Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1043: Mystery of the Sea of ​​God



The sound of popping sounded continuously, Lu Ye woke up from his deep sleep, and immediately realized that something was wrong because he


Crawling on a bed, someone was slapping him on the back frantically.


Just as he was about to make a move, a voice came from his ear: “Daoists have been fighting for a long time, and their flesh has been torn apart. Don’t act rashly for the time being.”


Lu Ye turned his head to look, and saw a young man in white showing a warm smile at him. Judging from the fluctuations of his spiritual power, he was also at the level of a real lake, and his spiritual power was of the wood class. With each slap, a gentle force was imprinted into his body, repairing the torn flesh.


Lu Ye only felt aches and pains all over his body, especially his right arm. At this moment, he felt that he couldn’t lift his strength.


I immediately understood that what this young man said was right, that the previous battle he had lasted too long, and he had always maintained the strongest level of deeds, which caused damage to his flesh and blood.


The teenager is clearly healing himself. “Medical repair?” Lu Ye asked.


“My fellow Daoist’s eyes are like torches, my brother, I am a medical practitioner.” The young man responded with a smile, but his hands kept moving.


“It’s work.” Lu Ye enjoyed it with peace of mind. Although he would be more comfortable if a female cultivator came to do this, since he was healing himself, he naturally couldn’t say much.


Lu Ye is not a talkative guy, but the young doctor is very active, and he said while healing Lu Ye: “Listen to my mother-in-law, in this battle, Daoist friends have made great achievements and killed countless enemies, which is really admirable. It makes people yearn for it.” The mother-in-law in his mouth was probably the mother-in-law.


No matter in Kyushu or here, under normal circumstances, medical practitioners do not participate in the killing. not so good. Of course, with the exception of some poison doctors, the real combat power may not be very good, but when it comes to the means of killing, it is more hidden and invisible, making it hard to prevent.


“Surgery has specialties, and medical practitioners have their own business. I am a military practitioner, and I should kill the enemy. What you and I do are our own affairs, regardless of who is superior or inferior.”


The boy immediately fell in love with Lu Ye.


While healing Lu Ye, he chatted casually.


It wasn’t until half an hour later that the young man stopped work and said, “I see that fellow Daoists are in good health. This kind of injury is not a major problem. It will be healed after a few days of peace of mind.”


Lu Ye got up from the bed and stretched his muscles and bones, only to feel that the soreness and pain were reduced a lot, and his whole body was comfortable: “Junior and brother have good craftsmanship.”


The young man smiled: “If my brother has any instructions in the future, just call me. I will be at the medical center in the city. The brother will rest first, and I will leave first.”


Lu Ye took him to the door, turned around and walked back. Glancing at Dao Shisan and seeing his breath as before, he knew that the previous war had not had much impact on him, his physical training was just that good, and his recovery ability was very strong. .


“How long have I slept?” Lu Ye asked.


Dao Thirteen thought for a while, and slowly raised a **** towards him.


Only one day?


Lu Ye was a little surprised. He slept very deeply this time, mainly because he was tired from the battle. In addition, this was the master’s territory, so he didn’t need to take precautions at all.


He sat cross-legged on the bed, closing his eyes and examining himself.


The injury on the body is nothing, his recovery ability is good, and with the conditioning of the medical practitioner, he can easily recover.


But Lu Ye quickly noticed something was wrong.


His sanctuary…seems to have expanded a bit. It was a surprise.


The problem of Shenchi has been bothering him for a long time. This thing was born by chance when he was in the first realm of the real lake.


In the history of Kyushu, there has never been a true lake cultivator who gave birth to a spiritual sense and nurtures a soul body, so there is no precedent for this kind of thing.


However, for Lu Ye, he has not encountered anything wrong so far. The birth of Divine Sense has given him a stronger perception, and it can also motivate the construction of Divine Rune, which can be said to have many benefits.


But his Shenchi is different from the real Shenhai, and can only be regarded as a castrated version of Shenhai.


Lu Ye once naively thought that with the improvement of his cultivation realm, the Divine Pond would slowly expand and eventually evolve into a real Divine Sea.


But after such a long time, the growth of Shenchi is extremely limited. Basically, every time after taking soul cleansing water, Shenchi will have a little subtle change.


As a result, his spiritual sense has not been strong, even the spiritual sense of the blood clan Tianzun who had just been promoted to the sea of ​​​​God was stronger than him.


This is also a question that has always troubled Lu Ye.


It’s just that he didn’t waste too much energy in this regard because he was still in the real lake environment.


I never thought that there would be unexpected joy today. The Shenchi inexplicably expanded a little. Although it was not much, the changes were obvious.


The intensity of his spiritual sense is also stronger than before.


Is it because he is already in the ninth-layer real lake? Lu Ye is not quite sure.


When a cultivator has reached his level, he is usually ready to be promoted to the Divine Sea, but this is a big hurdle for any cultivator. If you step over it, the sky will be vast, but if you can’t make it, you will be stuck in the real lake realm for a lifetime.


King Gengwu has been trapped in the real lake ninth-layer for many years. It is not that his qualifications are not enough, but that promotion to Shenhai is not only based on cultivation qualifications, but also a large part of luck.


Of course, the supply of resources is essential. If you can get treasures that nourish the soul, such as soul cleansing water, it will be easier and easier to advance to the sea.


What Lu Ye didn’t quite understand was why the Shenchi expanded significantly this time.




A lot of research, but it doesn’t make sense.


But now he really should start to promote Shenhai, this kind of thing is not easy to do behind closed doors, you have to ask someone for advice. In the practice, some things require one’s own persistence, but some things require more communication with others.


Originally, I wanted to ask the senior brother to ask about the situation, but now the war is just beginning, and there are many trivial matters in the Jade Blood Holy Land. The problem of Shenchi could not be studied for the time being, and Lu Ye could only comprehend the gains of this war.


In this battle, he maintained the highest strength from the beginning to the end, because many of the enemies he faced were stronger than himself, and there were many blood races in the Divine Sea Realm. I don’t know how many knives he swung. At that moment, I met the experience in the battlefield of life and death, and the various insights I gained were not comparable to my daily practice of swordsmanship.


It can be said that the harvest of such a war is far better than the usual closed-door penance.


What Lu Ye has to do now is to imprint the various gains of this battle into the depths of his soul, and reminisce the many auras that burst out of his mind between life and death, and next time encounter a similar situation, What means should be used to better resolve it.


This is how cultivators grow up step by step. The more they experience life and death crises, the stronger the cultivator’s methods become. Wujiang explained: “Spiritual sense is the embodiment of the power of the soul. In fact, everyone has their own soul. Power is only different in strength, before the Divine Sea Realm, the power of the soul you used was generally called the power of the mind, and the younger brother should understand this.”


Lu Ye nodded.


“You urge the power, you control the spirit tool, it consumes not only your own spiritual power, but also the power of the mind. Before the Divine Sea Realm, the power of the mind and the soul was stimulated for a long time. It is also a kind of tempering, so with the improvement of the monk’s cultivation, the power of the mind will grow, and the soul will grow, but you can’t see or touch this kind of thing. Over time, when you reach the ninth-layer real lake, you will have Opportunity triggers a qualitative change, that is, the transformation of the power of the mind into the divine sense, and then the creation of the sea of ​​​​souls, which nurtures the soul body.”


Lu Ye is very educated. Although he felt these things in the past, no one has told him in detail. Now, after hearing what the senior brother said, he can’t help but feel a little enlightened.


“The Age of Rebirth”


“Before the Divine Sea Realm, the power of your mind and spirit was enough to control the power in your flesh, so there was no need for such a thing as Divine Sense. But this kind of thing is the limit in the real lake realm, and then


The power to go up one level cannot be controlled by a mere mind, so at this stage, the monk must


Find a way to transform the power of the mind into the spiritual sense. Only the spiritual sense can control the power of the body at a higher level. In the final analysis, this is the cultivator’s own change. “


Lu Ye understood what Feng Wujiang meant, but beware of the power of your mind.


Perhaps two cultivators have the same level of cultivation and strength, and they can be separated from life and death under one face-to-face, because one of them has experienced more similar scenes and knows how to fight their opponents so effectively.


Those days went by in a flash.


Until this day, Lu Ye was in the process of comprehension, and when he heard the sound of flying, he quickly released his spiritual sense to investigate, and found that it was indeed the return of the senior brother.


He had been busy outside and disappeared.


Lu Ye got up quickly and came to the senior brother’s bedroom, Daoming’s intention.


Feng Wujiang nodded slightly: “Junior brother is now in the real lake ninth-layer realm, and it is indeed time to start promotion to Divine Sea. If there is anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask.”


Feng Wujiang is very happy to teach Lu Ye how to practice. Lu Ye said: “Senior brother, look, I am in the real lake ninth-layer realm right now, but I have already given birth to a soul body and gave birth to a divine sense, but I feel that I am not a real divine sea What kind of situation is this?”


Feng Wujiang said: “You really have never heard of this situation, but Junior Brother, do you know why the cultivator gave birth to spiritual sense after the ninth-layer real lake?”


Lu Ye naturally shook his head.


When it was not enough to control the power of the physical body at the beginning, the subconscious of the cultivator was seeking breakthroughs and changes, and this was the birth of Divine Sense and Divine Sea.


“Junior brother, the reason why you were able to give birth to a divine sense in the real lake realm is entirely because your mind and spirit are too powerful, and you were stimulated by some external factors, so that the divine sense was born by chance, that is you The protection of your own subconscious mind, but you are not the real Divine Sea Realm, because your physical strength has not yet reached the standard, and it is not enough just to reach the standard with the divine sense.”


Lu Ye’s eyes are bright: “So now I should accumulate physical strength”


Feng Wujiang nodded: “When your physical strength reaches the standard, you will have the opportunity to break through the sea of ​​​​divine.”


Just an opportunity.


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