Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1929: Wrong reward


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The world was spinning. When Lu Ye came to his senses again, everything around him had changed.

At this moment, he was in mid-air, and the familiar aura of the realm lingered around him. Lu Ye couldn’t help but exhaled. The cold wind blew, and he felt that his whole body was cold. At that moment, he was sweating all over.

The overall situation has been decided, all the disciples of the gods have been driven out, and the **** cauldron hidden in the brown stars has probably been destroyed. Who would have thought that there would be blood flowers blooming on top of the rainbow that had been shining on him, and it was So bright.

That undoubtedly means that Tianhong has become a disciple of the gods.

Lu Ye didn’t know what happened to Tianhong in that brown star, and he didn’t know what was going on with other Rizhao, but something was definitely wrong with Tianhong.

If the training had not ended at that time, Lu Ye would have had to consume a red talisman to have any chance of escaping.

After a brief identification of the direction, he flew in the direction of his cave, and soon returned to the cave. The shock just now was too terrifying, so he had to calm down.

There was sudden movement in the Shura Order. Lu Ye investigated and found that it was Ablo who had sent the message: “His grandma, I’m still on the way, why did it end suddenly? What happened to you over there?”

Lu Ye then remembered that Tianhong ordered Abloh to lead the monks from the Final Nether Realm to the battlefield, but the army of monks was naturally not moving as fast as Tianhong. Counting the time, Ablo really hadn’t arrived on the battlefield yet.

His eyes flickered, and Lu Ye replied: “What do you mean, fellow Taoist?”

The person who exchanged the Shura Order mark with Apollo was not him, Lu Ye, but the body cultivator who helped people detoxify in the Reward Hall!

Ablo’s second message came quickly: “Stop pretending, who doesn’t know who you are!”

Lu Ye sniffed, thinking that he still had something to ask this guy, so he replied: “The war is over, and this galaxy has won a great victory!”

“I knew it was you. That guy Gu Sheng guessed it right.”

Apparently, Ablo was not sure that the physical cultivator he met in the Bounty Hall was Lu Ye before he sent the message. The first message was just a test, but at this moment it was finally confirmed.

Lu Ye didn’t care either. Sooner or later Ablo would know it anyway, and he would be tested as soon as he was tested.

“Look at your Shura Seal!” Ablo suddenly sent another message, as if he had made some extraordinary discovery.

Lu Ye immediately investigated and realized that although this experience was very weird and there were not many real opportunities to take action, the role he played in this experience scene was not small. Healing and detoxifying people in Yunluo Holy Land was not enough. Mention, finding a way to kill the Celestial God disciples with one blow is undoubtedly a great achievement, and then he continued to kill the Rizhao Celestial God disciples one by one. It can be said that no one can make greater contributions than him.

So the Shura Seal obtained should not be less.

Lu Ye thought about it, but when he looked at it intently, his brows suddenly furrowed.

Something is wrong. The Shura Seal he obtained in the Bounty Hall has not been consumed. He remembers the specific number very clearly, but the improvement of the Shura Seal is very slight at the moment. After a little calculation, he knows that the Shura Seal he obtained this time is only a mere 50,000. .

What’s going on? Lu Ye looked confused.

Lu Ye sent a message: “How many Shura seals have you obtained?”

Ablo quickly replied: “Fifty-four thousand, what about you?”


Everyone gets exactly the same rewards, there is no difference.

Something is not quite right. He got hundreds of thousands of Shura seals in the last experience. This time it took more time, and he played a decisive role in it. Lu Ye originally estimated that he had at least two Three hundred thousand Shura Seals or even more, but what does this fifty-four thousand mean?

Ablo obviously also discovered this problem, so he came to Lu Ye for confirmation.

“Come to to meet and talk.” Ablo’s message came over again, and it was not convenient to communicate like this.

Lu Ye did not refuse and immediately set off for the Shura Treasure House.

When he appeared, he happened to see a burly figure appearing next to him, it was Ablo.

When their eyes met, Apollo said: “Wait a minute, there is someone else.”

Lu Ye thought and vaguely guessed who it was.

Sure enough, after a moment, Gu Sheng’s figure appeared from the side. He turned around and found Ablo, who said impatiently: “What are you doing?”

While he was still recovering from his injuries, Ablo called over. He didn’t want to pay attention to him, but he knew that if he ignored him, Ablo would definitely go directly to his cave, so he had no choice but to come over.

“Look who this is?” Ablo smiled and pointed his finger.

Gu Sheng then noticed Lu Ye standing aside. His eyes twitched slightly, and he obviously had some bad memories. However, Gu Sheng was born in the Yellow Dragon Realm and was undoubtedly well-educated. He immediately cupped his fists and saluted: “I have met my fellow Taoist.” .”

Lu Ye returned the favor.

The top three on the Yueyao list gathered together, just Lu Ye. Although he is now at the top of the list, not many people have actually seen him. But Ablo and Gu Sheng are different. The two of them stand on the top of the list. Here, it immediately attracted the attention of many people.

“Find a place to talk.” Ablo stepped aside.

Lu Ye and Gu Sheng followed.

After a while, in a deserted land, Gu Sheng activated a magic weapon and set up an isolation formation. The three of them sat cross-legged in a triangular posture.

Gu Sheng was the first to speak, looking at Lu Ye and saying, “I haven’t asked my fellow Taoist yet what to call me?”

Lu Ye and Ablo knew each other well from previous experiences. After all, they had been together for a while, but Gu Sheng really didn’t know what Lu Ye’s name was.

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