I Can Rewind Chapter 33: Peeping in the crack of the wall (3)


As soon as the words came out, everyone was stunned.

It took Zhou Dali a long time to come back to his senses: “Jiejie, did you quietly tell Zhou Jiajie what happened today?”

Jiang Ruixin also said: “Did you really tell Zhou Jiajie about our actions tonight?”

Bao Jie remained silent.

Yan Junze reminded again: “If you don’t make this call, I will cancel today’s spirit exploration right now.”

“I’ll call right away.” Bao Jie looked up at Yan Junze, feeling a little unbelievable, nodded, took out his mobile phone, dialed Zhou Jiajie’s number, and he was connected soon.

According to Yan Junze’s instructions, she didn’t say anything else, and she didn’t seem too suspicious after hearing Zhou Jiajie’s voice.

Hung up the phone, Bao Jie scanned the three of them and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry.”

Yan Junze and Jiang Ruixin didn’t say anything, but Zhou Da said vigorously, “Hmph, I won’t forgive you.”

“It’s enough for them to forgive me, I don’t ask you to forgive me.” Bao Jie replied indifferently.

Zhou Dali was embarrassed for a moment, glanced at Yan Junze and Jiang Ruixin who were trying to hold back their laughter, and said with a bland smile: “Let’s go, let’s go in.”

Yan Junze reminded: “Be careful, it’s a bit cold inside. If Bao Jie and Jiang Ruixin really can’t stand the cold, Dali, you can take off your clothes and put them on later.”

“Well, no problem.” Zhou Dali nodded.

Jiang Ruixin looked at Bao Jie, and neither of them refused.

Yan Junze walked into the corridor first.

Although I have already experienced it just now, Yan Junze was still meticulously explaining the scene when entering the corridor, Bao Jie was recording a video on the side, Jiang Ruixin and Zhou Dali used flashlights to scan the surrounding environment around, as long as there is It looks like it will be frightened at the slightest sign of trouble.

After a while, Zhou Dali took off his shirt consciously, and gave Bao Jie and Jiang Ruixin one each.

Bao Jie was reluctant at first, but she was shivering from the cold, so she reluctantly took the coat and put it on.

The closed doors on both sides of the corridor along the way are okay, but those open doors, especially the half-closed doors, the eerie silence from the dark space inside makes people feel frightened.

When he was about to reach the place where Bao Jie heard footsteps last time, Yan Junze remembered, he stopped suddenly, turned around, and shone the flashlight behind Zhou Dali.

The others were taken aback, and stopped too. After glancing at Yan Junze in surprise, they turned around quickly.

Nothing follows.

“Did you discover anything just now?” Bao Jie asked.

“Junze, what’s behind me?” Zhou Dali trembled in fear.

“No, it’s nothing.” Yan Junze smiled, “Dali, why don’t you turn around and walk backwards, use the flashlight to shine on it, and pay attention to whether there is any movement behind.”

“Okay, okay, this is a good proposal!” Zhou Dali nodded quickly, at this moment he admired Yan Junze completely.

Actually, he didn’t notice that there was a hairy feeling behind him just now, but he just focused all his attention on his eyes, so he didn’t notice it.

Yan Junze turned around and continued to explore the road ahead. In his mind, the image of a black shadow of a man lingered.

The moment he turned around just now, he clearly saw a man who was about the same height as Zhou Dali, walking behind him. The frequency is almost exactly the same as Zhou Dali.

It’s like a – stand-in!

However, Yan Junze knew very well that the figure was much thinner than Zhou Dali, and after turning around, he quickly merged into the darkness.

Do you want to go back here and turn around to see the true face of this guy?

This idea flashed in Yan Junze’s mind, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that it was unnecessary.

Just now Zhou Jiajie came quietly following the crowd, but was caught by the security guards, exposing all the big guys, and he had already wasted a time to go back to the file.

Now this timeline, which could have been rolled back to 40 minutes, has been shortened to 36 minutes.

This task must be completed quickly.

Soon everyone turned around the corner of the corridor and saw the direction of Room 004.

Without taking a few steps, the familiar and empty impact sound suddenly sounded. Except for Yan Junze, the other three were startled and stopped immediately.

“This… sound…”

“Did it come from… that storage room No. 004?”

“It seems to be.”

Zhou Dali, Bao Jie, and Jiang Ruixin nervously looked in the direction of storage room 004.

Several people moved forward carefully, and they could see that the door of room 004 was ajar and not closed tightly.

“I’ll go in first, and the others will follow me. Dali, watch behind you.” Yan Junze ordered.

After coming to the door of the storage room No. 004, the air here is even more humid, and there is a cold breath, and after breathing for a long time, water vapor forms outside the nostrils, like snot.

Wiping it casually, Yan Junze carefully pushed open the door of No. 004, and instead of rushing in, he shone in with a flashlight.

There are several off-white lockers in the room, with labels on them, and it is not clear what is written on the labels.

In the other corner of the room, there are sundries piled up, there are a lot of old newspapers, and a pile of white plastic pipes, which are left over from what they were used for.

Yan Junze walked in, followed by Bao Jie with a camera in hand, then Jiang Ruixin, and finally Zhou Dali who was walking backwards, keeping an eye on his back. ~Soverse.com~ After everyone entered the room, Yan Junze ordered Zhou Dali to close the door.

The black shadow who had been following the crowd just now was obviously plotting something wrong, which made him unable to let go of his heart. He would not worry about the black shadow sneaking in after closing the door.

And if the black shadow were to break into the door, the commotion would be enough to alert everyone in advance.

Jiang Ruixin took out two flashlights from his bag and shone them in different directions, bringing maximum light to the storage room.

“Now we need to find this man’s ghost and help him.” Yan Junze said.

No one else spoke, except Bao Jie’s camera followed Yan Junze, the other two were looking around with flashlights.

The area of ​​this storage room is not large. If there is no shelter, you can scan almost all corners of the room at a glance, so they searched it all in a few minutes, and there is nothing unusual.

Zhou Dali moved swiftly, and even removed all the plastic pipes piled up in the corner, but still didn’t find anything.

Yan Junze looked at the lockers next to the wall, and said to Zhou Dali: “Dali, you may have to move the lockers.”

The lockers were not full, and one was even empty.

Zhou Dali didn’t even think about it, he stepped forward shirtless, picked up a half-full locker with his hands together, and put it aside after two steps.

When he was about to remove the second one, Yan Junze’s voice came: “Wait.”

He stepped forward and shot the flashlight at the wall behind the locker. After removing the locker, a finger-wide crack was exposed on the wall, about half a meter long.

Just as the crack appeared, under the light of the flashlight, a slight reflection of light was evident from the crack.


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