House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 873: Sisters who are willing to play with their brother (1/3)


When she came to Xixi’s house, Lu Xiaoyu was like walking into the Grand View Garden. She had never seen such a big house. Especially just now, Lu Xiaoyu followed Xixi and Xixi’s mother upstairs to change into Xixi’s coat. The luxury of the master bedroom, the spaciousness of the cloakroom, and the tallness of the toy display cabinet made the little girl dazzled.

Now Xixi said to take her to see something, Lu Xiaoyu thought she was talking about all kinds of dolls!

“What is it? Isn’t it fun?” Lu Xiaoyu asked enthusiastically, following Xixi’s cheerful pace.

“Hee hee, it’s not fun! That’s not what I mean, I can’t play…” Xixi felt that Lu Xiaoyu’s statement was a bit wrong, and she was embarrassed to grab Lu Xiaoyu’s arm, twisting and laughing.

Lu Xiaoyu was confused and followed Xixi curiously. The two little girls got into the “fortress”.

Xiao Xiaojiao opened her mouth slightly and looked at the two sisters who looked like magic soldiers with a puzzled face. However, after a while, a happy expression appeared on his face, thinking that his sisters were coming to play with him, and Xiaojiao liked playing with them too much!

“Sister!” Xiao Jiao naively stretched out his little hand, holding the small forklift he had been playing with so much, as if he wanted to share his toys with his sisters.

Lu Xiaoyu happily took it and said, “Xixi, give me the toy your brother gave him!”

However, before Xixi could respond, Xiao Jiao crawled towards her again and waved to Lu Xiaoyu with an “ahhhhh”, looking very anxious.

It’s not hot yet! Is this going back?

Lu Xiaoyu had no choice but to hand it over, and then Xiao Jiao hugged his small forklift and looked at this young lady with a smile on her face, in a good mood.

At such a young age, she would actually molest her sister!

However, at this time, Xixi didn’t care about this little episode, she sat in front of Xiaojiao and went straight to the theme.

I saw the little girl stretched out her hand and tugged at her brother’s trousers. It was a coincidence that Xiao Jiahao was not wearing a diaper now! Although she doesn’t know the reason, it saves Xixi’s other troubles, so she won’t think so much about why!

“Xiaoyuer, come and see!” Xixi turned her head happily and greeted Lu Xiaoyu when she saw what she wanted to share with her friends.

Lu Xiaoyu was out of curiosity. She felt that Xixi must have discovered something magical when she was so mysterious, so she leaned over and stuck her head over.

Xiaojiao didn’t understand what was going on at all. He just felt that two furry heads were suddenly squeezed in front of his chest, just like how he usually played with Xiaojiao, Xiaohui, and Duoduo, squinting his eyes. , smiled happily.

Only two small voices are heard discussing eagerly.

“Xixi, what are you looking at?”

“Look at my brother here.”

“Hey, there seems to be a little bug?”

“Hee hee, it’s not a little bug, it’s where my brother pees!”


“It’s amazing! I said, that boys and girls are different!” Xixi was showing off her knowledge.

“Is that so? It’s really amazing!”

“Right? I’ll show it to you! I didn’t tell anyone else!”

“Xixi, can I play with it?” rustling, as if someone extended a small hand.

“No!” Fortunately, Xixi stopped it in time, “My Baba said, you can’t touch the place where boys pee!”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right! I also said that the girl’s can’t be touched or shown to others, and the boy’s too!”


The two little girls chatted a little bit endlessly, Xiao Jiao was a little impatient, and Lu Xiaoyu’s head still had a few strands of hair floating up, scratching his chin.

I saw the little guy raised his fleshy little hand and pressed it on Lu Xiaoyu’s head.

“Oops!” Lu Xiaoyu and Xixi shouted at the same time, both covering their heads and raising their heads.

Bent over for too long, the faces of the two little girls were a little red, and their hair was a little messy, looking very cute.

Xixi complained, “Xiaoyuer, why are you hitting my head?”

“I didn’t bump it, it was your brother who pushed my head.” Lu Xiaoyu rubbed her forehead, but the bump didn’t hurt very much, and she was amused herself.

“It’s all my brother’s fault!” Xixi was not angry, she giggled and reached out to rub Xiao Jiao’s head.

Xiao Jiajia seems to be very happy after a prank, and sits there too, smiling with crooked eyes.

“A little bit!” Lu Xiaoyu didn’t rub Xiao Jiao’s head like Xixi, but made a face at Xiao Jiao.

Xixi became interested, and together with Lu Xiaoyu, grimaced at her younger brother.

Xiao Jiajia likes to imitate very much. He imitates every example, and winks with all his might, but the little guy can’t control his facial expressions, he can’t keep one eye open and the other closed.

So, Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu saw that Xiao Jiao frowned, his eyes were tightly closed, and his little face was wrinkled, which was very funny.

Murphy finished fiddling with the washing machine, and just came out of the bathroom. After passing through the living room, she saw Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu sitting in front of Xiaojiao. The two little girls burst into laughter, and Murphy captured the scene. fundus.

She smiled lightly and shook her head to find Yang Yi.

“What’s the matter? Are Xixi and her classmates still having fun?” Yang Yi asked with a slight smile while playing with the mold with gloves on when she saw Murphy come into the kitchen.

“They’re all They can’t stop laughing!” Murphy laughed, “And you don’t even know that Xixi also took the initiative to take her classmates to play with Jiaojiao.”

“Really? Don’t their older children find Xiao Jiao boring?” Yang Yi asked in surprise.

“I don’t know, I also think it’s amazing, but it’s good, my sister likes to play with my brother and won’t bully my brother.” Murphy said with some moving, “The two children have a very close family relationship, I Would love to see that.”

Murphy didn’t know that when she was moved, Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu had already jumped out of the “fortress”, and the two little girls didn’t continue to make faces with Xiaojiao.

Just now Lu Xiaoyu said that she was very interested in Xixi’s dolls, so Xixi took her upstairs to watch.

“I tell you, I saw a very big giraffe in Australia, but it’s not a real giraffe, it’s also a doll, but it’s the size of a real giraffe.” On the stairs, Xixi excitedly gestured with Lu Xiaoyu, “But my Baba didn’t buy it for me, he said we couldn’t get it back.”

Lu Xiaoyu also has some regrets in her eyes. She also wants to know what a giraffe doll looks like…


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