Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 276: The 34th floor of the giant tower


Chapter 9488 The 34th Floor of the Giant Tower

The City of Light is becoming clearer and clearer.

Everyone saw the city wall of the City of Light, and the outside of the city wall of the City of Light turned into a black wall. Rumor has it that in the early years, the City of Light was a holy city, and it was a place filled with holy light. , represents the sacred splendor, and even the city walls are exuding holy light. It is the ultimate contrast with the current appearance. The black outside is not because the wall has become black, but the smell of blood is permeating the air. The black The walls seemed to be soaked in blood.

This is a shocking fact. It is hard to imagine how many people’s blood was needed to dye the original city wall black.

The brutality of the war here back then was probably unimaginable.

Soon, the City of Light appeared completely, stretching across the sky. Countless monks shouted and rushed towards the City of Light, but there was a powerful restriction blocking the City of Light, making it impossible to escape from those To fly in, you have to enter through the city gate. Such a huge city has more than one gate. Lin Feng and the others belong to the east gate, west gate, south gate, and there are many monks at the north gate. These gates are separated by It was also relatively far away, and each other didn’t know what was happening in other places, but no matter which city gate, the atmosphere was extremely warm now. Everyone rushed to the city gate and began to work together to try to push the huge city gate open. .

A loud rumbling sound was heard, and with the efforts of everyone, the door was gradually pushed open.

Swish, swish…

After the door was pushed open, many monks rushed into the City of Light as fast as lightning.

Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast also entered quickly. After entering the City of Light, Lin Feng suddenly heard the earth-shattering cry of killing resounding in his ears.

Then Lin Feng seemed to have crossed the torrent of time and returned to an endless time ago. He saw an unprecedented war that broke out inside and outside the City of Light.

Dark erosion.

The monks guarding the city finally couldn’t hold on.

The city’s protective restrictions were damaged and the gate was opened.

The torrent of darkness began to surge towards the city.

This battle was a huge blow to the City of Light. It was an almost catastrophic blow, and the light was drowned by darkness.

Countless monks have turned into dust, and this city of light that has been inherited for endless years has also come to an end.

Lin Feng came to his senses.

Many monks have already moved towards the depths of the City of Light.

The black tiger and leopard beast saw Lin Feng stunned on the spot and couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, what’s wrong with you?”.

Lin Feng said, “I’m fine, let’s go inside and see what’s going on!”.


The black tiger and leopard beast nodded.

Lin Feng was most concerned about the situation on the other side of the giant tower, so he and the black tiger and leopard beast flew towards the deep tower. The majestic giant tower could be seen from a distance.

It’s so extraordinary.

Endless long years have passed, and this giant tower still has a suffocating pressure.

In the past, this huge tower must have been sacred and solemn, even a holy place in the City of Light.

Not only Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast, but also some monks rushed to the giant tower.

But the vast majority of people did not go directly to the giant tower, but looked for it in other places.

The City of Light is so huge.

Besides the giant tower, there must be other opportunities.

Those monks probably feel that the opportunities in the giant tower are not so easy to obtain. It is better to work hard in other places first, and maybe they can get good things that they are satisfied with. Everyone has their own ideas and goals.

Lin Feng just needs to be himself.

Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast basically didn’t stop at all along the way.

The speed is ridiculously fast.

Two hours later.

Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast came outside the giant tower.

This huge tower is thousands of meters high, simple and heavy.

The door of the giant tower was also closed. When Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast came here, some monks were already trying to open the door of the giant tower.

But the door of the giant tower is still closed.

“The restrictions on this gate seem to have disappeared, is it still so difficult to open?”, the black tiger and leopard beast said, smashing it.

Lin Feng said, “This giant tower is not simple. Come on, go over and help open the door!”.

Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast also joined in.

Some strong men are arriving one after another.

These monks also joined in one after another.

With the joint efforts of many monks, the door was finally pushed open.

Many monks poured into the giant tower.

Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast also entered the giant tower. They saw that the giant tower was extremely huge, but the corpses of monks were everywhere in the giant tower. Because it took too long, the corpses of these monks had already Turned into skeletons.

This is better than the situation outside. Even skeletons are rarely seen outside. It is estimated that the people who died back then have completely decayed and may have dispersed with the wind.

Some monks began to search for treasures in the first floor of the giant tower.

Lin Feng said to the black tiger and leopard beast, “Go to the top!”.

The two quickly flew towards the top of the giant tower.

The thousand-meter-long giant tower had almost thirty floors. Not long after, Lin Feng and the others arrived at the thirty-third floor.

But this is not the top level.

There seems to be another layer above.

But there are powerful restrictions on that level.

“It implies the way of the thirty-third heaven,” said the black tiger and leopard beast.

“Hmm!”. Lin Feng nodded.

In addition to Lin Feng and the black tiger and leopard beast, there are several powerful and unfathomable beings, including old people and indigenous ferocious beast-like creatures. They have also reached the 33rd floor.

But everyone felt that the 34th floor might not be easy, so they didn’t take action immediately.

One person said, “Everyone! I feel like there is a trace of murderous aura overflowing from the formation restriction leading to the 34th floor. It seems that there is definitely a peerless giant in this 34th floor. Horror, do you think there will be some terrible existence that is banned in the 34th floor?”

“This is indeed a possibility!”. Everyone nodded.

Another person said, “Now that we have come here, we are all looking forward to the opportunity on the 34th floor. However, I suggest that if there is really an extremely terrifying existence sealed inside the 34th floor, Among them, we can work together to deal with each other first, and after we deal with the existence on the 34th floor, how about we compete for opportunities inside?”

“I agree!”. Lin Feng said.

“Okay, let’s do it like this!” Immediately afterwards, the rest of the people also expressed their opinions.

Everyone quickly reached an agreement and felt that there was no need to waste time, so they joined forces and launched a powerful attack, blasting towards the ban on the 34th floor of the ban.



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