I Can Rewind Chapter 34: Peeping in the crack of the wall (4)



“The cracks on this wall are a bit weird.” Yan Junze seemed to be talking to himself, but he was actually giving a live explanation to the camera.


“This crack is too small, even if there is a ghost, it won’t be able to get in! I’ll look for cracks in other places.” Zhou Dali turned his head and looked around.


He was going to remove all the other lockers against the wall. Yan Junze didn’t explain in detail before he came. Now it seems that this ghost should be hiding in the wall.


Yan Junze stopped him: “No need to move, Dali, you take out all the demolition tools you brought, and just face this crack – chiseling the wall.”


“Ah! Really!” Everyone stared at him.


“Of course.” Yan Junze nodded, “The humidity here is high, and the walls must be soaked with water vapor. Be careful not to make too much noise. The hole in the wall only needs to allow one person to freely enter and exit.”


“It’s me for you to come in and out.” Zhou Dali looked at his strong tiger body in a daze, and then at Yan Junze’s weak chicken body.


He had already made up his mind, if Yan Junze let him go into the hole after breaking through the wall, Zhou Dali would never enter the hole even if he killed everyone here.


I swear to the death!


“Just let me in and out.” Yan Junze gave him a reassurance.


“That’s good.” Zhou Dali nodded, put down his big backpack, and took out hammers, electric drills, hammers and other tools that could be used or not.


The electric drill is used for charging, and it is already fully charged, so it is easy to use.


Zhou Dali took the electric drill and walked towards the crack in the wall. He was going to drill the hole in the wall a little bigger, and then hit it with a hammer after he saw the structure inside clearly.


Unexpectedly, just before he reached the crack in the wall, he was only five or six steps away when he froze all of a sudden, as if he had turned into a clay sculpture in an instant. idling.


This guy didn’t even notice, just stood there, motionless.


“Dali? What’s your situation?” Yan Junze approached in surprise.


Looking closer, Zhou Dali’s eyes suddenly blinked twice, but his body still didn’t move.


At this moment, Yan Junze felt that his body was empty, as if he had fallen into an abyss, and began to fall continuously. A wave of heart palpitations crawled all over his body, and he felt unable to breathe for a moment.


Bao Jie and Jiang Ruixin’s screams could be heard next to their ears, as if they had also encountered an accident at the same time.


“Not good, it must be rolled back!”


As soon as the idea came out of Yan Junze’s mind, Zhou Dali said beside him: “There seems to be…an eye in the wall…in the crack of the wall!”


It seems that this guy is the only one who is okay.


Besides, as soon as Zhou Dali’s words came out, Yan Junze’s sense of weightlessness of falling down disappeared instantly, his body sank, and he found that he was still standing in the same place just now, without moving at all.


However, cold sweat is already breaking out all over the body.


It’s an illusion!


He came to his senses.


Turning around, I saw Bao Jie sitting on the ground with a terrified expression on his face, while Jiang Ruixin on the other side was leaning against the removed locker, slapping his hands in front of him indiscriminately, getting down It took a second to suddenly wake up and stop.


Zhou Dali blinked his eyes at this time, and said tremblingly: “Xiao Ze, look in the crack of the wall… is there… an eye!”


At this moment, Yan Junze felt that it was suddenly dark in front of his eyes, and all the flashlights disappeared.


Fear came over him involuntarily, he reached out and groped forward, but there was nothing.


Endless darkness rushed towards him like a tide.


Suddenly, a cold hand reached out to his throat, with strength as strong as a yak, and accurately bound his neck.


In panic, he stretched out both hands to grab this unusually cold hand, and he couldn’t move it even though he tried hard, feeling that it was no longer a human hand, but a cold machine.


Struggling for a while, the cold hand disappeared, the surrounding darkness was dispersed by the light of the flashlight, and Yan Junze found himself back where he was standing just now.


The phantom is gone again.


And this time, Zhou Dali was staring intently at the eyes in the crack in the wall.


As if he was touched by something, Yan Junze Fu said, “Dali, stare at the eye you see, don’t blink, stare at it, don’t move.”


The two consecutive illusions started after Zhou Dali discovered an eye in the crack of the wall, and Yan Junze found that as long as Zhou Dali stared at that eye, everyone was fine, and once he blinked, or If you look elsewhere, you will fall into an illusion.


Obviously, Bao Jie and Jiang Ruixin fell into different illusions at the same time.


It’s the eye in the wall.


“Stay…stare at it…what are you doing?” Zhou Dali said tremblingly, “That might be…ghost eyes!”


“It’s not possible, it must be.”


Yan Junze simply pushed Zhou Dali away, and stood in his place, his eyes took over Dali one step earlier, and locked on the eye in the crack of the wall that reflected the light of the flashlight.


There is only one eye exposed in the gap in the wall, because the gap in the wall is narrow, the other one cannot be seen, and the exposed eye should come from a dead body, without blinking, it is so transparent Stare at the people outside through the crack of the wall.


The surface of the pupil is covered with a gray-white film, but the lifeless eyeball can still be seen through the film.


Based on this distance, the dead body inside the wall is not far from the wall. If you move quickly, you can dig it out quickly after cutting through the wall.


Although I don’t know why I can’t look away after seeing this eye, otherwise others will fall into a hallucination, but at this moment Yan Junze has no time to think about it.


While staring at the eyes in the crack of the wall, he quickly ordered Zhou Dali: “Use all your tools, quickly cut through the wall and dig out this corpse!”


Zhou Dali was taken aback for a moment, and realized that he didn’t need an electric drill anymore, and just picked up the hammer and swung it at the wall.




A dull sound came out.


Because it is on the first floor, and the door of storage room 004 is closed, plus the curved corridor and the closed door connecting the corridor to the stairway, the sound has been extremely small after it spread out.


The main reason is that there is no security guard at this point in the building except during patrol hours, and the guard room ~Soverse.com~ that uncle on duty in the security booth is so excited about watching dramas that he can’t hear him at all.


Swinging the hammer a few times in a row, the wall was sunken, and a large piece of the outer wall fell off, exposing the stone bricks and a few bent steel bars inside.


At this moment, Yan Junze couldn’t bear it anymore, he kept his eyes open, staring at the gray pupil of the dead, it was impossible not to blink.


The sour feeling came quickly, and the eyelids trembled involuntarily, and then they closed abruptly.


At the same moment, Zhou Dali’s eyes went dark, he stopped smashing the wall, threw away the hammer and grabbed his own throat, struggling and shouting for help.


Bao Jie’s camera also fell to the ground, as if she was drowning, her feet kicked wildly, her hands grabbed the void and kept trying to pull it.


Jiang Ruixin yelled and kept backing away, as if seeing something extremely frightening.


Except for Yan Junze, all three fell into a hallucination.


Yan Junze was so anxious that he stretched his eyes wide open, stared at the pupil in the crack of the wall again, and even opened his eyelids with his fingers to prevent them from blinking again.


The hallucinations of the three people disappeared quickly, and each of them stayed for a few seconds with lingering fear before recovering.


This time everyone understood what was going on, Jiang Ruixin ran to help Zhou Dali, Bao Jie picked up the camera to check, found that it was not broken, patted his chest, and continued to start filming.


“This challenge without blinking is very difficult!”


Yan Junze propped his eyelids with his fingers, it was inconvenient to have glasses in front of him, but soon he couldn’t help but want to close his eyes again, tears were already streaming down his cheeks, his face was full of pain.


“Why don’t I try it!” Bao Jie suggested while blinking her big watery eyes.


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