Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art Chapter 275: Wentian Pavilion Master


Chapter 9487 Wentian Pavilion Master

“It’s the Master of Wentian Pavilion!”.

After feeling the terrifying aura, someone suddenly screamed.

This Wentian Pavilion Master is certainly no ordinary person. Although Wentian Pavilion is not as powerful as the four traditional superpowers, Wentian Pavilion is only weaker than them.

Even several other super powers did not dare to underestimate Wentian Pavilion easily.

The main reason is because the master of Wentian Pavilion is quite terrifying.

After the great changes in the world, these ancient and powerful existences became even more powerful.

The same is naturally true for Master Wentian Pavilion. No one knows how powerful he is now.

The aura released by the Wentian Pavilion Master today is indeed shocking.

Many people feel that if they bear the pressure of this momentum, they will definitely collapse.

But Lin Feng sneered.

If he guessed correctly, the Master of Wentian Pavilion should have left a mark of spiritual consciousness on Ye Jiuxuan’s soul. In this way, when Ye Jiuxuan encountered a life-or-death crisis, he could help Ye Jiuxuan resolve it. It was dangerous. It seemed that Wentian Pavilion paid more attention to Ye Jiuxuan, otherwise it would not have used such means to protect Ye Jiuxuan.

The pressure of Master Wentian Pavilion was indeed very powerful, but it had no deterrent effect on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sneered and said, “Who can stop the person I want to kill?”.

Facing the shock of Master Wentian Pavilion, Lin Feng could still say these words. Many people were shocked, and everyone found that Lin Feng was not affected by the imposing manner of Master Wentian Pavilion. This was not ordinary. What a strong person can do, it seems that this monk is even more extraordinary than imagined.


With a flash of light, the master of Wentian Pavilion appeared.

The Master of Wentian Pavilion, although he could not see his appearance clearly, the incomparable and irresistible aura about him showed his extraordinary status. He is indeed the Master of Wentian Pavilion, he is really The existence of a peerless terror, and there have been widespread rumors that Wentian Pavilion was established by the forces within the Gate of Eternal Life. There are even rumors that the main stream of Wentian Pavilion is the blood of an ancient force within the Gate of Eternal Life. So powerful.

The Wentian Pavilion Master is already powerful, and these rumors make him even more mysterious.

At this moment, Wentian Pavilion advocated opening his big hand and slapping Lin Feng directly with his palm, as if he wanted to completely destroy Lin Feng’s soul.

It turned out that Lin Feng was dealing with Ye Jiuxuan.

Now that he was suddenly attacked by the Wentian Pavilion Master, he had to deal with the Wentian Pavilion Master’s attack.

The Wentian Pavilion Master’s attack is quite powerful, but in Lin Feng’s view, it is just like that. After all, it is just a spiritual brand. For others, it may be an insurmountable mountain, but for Lin Feng, It’s nothing, because Lin Feng is a complete deputy soul, and Lin Feng is powerful enough. He has never been afraid of anyone when competing with souls, let alone facing a divine mind brand.


Lin Feng also took action, punching out, and even the sound of thunder came from the surroundings. The rolling thunder shook the world, and endless thunder light even appeared around Lin Feng. The thunder light rolled and spit, and Lin Feng seemed to be incarnate. He became like a thunder god, and his momentum shocked many people.

Along with the sound of a violent collision, Lin Feng and the Master of the Wentian Pavilion collided fiercely. Everyone saw that the body of the Master of the Wentian Pavilion began to crack after the collision with Lin Feng. This scene simply shocked countless people’s jaws. Even the monks who were extremely optimistic about Lin Feng’s victory felt that it would take some time for Lin Feng to defeat the spiritual brand of Master Wentian Pavilion, but this was not the case. .

Everything is too simple.

It was such a simple punch, as if it had the power to destroy everything, making it difficult for the Wentian Pavilion Master to parry.

“How is that possible?”.

Even the Wentian Pavilion Master himself was shocked. He couldn’t believe it. Seeing his body cracking little by little, it almost made him crazy. What a powerful existence he is. Over the years, He always dealt with others, but he was never dealt with by others.

Now that he is being dealt with by others, he is suddenly unable to accept it.

But he couldn’t resist Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s extremely powerful punch struck the Wentian Pavilion Master hard, and the divine consciousness imprint of the Wentian Pavilion Master instantly shattered.

“You, you, please spare your life, spare me, I will never dare again.”

Ye Jiuxuan looked at Lin Feng with horrified eyes. This guy was really cowardly. He knelt down on the ground and began to beg for mercy.

Of course, from another perspective, this is called a wise man who knows the current affairs.

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that he cannot defeat the other party, yet he still has an extremely tough attitude and will fight to the end. This is stupid, and he will die miserably in the end.

But even if Ye Jiuxuan knelt down and begged for mercy, Lin Feng had no intention of letting him go.

Cut the grass without eradicating the root, but it will grow again when the spring breeze blows.

Lin Feng stepped forward and said with a sneer, “It’s not good to be too arrogant! Be a good person in the next life!”.

After he finished speaking, Lin Feng pointed at Ye Jiuxuan’s forehead, directly penetrating Ye Jiuxuan’s head.

Ye Jiuxuan’s soul immediately shattered.

Seeing Lin Feng killing so decisively, many people secretly took a breath of cold air, thinking that this outsider is only so powerful at a young age. The key is that he is fierce and decisive in his actions. At first glance, he is not that kind. Flowers inside the greenhouse.

Many flowers in the greenhouse have ridiculously advanced realms at such a young age, but in fact their combat effectiveness is very poor, and their combat effectiveness is far from being able to match their own realm. But this person in front of him is different. From his use of his abilities, Judging from the extremely cold state of mind, although this person is young, he may have experienced countless life and death battles. Otherwise, he would not be so decisive in killing. Such a person is absolutely terrifying to the outside world. He can easily It’s best not to provoke such a being.

Lin Feng originally wanted to use this battle to scare those around him, and the effect was indeed good.

After Lin Feng dealt with these people, he thought about helping the black tiger and leopard beast deal with Ye Tiancan.

But at this time, Ye Tiancan repelled the black tiger and leopard beast in time, and then ran away madly towards the sky. He looked so embarrassed and embarrassed, which made many onlookers around him also watch. Some were stunned.

But if you think about it carefully, it is understandable. After all, a black tiger and leopard beast is powerful enough, plus there is the unfathomable Lin Feng.

If Ye Tiancan didn’t escape, he would most likely die.


At this time, the City of Light began to shake violently, and a large amount of fog began to dissipate quickly. The eyes of countless people were attracted to the City of Light.

Everyone became extremely excited.

Because, if such a drastic change occurs, the City of Light may really open up.



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