I am God Chapter 446: : The royal city of the Huo Sen family, a descendant of royal power


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Flame Guard City.

The training ground of the Guards moved to the outskirts, and the number of them has increased a lot.

Recently, Anu has been working hard to recruit and train the soldiers of the Guards, seeing that the entire legion is taking shape little by little. Among the soldiers are not only Lizardmen but also Snakemen, people from the Fire City, and soldiers from Meiya Province and other provinces.

The most eye-catching ones are naturally the various magic knights.

Compared to other occupations, the symbol of the powerful demon knight is too obvious, and every one of them is accompanied by a huge monster.

The magic knights are mainly divided into wind lizard dragon knights and ground piercing beast knights. At this moment, the two kinds of magic knights are leading the soldiers to fight against each other, trying various tactics together.

In the confrontation, the wind lizard dragon knight obviously had the upper hand, but the earth piercing beast knight is not easy to provoke. If you drill into the ground, you can’t beat you, and you can’t do anything with us.

In the end, the confrontation between the two sides turned into a tug-of-war, and there was even time to talk loudly at each other.

“No way, you can fly, how can we catch up with you?” The Earth-piercing Beast Knight who got halfway into the ground pointed at the Wind Lizard Dragon Knight in the sky and shouted.

“Don’t you guys also drill into the ground?” The one on the top rushed down directly, like whack-a-mole. “Then don’t need a mount, come out and fight directly.” The wind lizard dragon knight shouted.

“No, Commander Anu, your strength is already greater than ours, and your bonus will be even greater after you become a magic knight.”

“It’s not fair, it’s not fair.” While talking about unfairness, the Earth-piercing Beast Knight enjoyed the fun of “I won’t fight you, just drill into the ground.”

Commander Anu saw that the confrontation had turned into a war of words and reckless fighting, and he said to the most fierce warring beast knight.

“That’s just right, I’ll turn you into a lizard man too, okay?” “Anyone else who wants to stand up.” Since then, getting along has gradually become trusting.

There is not much estrangement between each other, and they are no longer as cautious as before when speaking. Immediately, someone asked, “Commander Anu, how did you become lizardmen?” The rehearsal should stop at this point, and all the magic knights untied their mounts to rest. Anu stuck his lance on the ground, leaning on his wind lizard dragon, recalling the past. He spoke very briefly, omitting many details that could not be said. “Master Kurmis saw the famine and the tragedy of cannibalism.” “At that time, he made up his mind that he must…”

“Finally, under the power of the ruler of life and with the help of the Scarlet Goddess, Lord Kurmis created the brown ball vine.”

“But the power that dominates the gods is too powerful for us to control, and the power that creates life can create us

Want new crops, but can also warp our life forms. “

“Although the brown ball vine was born, we have also become what we are now.” Everyone fell into silence, but Anu spoke.

“But it doesn’t matter, the current appearance is pretty good.” “Didn’t you say that the power is great and the speed is fast?” “It’s worthy of envy.”

Anu showed off his strong body under the chain mail, looking amazing. “Just a few of you, there is no way to have such a majestic body.”

Everyone burst out laughing, but the Earth-piercing Beast Knight still realized that Anu was just comforting everyone, so he said something.

“After Anu leads, maybe he can become a great apostle, and then he can become a god.” “Apostle, that is the closest existence to God.” “The apostle is no longer a mortal. .” Anu also had some expectations, but didn’t dare to think too much.

He drew his lance, turned his head and saw the field beside the road again. In his eyes, the crops in the field mature day by day and grow better and better.

The smile on Anu’s face gradually changed from a bright smile to a kind of gentle smile, but there was a kind of warmth called hope in the smile.

“This year’s harvest is also very good, there should be no famine!”

The magic knights also packed up their equipment, summoned their partners, and said together: “At least the few provinces in the center should not break out of famine. >

His Majesty the King mobilized food, and His Majesty the King is having a headache recently.

Anu thought of his former family members, the relatives who starved to death because of lack of food, and those brothers and sisters who had to be sold everywhere because of poverty and never came back.

I also recalled the chaos inside Suinhor, the scenes of famine and refugee waves that broke out every year. Anu said softly: “Surely some people will be starved to death.”

In front of the field ridge, Anu looked at the densely growing crops with indescribable emotions surging in his heart. He suddenly turned to look at his soldiers.

The lizard man and the snake man hooked their shoulders and yelled at each other just now, but now they are as good as their brothers, but they are not forgiving.

Anu is not ready to let them go, and is ready for another round of training. “Come come”

“Didn’t you say that one can fly and the other can burrow, so it’s boring to fight?” “Then we won’t form a team to fight against the wind lizard dragon knight and the earth piercing beast knight.” “Split into two Command, the wind lizard dragon and the earth piercing beast will fight together to see who can win.” Anu couldn’t help but picked up the gun again and waved at his subordinates. “Quick, move.”

“Kurmis-sama created the brown ball vine, which gave us enough food.”

“We should train a powerful force to protect this country, and no longer let monsters like ghouls or enter

Aggressors come to destroy the life we ​​want. “

“Otherwise, why are you so full?”

The two teams fought each other in the sky, showing their formidable force.

Wind Lizard vs. Wind Lizard, Earth Piercer vs. Earth Piercing Beast. Ordinary soldiers followed the Demon Knight with extraordinary items as support.

The power of the demon knight’s charge is not comparable to that of the ground dragon knight. After all, one is an ordinary soldier and the other is an extraordinary profession.

The Guards Corps was still training, and suddenly a powerful man riding a magic carpet came to the outskirts and found Anu.

The snake man on the magic carpet waved his hands and shouted at the knight on the wind lizard. “The king wants to summon you, Commander Anu.”

Anu put away his spear and flew towards the city. The pillars of the palace are everywhere. As the two figures passed through, they kept going backwards.

Anu followed behind King Meurabi, seeming to be talking heart-to-heart, but in fact he was discussing an extremely important matter. King Meurabi told Anu: “Just today, the Scarlet Goddess has sent down the oracle herself.”

“Anyone from Suinhall who can find the figurine will have the opportunity to meet him, and even make a wish to the god.”

Anu raised his head, he didn’t expect the Scarlet Goddess to give such a big reward.

In ordinary times, not to mention making a wish to the gods, being able to meet the gods once is enough to drive believers crazy.

Currently, the entire Suinhall is looking for the villain. On the sea, Suinhall’s fleet is strangling pirates everywhere, and the pirate disaster that once flooded the sea has been swept away.

Besides, the action on the temple side was not small. A large number of **** attendants and powerful teams arrived in coastal cities, searching everywhere for the whereabouts of the ceramic villain; but the ceramic villain was not found, and many The evildoers and ghouls of the Abyss Cult were dug out.

King Meurabi naturally didn’t want the goddess’ Patriarch Monroe to complete the oracle first. Who knew what kind of request Monroe would make.

Must the future King Suinhor accept the coronation of the temple, or make himself an apostle and stay in the world for a thousand years? No matter which one is, it is definitely not what King Meurabi wants to see.

If the other party is allowed to complete the oracle, maybe King Suinhor’s every move in the future, and any national policy of this country must obey the order of the temple.

However, several fleets of Suinhall recently swept across the sea, and the pirates wiped out one after another, with great results. However, they still failed to achieve the most important goal, to find the servant of the evil **** of original sin, the ceramic villain. So King Meurabi came up with the idea of ​​a magic knight.

While moving forward with its snake tail twisted, the king spoke to Anu who was holding the helmet behind him.

“I heard that you demon knights have the fusion spell seal, which can integrate consciousness into any object, feel its power, and even know its past and past.”

Anu nodded and told King Meurabi: “Not all magic knights, only the third-level magic knights can do it.” In fact, it is not certain whether the third-level magic knights can master the complete seal , there is a high probability that it may be an incomplete curse seal.

However, with the help of the power seed bestowed by Kurmis on his body, Anu can indeed burst out powerful power temporarily,

Thus possessing the power of the law of the complete fusion spell.

And this kind of power is not as exaggerated as knowing its past and past, just like if you combine a stone with the fusion spell, you can naturally know part of the stone’s information, your internal lines, and how many cracks you have inside.

You blend into the wind, so you know how the wind flows.

You are a piece of wood, you know where you come from, which tree you come from. This kind of power is more like something possessed by itself, an innate instinct.

King Meurabi took Anu to the corridor outside, where he could see half of the palace. King Meurabi paused, and an attendant came out from the other side and brought out a box. Morabi told Anu: “I have a fragment here, which was once possessed by a ceramic figurine.”

“If you use the power of the Spirit Fusion Curse Seal, you should be able to sense the existence of the ceramic figurine within a certain range.” These fragments all come from the Land of Sunrise. When she was young, she possessed a bronze mirror that was as tall as a person, and this bronze mirror fell into the hands of Oran.

After dismantling it, there are still thousands of yuan left.

Nowadays on the sea, many people are looking for the figurines with these fragments. Anu took the box and looked at King Meurabi.

“King, do you want me to go to the sea to find that monster called the Porcelain Man?” He knew what King Morabi meant, but he didn’t resist.

Besides, the Guards Corps has just completed initial training, so it would be nice to be able to pull them out for some actual combat.

I just don’t know how strong that monster named ceramic villain is.

Although there are rumors that this ceramic villain is not strong, it is very likely that a certain **** said that he is not strong. It is not far from death.

Besides, the ceramic villain is a servant of the evil **** of original sin. Who knows what cards it has, so it can’t be overemphasized. So this mission is actually a bit risky. King Meurabi saw Anu thinking and thought he was hesitating.

He half-promised and said: “If you can complete this oracle, you may be able to get permission from the gods to preach in Suinhor.”

Hearing this, Anu raised his head suddenly, and saw that King Meurabi’s eyes shone with light. “Mission”

King Meurabi patted Anu on the shoulder and said nothing more.

But Anu’s heart seemed to be opened by King Meurabi. At this moment, there seemed to be a voice echoing in his mind.

“Establish the belief belonging to Lord Kurmis in Suinhor, and build the temple of Lord Kurmis.” Anu knelt on one knee with his helmet in his hands, and said to King Meurabi.

“My lord, I will definitely try my best to find it.” Anu is a sincere person.

He never compromised to fulfill any order of his master Kurmis. One of his companions was killed by Akmanmon, so he could go to the battlefield to fight those terrible monsters at all costs.

He got the miracle item but didn’t use it on himself, but used it on every partner fairly.

So Morabi knew that when Anu said the word “exhaust all”, he would definitely do all he could.


Anu didn’t speak much, and immediately got up after saying this, facing King Meurabi and slowly exited the palace. Afterwards, he turned around and strode forward to complete the task that King Meurabi had given him. In the palace.

Morabi looked at Anu’s leaving back with admiration and admiration in his eyes.

But at the end, I couldn’t help but say something. “It would be great if you were a real snake man.” It was dark before Anu returned to the mansion of the volcano lord. He summoned all the Lizardmen.

Recently, many lizardmen have come from the volcanic forest, and of course some lizardmen have returned to the volcanic forest. These lizardmen have also completed the transformation from ordinary powerful people to demon knights.

Now all the lizardmen have become magic knights, and their combat power and other abilities have increased a lot.

However, not all lizardmen chose to become wind lizard dragon knights, and some chose other monsters as their partners.

Anu talked to the lizard people about the conversation with King Meurabi today, and the other party’s promise to him. “The age of the gods is coming. If we can find the ceramic figurines, the temples and halls of the Feathered Serpent God will be able to appear in every part of this world.”

“Kurmis-sama will definitely become stronger, and the name of Feathered Serpent God will echo throughout Ruhe Giant Island.”

All the lizardmen stood up from their seats one by one, and focused their fiery eyes on Anu. “Really”

“We can build a temple for Feathered Serpent God in Suinhor” “Will the Scarlet Goddess agree”

Anu said: “The age of the gods is destined to come. King Meurabi has let witch spirits and alchemists enter Suinhor, because he has seen the omen.

The lizardmen cheered.

Next, the topic even shifted to the name of the temple.

“The Temple of the Feathered Serpent, of course it is the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.” A lizard man called out the most straightforward name. “The **** of potions and monsters or the **** of magic knights is also good.” A magic knight thought of his profession and his partner of monsters.

“How about the Harvest Temple?” Feathered Serpent’s power is more reflected in the potion seeds, as well as the merits of the brown ball vine, plus the monthly harvest sacrifices held by the Lizardmen, which immediately reminded them of the Harvest on the word.

“The brothers of the Guards are also very good. We can bring them to our side and make them believe in Feathered Serpent God!” There are also lizard people who even want to win over other snake people to believe in Kurmis .

“That’s fine. By the way, what do you think the temple of the Feathered Serpent God will be built?” The topic of all the lizardmen kept spreading and couldn’t stop.

However, a lizardman asked a question that was about to be implemented, and looked at Anu. “The chief of Anu.”

“The king asked us to find the ceramic villain. He must have taken a fancy to the wind lizard dragon that can fly, and the patriarch you can use the power of the fusion spell.” “So we brought those people there this time, and we should Where should I start looking?” If you just want to find the ceramic villain, the wind lizard dragon knight is enough. Anu thought about it and said, making up his mind.

“Go to Lvye County in Meiya Province first. There are several ports, large and small, and it is relatively close to the volcanic forest. We can also go back and have a look.

“More importantly, other places have been searched by everyone many times, but not many people go to that sea area.”

This is also because the sea area is too weird, and it is too dangerous for ships to sail on the sea surface. On the contrary, Anu, who can fly, has the advantage.

“As for how many people to bring” “Well…”

“Leave part of the guards, take the rest”

“Let them experience the atmosphere of the volcanic forest, and they can also observe the pyramid of Lord Kurmis. Some people also asked: “Wouldn’t that monster named ceramic villain appear on the mainland?” Why do most people run to the sea instead of looking inland?”

Anu already knew a lot of news from the king before: “That monster’s way out of the Sea of ​​Storms is blocked, there are gods waiting for it at the exit of the Sea of ​​Storms, if it dares to leave, it will only die. ‘

“And it will definitely be discovered as long as it lands on Ruhe Giant Island, so the only place it can live now can only be somewhere on the sea.”

But even so, looking for a ceramic figurine is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, Anu still has some confidence in the power of the Spirit Fusion Seal. Although it is not as good as the perspective of the Earth Witch and the unreasonableness of the miracle prop compass, it is at least a lot stronger than other powerful people. cut.

After rectification, the Guards Corps finally set off and started their first mission.

The wind lizard dragon spread its huge fleshy wings and flew in the sky, with a sharp claw protruding from the wing, and a sharp hind claw behind it, which was connected with the meat membrane.

Each wind lizard dragon has several people with it, and Anu’s wind lizard dragon even has more than a dozen people on it. The earth piercing beasts are also running wildly under the sky, carrying supplies and soldiers. Although the running speed of the ground piercing beast is not fast, it is compared with the wind lizard dragon.

However, in order to wait for the troops below, the wind lizard dragon knight was indeed greatly slowed down. So they continued to attack for many days, and the Guards finally entered the interior of Meiya Province. From a distance, I saw the black smoke column covering the sky and the rolling mountains and jungles. Anu turned and shouted to all the other lizardmen, the joy of homecoming in his voice. “Here we are, we are going home.” “Look!” Below is Lime City.

All the lizardmen immediately drove the wind lizard dragon down, their eyes focused on the city below.

The former Lime Town has become Lime City, and it can be seen that it is still expanding, and the kingdom has mobilized a lot of manpower

The city was built with material resources, and the endless stream of caravans also brought vitality to this once barren wilderness.

All lizardfolk cheered and called out.

“Oh!” they yelled as they flew across the sky while controlling the wind lizard. “I’m back.” Although the Fire Guard City is very good, they still miss it here. “How did it become like this?” The more you fly down, the more you can see the changes in Lime City.

“How long has it been since you’ve been away, and the change is so great?” Anu and all the lizardmen rushed down from the sky in a hurry.

But he didn’t notice that a shadow appeared in the clouds in the distance.

The shadow is very huge, but because it is also white, it completely merges with the clouds in the sky.

It skimmed through the clouds and entered the forbidden area of ​​the lava volcano. Anu didn’t even know.

In the farther distance, the ceramic figure he wanted to find was in a glass bottle, holding a telescope here. But the other party’s eyes were full of that huge white giant shadow, and he was shocked. But they didn’t notice the lizard people who turned into black dots in the infinite white. Above the sea of ​​clouds.

In the Creator’s car that has turned into an aircraft, the gods in white robes look through layers of white clouds. He suddenly spoke a word, which caught the goblin’s attention. “Pterosaur.”

Sheila moved closer, looked at the **** and asked. “Pterosaur” “What is a pterosaur”

Sheila followed the eyes of God Insai and found out what those black spots were. “God, they are called wind lizard dragons!” “It’s a monster that just appeared.’

The white-robed and black-haired **** looked at the bird-like existence flying in the sky. A figure appeared in his mind, he had only seen it in movies and books.

He and the other party do not exist in the same era, but he never thought that these existences would fly under his nose like this.

It would never have occurred to them that these existences might have been born in this world because of themselves.

“Perhaps, their descendants will be called pterosaurs after many years.” “Maybe, it’s not the same one as I remember.”

Sheila was lying on the window sill with her chin in her hands, looking at God. In this posture, ordinary people should not be able to help turning their heads to look at her, but the black-haired God still stood motionless, like a statue.

Finally, Sheila couldn’t help but say something.

“God, you are always speaking words that do not belong to the present, and paying attention to things that do not belong to the present.” “You are in the past” and “in the present”

“Still in the future”

At this time, Sally ran over from the other end.

She was very excited, because this stop finally arrived at the lava volcano, the place she most wanted to come to.

Although I don’t know what’s interesting here, in terms of beauty, it can’t compare with Thunder Swamp, in terms of strangeness, it can’t compare with the mirror of the sky, and in terms of vastness, it can’t compare with the endless sea of ​​sand.

The only thing I have is probably danger.

The power to bring catastrophe to the entire Ruhe giant island and even the whole world. Maybe, this is what excites her.

However, Sally’s focus is different now, because she unexpectedly discovered a pyramid here. “God”

“Look, there is also a pyramid here.”

“But the pyramid here is so strange, the palace is built inside the tower.” “Shut yourself inside, making it look like a mausoleum.”

In Sally’s impression, a temple should be built on top of a pyramid, and the huge pyramid is more like a cornerstone to set off the height and stalwart of the temple.

Sally bumped into Yin Shen’s body, and kept shouting.

In the eyes of God Yin, the huge white aircraft passed through the huge black curtain and arrived at the depths of the forbidden area of ​​death in the snake population.

The other side of the lava volcano, the side facing the sea.

You can see a black curtain behind you, and a large number of dependents of lava monsters in front of you stay above the sea.

Under the lava volcano, there is an ancient king city from the first era.

Yin’s head and gaze remained motionless, but he raised his arms and hugged Sally, who was only around her waist. “Maybe it’s because the pyramid itself is like this, and our pyramid is abnormal.” Sally pouted: “It’s not right, we are the first ones, and they all imitated us.” The aircraft landed in the light Turned into a hot air balloon boat again. The colorful hot air balloon fell slowly and landed in an ancient city. They arrived at their destination. Black Rock City.

The royal city of the Huo Sen family, the blood of the royal family, is also the family to which King Henir belongs, and the place where the Temple of Glass is located. It was destroyed several times in the flames of war and rebuilt several times.

Through the years, it has existed until this era. Sally was the first to rush out of the hot air balloon boat, still holding a glass jar.

In the glass jar is her new pet, a shark.

This is the only one that has not been raised to death by Sally in a while, and of course it may be due to the witch doctors,

Because Sally said that if the horseshoe crab is raised to death, let the witch doctors cure it.

Facing the sea, Sally smiled and turned to tell God Yin. “God”

“As I said, I want to make a pet that will never die, and can leave the water and fly in the sky.” “I’m going to use it to make it.”


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