I am God Chapter 447: : Black Rock City and the Realm of Reflection


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A plume of smoke that covers the sky and the sun spews out from the lava volcano, connecting the sky and the earth. And Black Rock City is located at the foot of the lava volcano.

This city is backed by billowing black smoke, and its overall style is a little different from other cities of the Sanye people. This city uses a lot of metal to build various facilities.

Iron signs of roadside shops can be seen everywhere, and various metal statues are erected on both sides of the road. You can even see a large number of three-wheeled trailers left by the Sanye people on the roadside, but they look a little dilapidated. . There are also special pipelines that criss-cross in the city, and there are ritual arrays on the pipelines.

That is the pipe and enchantment ceremony that the Sanye people use to extract the power of the volcano. The pipes connect the laboratories and miracle workshops that the Sanye people worship, and they are used to achieve various purposes. You can still see some special smoke coming out of those chimneys.

This place is wild, rough and wild. But it has a strange sense of civilization. The Supreme Gods are walking on this road at this moment, looking at the city.

The witch doctor named “Left Hand” was riding a three-wheeled trailer, and Sally was sitting on it holding her own glass tank and urging the witch doctor.

“Go faster.” “Ride faster.” “Too slow.”

The witch doctor “Left Hand” had no choice but to say: “Master Sally, it can’t go any faster, it will fall apart.” Although these old antiques have been preserved by your servants going back to the frozen time, but they It was already abandoned. “

As soon as the voice fell, there was a crisp bang. “Bang” the bar of the three-wheeled trailer broke.

The witch doctor’s left hand was in a hurry, but Sally started yelling. “Ah!” “It’s broken, it’s broken.”

Then, in the screams of exclamation or excitement, the three-wheeled trailer went crookedly along the downhill of the street, and finally disappeared.

This is in town.

But outside the towering city wall, on the cliff facing the sea, there are red cups of blood mist blooming. The sea of ​​red flowers blooms all the way to the edge of the mainland, and finally merges with the sea. There are many “islands” and “reefs” in the sea, but they exude a strong breath of life. There are also many large and small gravel floating in mid-air as if weightless.

The power emitted by the lava giant’s family distorts and refracts the air and light into colorful fragments. It looks like the sky is spliced ​​out of countless pieces of colored glass.

The continents and oceans below are connected. The black smoke above and the colored screen demarcate. The two separate and merge here, creating a strong sense of conflict.

The white-clothed and black-haired **** walked across the street, and suddenly stood on the city wall at some point.

He first looked at the red sea of ​​flowers and the strange sea and sky, then leaned on the wall and turned around to look at the steel city under the curtain of black smoke. “Something special.”

Sheila couldn’t help but said: “This is like the border between the Kingdom of God and Purgatory.”

From the passage on the city wall, there was the sound of a three-wheeled trailer, and it was getting closer to Insai and Xila

Where it is located.

Sally, who just overturned the car, chased after her. The broken bumper was temporarily repaired by the witch doctor, and it was barely usable again


Sally stood on the top and waved to God Yin, and said loudly. “God” “Right”

“As I said, it’s super fun here.”

“We can jump from the crater, play in the weightless field in front of us, and let the big fireworks show us the fireworks.”

No one will jump into a volcano, and no one wants to play in a field that can easily tear apart all the constant gravity changes, and no one wants to watch the “big fireworks” in her mouth.

Yin Shen looked at the rickety three-wheeled trailer passing in front of him. The witch doctor lowered his head nervously with his left hand, not daring to look at the figure. Being so close to the **** made him panic. There was a kind of spirit and flesh in the sun. The feeling of melting down.

Sally raised her hands high, as if asking Yin Shen to give her a high five. But Yin Shen stood still and said to the extremely excited Sally. “The first two are fine, but the latter one is not.”

Sally pouted: “Okay”

She immediately pointed to the sea on the other side of the cliff, pointing to those large and small boulders floating in the air and said to the witch doctor’s left hand.

“Rush down and go to the sea over there.” “You can fly there.”

The three-wheeled trailer rode all the way down the city wall, crushed through the sea of ​​flowers in the Goblet of Blood Mist, and rushed directly down the hanging house.

The sky there is a field of weightlessness. You can see that Sally rushed in directly, and the three-wheeled trailer floated in the sky.


Sally’s feet floated in the air, and she stretched out her hands, feeling the joy of weightlessness.

However, it was different from what Sally had imagined. The three-wheeled trailer didn’t float for long. It flew no more than a few tens of meters before collapsing within the interval between two different gravity transformations.


The conflict between the chaotic gravity and the supernatural force directly tore the tricycle into pieces, leaving only Sally and the witch doctor floating in the air.

Turn around under the colorful curtain, shuttle among the large and small hanging stones. Rotating in weightlessness.

She took out another piece of paper and a pen.

This is the list of goals Sally wrote down when she set off on this journey.

At this moment, on the piece of paper where I had listed the columns when I set off, I made a circle facing the big fireworks, and there was also a ladder to the sky of the City of Thunder Swamp God Descended on it, and there was a tick there.

“It’s the big fireworks, but the fireworks are not allowed.” After finishing writing, I put away my schedule. At this time

At this time, she suddenly remembered one thing. “Huh?”

“Where is my glass tank”

Her glass jar and the horseshoe crabs in it disappeared at some point, and they were still in her hand just now. After searching for a while, I finally found the dying horseshoe crab being exposed to the sun on the downhill of Black Rock City. It’s not dead yet.

Sally grabbed it and violently stuffed it into the glass jar. “How can you just run away?”

“It’s dangerous outside, I haven’t figured out what power to give you yet!” The horseshoe crab was jumping in the glass tank, feeling like it was really the last breath left. If horseshoe crabs could talk, they would probably say that being by Sally’s side is the most dangerous.

In this way, the Supreme Gods lived in Black Rock City, and should stay here for a “short” period of time.

But on this day, an unexpected guest arrived in Black Rock City.

Starlight fell from the sky, turned into a ribbon and landed on the sea of ​​red flowers, and walked in through the half-opened city gate.

She found Xila first, and then led by Xila to God Yin. It’s Simila the Great Fairy.

This is a huge temple made entirely of metal and glass. The light converges and refracts, and finally shines behind a huge statue of a god.

At a glance, people can’t see the appearance of the **** statue at all, but can only see the endless light.

In a sense, this scene completely reproduces the image of the Creator Insay in the records left by the second-generation wisdom king Jesser.

As the son of the God King, Jesser can only see a shadow under the endless light. Like a human figure, but also like an eternal star.

Simila knelt before God, the knitted doll on the backpack behind her back was still swinging back and forth.

God Yin knows her, Ximila is the first batch of fairies born from the sea of ​​sun flowers, and she is also one of the more talented ones.

Chi only took one look at Simila, and understood her reason for coming.

“You want the last volume of the “Hindsay Epic”, the volume that records Polo’s story.” The voice of God echoed in the voice, but Simila could not hear any other movement, nor could she Dare to look up to God. However, Simila is different from other people who meet the gods. She is very respectful, but she is not afraid. “God”

“It is the last volume of the “Hinsay Epic”, or a stone carving made by Lord Polo himself.”

“I want to collect one of these two things.” The Creator asked her: “Why do you want to collect them.” Simila told the Creator: “I want to put them in the Great Fairy Library, so that Everyone remembers Master Polo.”

“The stone inscription made by Mr. Polo is in the world, but I got the stone inscription “Blood of King Power” when I was traveling in the world, so I took it out and exchanged it with them, although no one has exchanged it with me so far.”

“It’s the “Hinsay Epic”. The first half of it is enshrined in the Sky Temple, but what about the last bone book?

Not found either. “

Endless rays of light came from the other end of the statue, approaching Simila a little bit.

In the eyes of Simila, who lowered her head, she seemed to see the whole world faded and turned into white. The Creator stretched out his hand, and the white sleeves flowed like light, revealing what he was holding. He took out a pair of bone books, which was the last volume of the “Hinside Epic”.

This epic is the first epic written by the great poet Tito. It records the epic of the Sanye people. King’s chapter.

The last volume was dictated by the Queen of Stars and completed under the witness of God Envoy Polo, and it recorded their stories.

However, Tito took the last volume with him after his death and brought it to his hometown.

In the end, such a thing was left in the city of Stan in the Star Mountain Range, buried in the tomb of the former saint Tito, and was later taken out of the Star Mountain Range by God Insai.

“It’s really good that you still remember Polo.”

Cimira: “Of course, we always remember.” After getting the confirmation, Simila was also very happy. “God, it really is here with you.”

“I said why I can’t find it anywhere, even the magic mirror doesn’t know where it is.” “It seems to have disappeared on the long river of time.”

The figure with endless light approached, and handed her the last bone book of the “Hinsay Epic”. Simila smiled and took it carefully. “God, can you really give it to me?” The white-clothed black-haired **** said: “He is not only mine, but also yours.” “Just put it in the Kingdom of Creator God, and put it in your library!”

Yin Shen gave the last volume of Heinsay’s epic to the goblin, which may be a better place than he has been carrying with him all the time.

Simila was very excited. At this moment, she suddenly remembered something, and took out a slate from her backpack.

The stone carving of “Blood of King Quan”.

The scene of the Wisdom Palace is depicted on the stone slab. The ancient **** king wears the crown of supreme divine power and holds a scepter in his hand. He is the king of all wisdom species, and all wisdom species worship him patiently. In front of the **** king, the disciples looked up. Endless silver light surrounds the scepter and surrounds the palace. Looking at this pair of stone carvings, it seems that you can still hear the sound of the **** king’s initial gift of power.

On the back of the stone slab, there are also words bestowed on the disciples by the wise god-king.

“I bestow my strength upon you, and the power of wisdom upon your blood.”

“The sea and the abyss can no longer stop your steps, and the mountains and land are no longer the end of your path.” Simila held the stone carving of “Blood of King Power” and asked: “God, what is the relationship between me and the Sanye people?” Is the barter still going on?” Yin Shen said something specious: “You remember Polo, and they also remember Ledlich.” But Simila understood Yin Shen’s meaning and put away the slate: “God, I see.’The Kingdom of God of Creation.

Many goblins and fairies came before the gate of the Creator’s realm, overlooking the Realm of Reflection. It is the reflection of the door, and it is also the reflection of the world.

The forest fairy Rosa has a special key hanging on her chest. The key is very long and has a hollow key handle. “Rosa!” The others walking in front of her stopped. “Too slow.” Everyone was waiting for her and looking at her.

“Hurry up, you’re standing in the middle today.” Surrounded by everyone, Rosa stood at the front, because she was the main character today, and all the elves and fairies greeted her warmly.

“Rosa, you’re finally going to start building Wonderland.” Someone shouted out the reason for everyone’s reunion here. Rosa was holding a book in her hand, the cover of which was the gate of the Kingdom of Creation God and the Realm of Reflection below. The title of the book is “The Labyrinth, the Scarf and the Realm of Reflections”.

Rosa has entered the Realm of Reflection many times with the miracle tool, the Key of the Star, although she still hasn’t figured out the secret of the Realm of Reflection, or even the key of the Star.

However, after so many visits, she finally got acquainted with the situation in the Reflection Realm.

What is recorded in the book is her understanding of the Reflection Realm. The goblins flew in the sky and surrounded Rosa.

“Rosa, Rosa, lend us the key, we can give you a lot of things.” “Rosa, what is the reflection world like?” “Is it fun inside?”

The goblins are so greedy, that key is beautiful and magical, and it can also master the magical reflection world. More importantly, it was something given by Sir Sheila.

Rosa immediately used the other key to hold the key in front of her chest, and looked at the goblins seriously. “The key cannot be used indiscriminately.”

“And the Realm of Reflection is very dangerous, you can’t just go in.” Rosa talked about the contents of her book, and started a long speech.

“If the dream world is a city without up, down, left, right, normal space, or even conventional boundaries.”

“Then the Realm of Reflection is the hidden pipeline under the city of Dreamland, and the shadow of the Gate of the Kingdom of Creation is the center and core of this underground pipeline. If there is no star key, there is also the only entrance and exit.”

“No one knows which channel will lead to where, it may lead to reality, it may lead to someone’s dream, or it may be other unknown places.”

But this didn’t scare the goblins. Rosa knew that the goblins were naughty, so she immediately said to them. “If you accidentally fall into that pimple corner, no one will be able to do it in a hundred thousand years or a million years

Enough to find inside. “

All the goblins immediately gave up the idea of ​​rushing in.

But Rosa finally said: “If the Fairyland of Scarf is built successfully, I will let everyone use it.” After Rosa prepared a lot, she finally started to build her own fairyland. But before that, she also had to seek the help of the goblins.

Like inflated balloons, the few goblins that had been pre-ordered deliberately lined up and came out of the crowd, making everyone make way for them.

“Get out of the way.”

“The most spectacular performance is about to begin.” “Cheers to the greatest performer in history.” Several goblins lined up, applauding themselves, and moved to the center.

Then they flew into the sky together, the corners of the golden smocks arched, and they were held together, as if they were holding hands.

They turned around quickly, and then poured their power into the bottom, and the colored light quickly spread. “Change…change…change.”

In the dazzling light, something was born.

A large number of bricks fell from the sky, piled up together, and turned into walls. However, a series of wooden doors staggered out from the wall, spreading along the wall. Not long after, a labyrinth with a large number of towel fans rose from the ground. Several goblins finally let go of their hands, and then met each other in the sky and clapped hands.

“Big success.” “We are too good.” “We are the strongest.


The other elves and fairies who were watching also immediately gathered around, looking very curious at the newly born labyrinth. “It looks so interesting.” “Is this the fairyland of scarf?”

“The Fairyland of Scarf needs a demigod to take shape. This should be just a prototype!” “Master Sheila gave Rosa the key of the star, and Rosa can borrow the power of the reflection world.”

Rosa stepped forward and thanked the fairies who helped her with standard etiquette.

“Thank you, if I finish writing my “Maze, Door and Realm of Reflection”, I will definitely give you a copy.” Since Sheila, fairies and fairies have also written books, poems, paintings and so on. creator of the song. However, real creators are relatively rare, so every time one appears, they will be surrounded and surrounded by everyone, which is equivalent to a celebrity in the kingdom of creation.

And the creations they gifted are far superior to other gifts to the creatures of the God of Creation Kingdom. Here, after all, these things are the real rarities. “It’s done.” The goblins were very happy and looked forward to it.

“Be sure to give us a copy.” Before it even started, they were already anxiously urging. “You want to give it to us first.” The little fairy was very serious.

“Don’t be like Lord Sheila.” A little elf accidentally slipped her mouth, revealing a master’s procrastination.

Rosa nodded to a few goblins, and then returned to the crowd where many fairies stood.

Flotie, the oldest forest nymph, and St. Raphael, the most famous storage nymph, are here. Flotty stepped forward to confront

Looking at Rosa said.

“Rosa!” “Let’s start!” Rosa nodded: “It’s okay.”

Then a group of fairies surrounded the huge labyrinth and began to pray to each other. Gradually, something slowly fell from the sky. It was a tall colorful flower tree.

Rosa’s rainbow tree fell into the center of the maze and took root in it. Colorful flowers bloomed, and the petals fell and spread to every corner of the maze.

A circle of light spread out, covering the entire maze.

The field expands, and Rosa’s power is connected with the entire labyrinth. But that’s just the beginning. After the rainbow tree took root in the maze, Rosa walked into the maze-like fairyland by herself. Walk towards the center along the road that makes people feel dizzy and twists and turns at a glance. At this time, the entire fairyland is also sinking a little bit, sinking into the shadow of the gate of the kingdom of creation. The black shadow spread upward like water, gradually submerging the maze and fairyland. And Rosa held the miracle prop Star Key and entered the Reflection Realm.

The moment the entire fairyland and maze completely entered the reflection world, the maze and fairyland were compressed to the extreme, as if they were compressed into a single point.

Then it stretched to the extreme like noodles, pulling out countless horns.

Then it was twisted into a ball like a twist, the labyrinth passages overlapped one after another, and the scarves intertwined.

If we say that the space in the dream world can be space or plane. Then the space here is like a line and a point.

At this time.

The forest fairy Rosa held the key of the star in her hand, and found the right way amidst the distortion, and came to her own rainbow tree.

She activated the power and authority of this prop, instantly connecting with the entire reflection world. “In the name of Sir Sheila, the master of dreams, I command you with the power of the key of the star.” “Reflection Realm”

“Give me your power, connect with my fairyland, and connect with my teleportation scarf.” Countless lights came in from the depths of the reflection world, and that light seemed to come from reality.

The entire maze and the reflection world are connected little by little, and every road in the maze seems to be “dismantled” and turned into overlapping lines.

When you look up, you can see the passage of the maze above and below. There are straight ones and there are curved ones. It seems that they are not connected to each other, but they can go through as before.

It seems that the dismantled passage is still a complete maze, or a whole.

And every scarf is connected with a point, countless doors are twisted and merged with the passages that turn into lines, and they are scattered in the chaotic space.

However, the entire labyrinth and fairyland will not lose control under the distortion of space and time, and will truly take root here. Even, this fairyland can absorb the power of this reflection world to grow gradually, but as a price, this fairyland can’t

Never leave here.

Rosa held the book in one hand and the key in the other. She stands in a twisted world. Stand under your own rainbow tree.

Looking at the entire maze and wonderland, Rosa’s eyes were shining brightly, and she couldn’t help shouting excitedly. “Successful, I really succeeded.”

After waiting for a long time and preparing for a long time, she finally took the first step. The prototype of Inner Wonderland was born. This place is so strong that even the gods cannot break through. There is a power that can directly connect to every place regardless of space. Behind every scarf, there seems to be an unknown world connected.

But now, Rosa still can’t push through any of them, and every portal here doesn’t have substantial power, let alone the entire fairyland.

But Rosa holds the star key and knows what she should do next. “It’s time for me to collect my dreams.” Fairy Rosa looked at the doors that spread infinitely along the passage of the maze, and seemed to see countless doors that could reach the distance and the land of dreams once opened.

“Looking for a dream that most desires to go to a distant place.” “Looking for a person who longs for a distant place.”


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