matter of Satan, it is said that Satan was indeed captured at first, but on the way to be escorted, Satan actually ran away. This incident is considered a big scandal for the Taitian Clan. , after all, such a powerful force can’t even look down on a suppressed person, and it wouldn’t be nice to spread the news, so the news was suppressed, and no one outside knew about it!”

Hearing this, although Lin Feng remained calm on the surface, there was a hint of joy in his heart.

Lin Feng said, “So, since then, Satan has never appeared again?”.

The great elder nodded and said, “However, it is said that the higher-ups were furious at that time and sent many strong men to hunt down and suppress Satan, but no new news has come out since then. I don’t know the specific situation. !”.

Lin Feng nodded and then asked, “What about the current division of forces in the Western Universe? What specific forces control the Western Universe…”. ()


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