House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 839: Xixi’s first physical education class (three/three)



Reporting on a small group that is not yet well-known, even if they have a relationship with Yang Yi, the news will not be so hot, but Murphy is different, she is now a hot news! Especially now that the news of Murphy and Yang Yi’s popularity abroad is still circulating in China, and some media even hyped the illusion that Murphy was promoted to an international superstar. These unconfirmed news also earned the attention of spectators. . шщш.㈦㈨ⅹS.сом is updated very fast.


Therefore, the reporters are even more eager to ask questions about Murphy: “Yang Yi, does Murphy also like watching “The Voice of China”?”


Yang Yi was stunned for a while, then responded with a smile: “Yes, she prefers this show. We didn’t come back when the first episode aired, but she caught up with the premiere that night in the second episode.”


“Yang Yi, may I ask why “The Voice of China” did not choose Murphy as a mentor? Is it because of avoiding suspicion?” the reporters asked.


“There are many reasons. First of all, “The Voice of China” has a very high standard for the selection of tutors, such as Mr. Lin Qitian, Mr. Feng Huiwen, Mr. Luo Jian, and Chen Yijie is my friend, so let’s not talk about him, these three teachers They are all important figures in the Chinese music scene, and their musical accomplishments are obvious to all. After all, Murphy is still relatively young and needs to learn more. In addition, even if the standard is lowered, she does not have time to participate in so many programs for the time being. Recording.” Yang Yi said with a smile, “There are many other reasons, but I can tell you that it is not to avoid suspicion. Our show has always been to choose the most suitable guests and give the audience the best viewing experience.”


“Yang Yi, when will Murphy come back? Does she have any plans to develop in the United States?” The topic of this press conference has been completely deviated.


“These are the last two questions I answered about Murphy. After all, today’s theme is “The Voice of China”, and I hope you will pay more attention to our program.” Yang Yi received the offer from Mo Xiaojuan. The note, calmly controlled the rhythm of the press conference.


“Murphy’s comeback is scheduled for the end of the year. She hopes to use the date of last year’s child’s birth as the official comeback date. This is a lucky day, isn’t it?” Yang Yi smiled slightly, “In addition, Murphy does not There is no plan to develop in the United States, this has already been explained on the studio’s micro-broadcast before, those who don’t know much about it can pay more attention to our micro-broadcast.”


“Yang Yi, Yang Yi, ask a few more questions, what are the plans for Murphy’s comeback? A concert or a new album…”


The reporters were still reluctant to ask questions. However, under the arrangement of Mo Xiaojuan, the press conference also came to an end.


There is no need for secrecy about Murphy’s comeback.


It’s because Murphy is still nearly three months away from his comeback. Now if you throw everything out, it will indeed attract a lot of attention for Murphy, but after a long wait of three months, no matter how high the popularity is will be wiped out.


Mo Xiaojuan wants to reasonably arrange the press releases for these three months, and throws some new things from time to time in order to continue to retain the enthusiasm of the fans!



After the Chinese class, Xixi and the students in Class 3, Grade 1, ushered in the first physical education class in their lives.


Because there is a physical education class today, Xixi and the classmates in the class are basically wearing the sports summer clothes of the school uniform. It is a T-shirt with a blue ‘color’ and a white ‘color’ bottom collar and sleeves Top with blue ‘colour’ bottom ‘colour’ and sport shorts’ with white ‘colour’ stripes on the sides.


The school uniforms of Huijia Primary School are expensive, but the materials are solid. These are soft and breathable fabrics with high cotton content, which are comfortable for children to wear, and also facilitates their limbs to stretch when exercising outdoors.


In Jiangcheng in September, the weather is still hot during the day, and wearing long ‘trousers’ will make you feel bored when exercising outdoors, so Xixi, like most of her classmates, wears sports short ‘trousers’ and only has a small amount of physique. Poorer children wear long ‘pants’.


The length of the sports short ‘trousers’ is basically around the knee, not too long or too short, and Xixi is the same, after all, she wears clothes a little bigger than other classmates.


However, Xixi’s ‘legs’ are relatively slender, especially the small ‘legs’. She wears these short ‘pants’, and her slender little ‘legs’ are exposed, compared with other students in the class , obviously to grow a section, when standing in a row, this makes the little girl more energetic!


In the first physical education class, Xixi, like her classmates, followed the physical education teacher to the sports field with curiosity and happiness. Compared with staying in a small classroom, a sports field with a wide view and bright sunshine is more interesting!


After some self-introductions, PE teacher Lu Dashan arranged for the children to line up in four rows in order of height. He was not as gentle and kind as Mr. Li Ruolan, probably because of his physical education. : “Let’s do some warm-up exercises first. Remember, doing warm-up exercises is to prevent us from getting muscle ‘muscle’ strains during exercise, so you must remember to do warm-up exercises before exercising in the future!”


These words are so profound, many children opened their eyes and looked at Teacher Lu in confusion.


Xixi understands what a warm-up exercise is. The little girl’s eyes lit up, thinking of the warm-up exercises she did when her father took her to practice martial arts and when her mother took her to practice dancing.


However, the physical education teacher in front of her looked a bit fierce. Although Xixi held back her words and wanted to introduce what she had learned to the teacher, she still looked at Teacher Lu timidly and did not dare to speak.


“Okay, let’s start with the first move now, take your time!”


Lu Dashan is actually a strong man with a ‘meaty’ face but a ‘very’ gentle heart. Compared to Yang Yi, he does look a bit fierce. He knew that he was not good-looking and was not good at speaking, so he didn’t talk much, and he didn’t explain how to do the movements. He directly showed the children the first movement of the warm-up exercise, bowing and stretching the legs.


I saw his right ‘leg’ go forward in a lunge and his left ‘leg’ straight, but Lu Dashan improved this warm-up movement, and he also raised his arms, straightened his palms above his head.


“Wow!” Lu Xiaoyu next to Xixi couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Teacher is amazing!”


Not only Lu Xiaoyu, many children opened their looked at Teacher Lu Dashan in surprise. Some children called out their worship just like Lu Xiaoyu, while others were still the same as before, still thinking about Lu Dashan Teacher Dashan looked fierce and did not dare to move.


Xixi is not too surprised. She has a lot of knowledge. Her father is much more powerful than Teacher Lu Dashan, and even her grandfather can make more exaggerated actions.


“This movement is a bit difficult, but it is a good warm-up exercise to stretch your muscles and prevent strains during exercise. We are now divided into two groups, students in the same group, helping each other and taking turns Do this with the help of your opponent, okay?” Mr. Lu Dashan looked reckless, but he was not reckless, and he still took good care of these first-year students who were small and might not have good physical coordination.


He looked around and said, “Our class consists of two rows of boys and ‘girls’ students. In this way, the first row of ‘girls’ students and the third row of ‘girls’ students form a team. You stand with yourselves. Corresponding classmates form a group. The same goes for boys…”


Xixi looked at the front, she was the tallest among the ‘female’ students in the third row, corresponding to the tallest among the ‘female’ students in the first row… Isn’t that Lan Xin?


Lan Xin also turned her head and looked over. When she saw that she was going to form a team with Xixi, she also smiled happily.


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