Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1042: The blood family recedes



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A huge river of blood suddenly appeared above the place where the island was originally located. This can no longer be called a river of blood, but should be called a sea of ​​blood.


Of course, compared to the real sea of ​​blood beneath his feet, it pales in comparison, but it also spreads out into a magnificent line of defense.


After all, this is the gathering of more than seventy blood races from the Divine Sea Realm Blood Dao Mysteries. Coupled with the support of the same qi, the breath of the blood sea is neatly unified, showing great power.


The sea of ​​blood surging and squirming, like a living thing.


The blood clan army is approaching, and the blood clan secret arts blast into it, creating layers of ripples.


Beside the sea of ​​​​blood that spans the air, there are many human monks who have no place to stay, each urging means to collide with the blood race, and the streamers are interspersed for a while, and the scene is chaotic.


But the number on the Terran side is smaller after all, and it is easy to suffer losses in such a confrontation. Those who are suppressed in a short time have almost no strength to fight back, and the casualties are not small.


At this moment, the sea of ​​​​blood squirmed for a while, and suddenly expanded, wrapping all the races in it.


Without the trace of the human cultivator, the vampires who rushed over slammed into the sea of ​​​​blood, and in an instant, the spiritual power was agitated in the sea of ​​​​blood.


In the sea of ​​​​blood, Lu Ye formed a battle with the Taoist soldiers, and their breaths were closely connected. They wandered in this chaotic environment, and wherever they passed, they set off a **** storm.


The sea of ​​​​blood is formed by the gathering of more than 70 blood race soldiers who performed secret techniques. This is their home field, and they are under the command of Lu Ye. ?


Lu Ye just kept slashing and slashing, and almost every slash was successful. He didn’t need to deliberately search for a target at all. come to him.


The many human monks also have this treatment. It can be said that in this huge blood sea environment, each of them has an invisible helper beside them to help them kill the enemy and help them avoid risks.


The blood of the blood clan continued to suffer casualties, and the blood of the dead blood clan became more and more large. From the outside, the huge blood sea was wriggling and changing, like a rapidly growing monster.


There is still a steady stream of vampires rushing into the sea of ​​blood.


There are also vampires who want to cross the sea of ​​blood and enter from the air.


However, the sea of ​​blood seemed to have eyes. From time to time, blood-colored whips were split from the sea of ​​blood, and these vampire monks who were trying to leap were involved. All vampires involved were either killed or injured.


For a while, no vampire could break through the line of defense formed by the sea of ​​blood.


Some people on the left and right small islands have also been dispatched to help. Everyone knows that the blood race must not be allowed to break through from here, otherwise the mortals on the island will inevitably suffer heavy casualties.


Although the line of defense has been torn open, but now it is replaced by the secret techniques of the blood race soldiers, which are more flexible and changeable. This is an opportunity for the human race.


In the sea of ​​​​blood, Lu Ye no longer bothered to find the target. He stood side by side with Dao Shisan, chewing blood crystals in his mouth, constantly replenishing his own consumption, and the Panshan Sword in his hand was ready to go. There are blood races who dare to show up in front of him, one master and one servant, greeted with a knife and a punch.


There is basically no vampire that can hold back.


It’s not that there are no Divine Sea Realm blood clans breaking into here, but those Divine Sea Realm blood clans can only fight on their own, how can they compete with this huge blood sea, in this blood sea, any intruding vampire is affected by With great suppression, the blood clan of the seventh layer of the Divine Sea can only exert the strength of the fourth and fifth layers when they fall into this place.


The killing has not stopped since the beginning.


There is a lively movement around every moment, either from the human race or from the blood race.


Lu Ye doesn’t even know which side has the upper hand in the current situation. In such a large-scale war, the power of individuals is too small, and he can only do what he should do.


Kill the enemy! Kill as many enemies as possible!


I believe everyone else is the same.


The passage of time was extremely long, and Lu Ye didn’t know how many vampires he had killed. Initially, the enemies were continuously sent to him, but gradually, the frequency became lower, until finally, Lu Ye stood there and waited. If you don’t come to the blood clan, you have to take the initiative to attack, but you also get very little.


He doesn’t know why this is happening, maybe the vampires are almost killed, too


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It may be that the blood clan broke through the defense line of the blood sea structure and entered the sacred place of blue blood.


He wants the former.


Until a certain moment, a soft voice suddenly entered the ear from an unknown location: “Come out, the blood clan retreats!”


Lu Ye was stunned for a moment, then he rose up into the air and swept up with Dao Shisan. After a while, he rushed out of the blood-wrapped area and turned his head to look.


As far as the field of vision can be seen, the figure of the vampire can no longer be seen around the archipelago, only the **** light of the vampire can be seen in the distance.


There was a deafening cheer from the side of the ear. It was the surviving human monks celebrating and venting.


Lu Ye was gasping for breath, his face was as pale as paper, and the murderous intent that was almost boiling was difficult to calm down for a while.


“Are you okay?” Tsukihime asked with concern.


Lu Ye shook his head dazedly.


Suddenly lowered his head and looked at the sea of ​​blood below. This was the sea of ​​blood gathered by the secret techniques of more than 70 blood race soldiers under his command. However, the state of this sea of ​​blood was obviously not quite right at the moment.


It’s more than five times bigger than it was at first, and it’s wriggling violently, sometimes expanding and sometimes shrinking, looking extremely unstable.


Lu Ye’s spiritual sense was surging, and he gave all Taoist soldiers the order to remove the secret technique, but it was useless.


The sea of ​​blood squirmed even more, and it was faintly visible. It seemed to want to split, but it was always difficult to do so.


This is the tricky part of the blood clan’s secret technique. Although the blood rivers of the blood clan can be compatible with each other and cooperate with each other to defend against the enemy, they must not be maintained for too long, otherwise there will be such a situation that it is difficult to split, because Once the time is too long, the blood rivers of different blood races will really merge together.


Especially this time, there are more than 70 blood race soldiers fused together in one place, and they also used the same qi link, this time the fusion has become more thorough.


Any power comes at a price.


This sea of ​​blood has become the defense line after the island is broken, creating a great geographical advantage, helping the human race to resist the attack of the blood race army, and the price is that it is difficult for them to separate.


A group of human cultivators followed Lu Ye, tumbling out of the sea of ​​blood, all of them in a state of embarrassment.


For the first time, the cruelty of a large-scale war was displayed in front of Lu Ye’s eyes.


The number of human monks who survived is not large, only less than 30% of the initial number. It is foreseeable that if the bloodline’s offensive is more ferocious, it is very likely that this side will not be able to defend.


At that time, the blood clan army can drive straight in through the gap here, with unimaginable consequences.


The sea of ​​​​blood squirmed more violently. From the sea of ​​​​blood, panicked emotions were conveyed, and it was the blood race soldiers who were struggling.


Lu Ye sighed, raised his hand, pressed down slowly, and passed the last order to the soldiers.


The struggle stopped, and the huge sea of ​​blood slowly fell down with Lu Ye’s hand, and finally fell into the real sea of ​​blood.


The waves are surging, the two become one, and they are no longer separated from each other.


The biggest hero of this battle didn’t end well in the end, even though they were all blood clans, it still made Lu Ye sigh.


A figure descended from the sky and landed in front of Lu Ye. It was Feng Wujiang, looking at Lu Ye with a startled expression: “How are you, junior brother?”


“It’s fine.” Lu Ye shook his head.


It doesn’t matter this shake, he felt like the world was spinning in an instant, he couldn’t help staggering, raised his hand and grabbed Dao Shisan’s arm beside him: “It seems a little dizzy.”


Jingle Bell…


The crisp bell sounded, a slender jade pointed on Lu Ye’s forehead, and Yue Ji’s voice sounded: “If you are tired, take a good rest.”


The voice was soft and whispered like a dream, Lu Ye glanced at her, and finally closed his eyelids and fell asleep instantly.


Dao Shisan grabbed his collar, which prevented him from falling.


“The consumption is too much.” Yue Ji looked at Feng Wujiang.


In this battle, Lu Ye constantly replenished his own strength in the process of consumption, and the consumption of his spiritual power and even the power of his soul was unprecedented.


With the constant consumption of their own strength in the war, ordinary monks can exert the strength they can bear after all, but Lu Ye is different, because he added


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The power consumption is simple, so the highest strength is maintained from beginning to end.


When I was killing the enemy, I was focused and didn’t notice anything, but as soon as the battle was over, my tense nerves relaxed, and the tidal wave like a sea surged up, and I couldn’t hold it any longer.


Feng Wujiang’s spiritual thoughts swept away, and he knew Lu Ye’s current situation.


No worries about life, just need to cultivate for a while: “Send him back and ask Granny Jiu to heal him.”


Tsukihime nodded: “It should be.”


The gap in the defense line here can be defended, all relying on Lu Ye’s blood clan soldiers, although in the final analysis it is not Lu Ye’s credit, but Tong Qi Lianzhi’s dazzling performance in this battle cannot be concealed.


According to the military strength and lineup displayed by the war blood clan, if there is no sympathy, the sacred place of blue blood will inevitably be difficult to protect. At that time, the seniors can only lead a group of people to break out of the siege, and the sacred place will be destroyed. The human race was slaughtered, and decades of hard work turned into ashes.


Waves of cheers still Celebrating the defeat of the blood clan army again today.


Amid the waves of cheers, Feng Wujiang sighed slightly.


This time, I can repel the vampire army and keep the Jade Blood Holy Land, but what about next time?


In this battle, the Terran did win, but also lost.


One of the eleven archipelagos around the holy island was destroyed, and a gap was opened in the defense line. Next time, the blood clan will definitely concentrate their forces in this direction, and the human clan will be difficult to defend.


As the Lord of the Holy Land, Feng Wujiang must look farther, so he can’t help but worry.


You must know that the growth rate of the blood clan is very fast. Even if they lose a lot this time, it will not take many years to recover their vitality and make a comeback.


The human race does not have such convenience.


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