I’ll Quit Being a God Chapter 85: The God of Wisdom≈Tang Monk?


Although he decided to use the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Bureau as an entry point to obtain the killing stone, Guan Junyan did not act too hastily.

Having been a social animal and being severely beaten by society more than once, he knows the importance of “job hopping” very well.

It is easier to get favorable conditions than to take the initiative and be poached.

You can’t rush over as soon as someone is digging, as this will easily make you look down upon. Sometimes it’s necessary to hold on a little longer and show off as if you don’t care about others.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Liu paid three visits to the thatched cottage before inviting Zhuge Kongming out. Toyotomi Hideyoshi also paid three visits before inviting Hanbei Takenaka out of the mountain – the latter is called “Little Kongming” in Japan.

Of course, the premise of all this needs to be based on the fact that you are capable enough and worthy of others’ efforts for you.

Guan Junyan has no shortage of abilities.

The names of t4 members speak for themselves.

Although he once thought that he would be removed from the team, no one has told him that t4 has been replaced.

The results are impressive enough, including killing Tianjing and destroying Bentoku Temple, and now he is still jumping around like nothing happened.

What’s more important is that he is now a free agent without any ties, making him the most suitable target to win over.

And often acting together with people from the Kagura and Yagami families also invisibly increases Guan Junyan’s weight – if this is not a potential stock, is it worthy of being treated like this by the two ancient families? Why didn’t you get so close when you were the head of the family?

So Guan Junyan definitely has the capital, and the “courtesy of three visits” is not enough. It’s okay to wait for a few days and wait for a suitable opportunity before “making do with it”.

Besides, the battle related to the nine-tailed demon fox, even if it is only partial power, will have low risk. The best strategy is to consolidate the foundation first, improve the strength, and then improve one’s own value.

So Guan Junyan returned to his previous routine.

Going to and from school every day, studying, practicing and raising swords, my strength is steadily improving.

The panel attributes include a little more force and a little more intelligence.

The latter is the feedback I got from my daughter. Onmyoji Contract Advanced Shikigami is not only easy to use, but also can be used to feed oneself and achieve a win-win situation.

No more can be recorded above the panel.

The first is persistence. Every once in a while, Guan Junyan and Kagura Mio and Yagami Setsuna engage in multi-person sports. Guan Junyan persists for longer and longer.

The second is the foundation of kendo. I study with the sword master on weekends, and Kagura and Mio help each other on weekdays. Guan Ren’s foundation is constantly being consolidated, and the accumulation of sword masters becomes deeper and deeper.

In addition, there is an unexpected gain – one more opponent in the meditation battle.

This is the Hagoromo Fox that I dreamed about before, fighting to the death with Nura Huaxiao.

On the night I decided to get the killing stone.

The dream reappears. The difference is that this time, you are no longer a bystander, but a swordsman directly replacing the duel between Hua Di and Hagoromo Fox.

The result was similar to the first battle against Zhongjuan Zizhai, where he was defeated immediately.

Eight fox tails attacked at the same time. Guan barely managed to dodge two and fend off two. The remaining four attacked first and then swept him away. He was instantly dead without a single body.

The stimulation of death broke the dream. After waking up, a familiar dialog box popped up in front of his eyes, making Guan Junyan understand what happened.

The reason was also known from Sakura’s mouth. Taking the human form did not change the nature of the sword. Toshihiko Seki could not understand the will of Yamakimaru, who had never recognized his master, but Sakura could.

She said: “Thank you, gift, fight, fox monster.”

Four intermittent words convey your thoughts.

Guan Junyan regarded the Nuragumi as a friend, and he was also very good to Yamiki Maru. He did not just keep it safe.

Even though it has made it clear that it will not recognize Guan Junyan as its master, Guan Junyan still maintains it every day and instills the golden spiritual power that is extremely valuable for weapons.

Although the Nuliang Group is a monster organization, it has a strong sense of human touch. From Hua Lao to Rikuo, they all emphasize loyalty and friendship.

Yimi Kirimaru was also influenced by them and kept thinking about how to repay Guan Junyan.

Knowing that someone Guan wanted to gain the power of the nine-tailed demon fox, he reproduced his “memory” in the hope of being helpful to this temporary custodian.

The Hagoromo Kitsune is also a fox monster, and it has already reached the Eight-Tails. If you are used to the Eight-Tails, you will be more protected when encountering the Nine-Tails.

“Thanks, this is exactly what I want.”

The Eight-Tailed Nine-Tails is second. The Nine-Tailed Fox and the Hagoromo Fox may not be a kind of monster. What Guan really values ​​​​is the Hagoromo Fox’s unique fighting style.

Zhong Juan is as strong as he is strong, but he is still a swordsman at heart. The more times he fights, the more monotonous he is. But Hagoromo Kitsune is different.

Not to mention anything else, but how to deal with the eight tails that can be soft or hard, and can be used as knives, spears or whips, Guan Junyan has been thinking about it for a long time.

After patting his daughter’s head, Guan Junyan took off the Yamiki Pill and added some spiritual power to it – recreating the situation must have taken a lot of effort on the knife.

Yimi Kirimaru simply accepted it, and he was very Nuragumi in terms of coming and going.

Guan Junyan lies back on the bed. From this moment on, he will abandon Duke Zhou and throw himself into the arms of the feathered fox – even if after throwing himself, either you will be stabbed or I will be stabbed.

Currently, Guan Junyan is the one being stabbed. He died in a variety of ways. His death was horrific, much more brutal than Zhongjuan Zizhai, which once again aroused Guan Junyan’s fear – originally he thought he was used to death, but it turned out I’m just used to being killed by a knife, and there are so many ways to die that I haven’t tried yet.

With so much help, even if it doesn’t last long, Guan Junyan’s improvement is not small.

Just when he increased the number of fox tails he could handle from four to five, the opportunity he had been waiting for finally came.

In the morning when autumn was getting stronger, he received an invitation from Kotoko Iwanaga.

Notified of the time by email, a car was sent directly to pick him up. After the greetings, there was not much nonsense, and he didn’t even talk about the routine. He went straight to the topic.

“As for the topic of ‘weak points’ discussed that day, there is a result-the correct person is me.”

“Why you?” Guan Junyan asked.

“Because I am weak and easy to bully. The more important reason is that killing me can get a lot of ‘fear’.”

Subsequently, Kotoko Iwanaga told the origin of the “God of Wisdom”.

In ancient times, the world of monsters was far more primitive and **** than the world of humans.

In order to become stronger, the monsters constantly attack each other and compete for “fear” – even if you don’t like fighting, you sometimes have to participate in the battle to protect yourself.

Over time, some monsters got tired of the endless attacks and wars. In order to calm the war, some monsters united and elected a mediator.

With the efforts of the mediator and the monsters of the Lord Harmony faction, the war gradually subsided, and the world of monsters finally saw the dawn of peace. The mediator was therefore regarded as the “God of Wisdom” and gained the support of the monsters. and respect.

“Respect? Respect in awe?” Guan Junyan suddenly thought of the key point.

“That’s right.” Kotoko Iwanaga nodded, “Fear is not only a kind of fear, but also has many other forms. The so-called Lord of the Night of One Hundred Demons actually gathers the fear of one hundred ghosts into oneself, so it will be extra powerful. But because of the special nature of the mediator, the fear gathered cannot be transformed into combat effectiveness. What do you think this means?”

“Tang Monk, Tang Sanzang.” Guan Junyan blurted out without even thinking.

ps: The God of Wisdom is a second design of the author and has nothing to do with the original work – the world of chowder is a great fusion. Nine-tailed fox, Hagoromo fox, Tokyo, Kyoto, these will all be worn to serve the final main line, don’t worry.


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