House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 838: Participation, the championship is not the ultimate goal (2/3)



The lives of primary school students are more colorful than those of kindergarten children. After all, a larger campus, more children, and more new things… But there are gains and losses. When the freshness fades, Xixi and the others also Need to start to face reality, such as uninterrupted study every day, such as complicated homework every night.


As Lan Xin said, I don’t want to grow up…Growing up may not always be happy.



In the conference hall of a hotel in Jiangcheng, Yang Yi attended the media meeting arranged for him by Mo Xiaojuan with Qianli Chuanshu, who was currently attracting public attention.


Before the start, Yang Yi naturally clarified the rumors in the media that he manipulated the selection results of “The Voice of China” behind the scenes.


However, Yang Yi’s few words of clarification without any pain or itching did not have any effect. The reporters insisted and asked: “Yang Yi, how do you prove that you did not control the selection results of “The Voice of China”? Qianli Chuan Shu is an artist under your company, shouldn’t you not participate in this show in order to avoid suspicion?”


“I want to correct a statement made by this friend.” Yang Yi smiled lightly and said, “Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan are my friends. Although they signed the contract in the name of my company, this contract is not They can leave at any time if they do any restrictions. The Huayi Brothers company was established because they were unfairly treated in Ronghuada before. Its mission is only for my relatives and friends who are willing to work in the entertainment industry. A place to live, Xiao Guo, Xiaoshu, Xiaochuan, they are all good friends in my life.”


The entertainment reporters in the audience were in an uproar. This is a big surprise. Yang Yi has never said this to anyone else.


Many stars and newcomers in the entertainment industry are also very envious of Guo Ziyi and Qianli Chuanshu for their treatment. They all want to join the Huayi Brothers Brokerage Company because of Yang Yi’s name.


The reporters looked at Yang Yi excitedly and thought to themselves: “When this news report goes out, I don’t know how many people who have sharpened their heads and want to come in will cry and faint in the toilet!”


“Mr. Yang Yi, can I understand your sentence this way? Your agency is only closed, not recruiting people? Whether it’s a long-established star, a trainee, or a newcomer.” The reporter couldn’t help but ask.


“That’s right, Huayi Brothers is named ‘Brother’ for this purpose. The original intention of this company was not to make money, but to give my good friends who have dreams a Hack their brokerage company and help them build a brokerage team.” Yang Yi smiled.


Speaking of these things will definitely cause a lot of controversy. Yang Yi can also predict how the media will analyze him in a mess, but Yang Yi doesn’t care, he chooses to be magnanimous and willful.


At this moment, Lu Xiaoshu took the initiative to come over to the microphone and said: “I can confirm that because the company’s contract does not impose any restrictions on our going or staying, but Miao Chuan and I will not leave because of reason. Because of Yuqing, we are good friends with Brother Yang, and Brother Yang has helped us so much, so we have no reason to leave; Yu Li, Huayi Brothers’ commission for us is only a small, very small part, It is only used for the basic operation of the company, we cannot get this kind of treatment in other places, and we have no reason to leave!”


“Can it be said that because of Yang Yi’s ability to compose lyrics and music, you gave up your stay in Huayi Brothers?” a reporter asked sharply.


Yang Yi took the microphone and said, “Let me introduce you formally, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan, both of them are very good and potential songwriters, and the music they create is recognized by me. Although they haven’t officially debuted yet, I can tell you that the folk music they created by themselves is also quite good, and you can listen to them in their albums in the future.”


“I don’t deny that I will write songs for them, but please believe me, you will like their own original music, maybe my songs can’t steal their limelight.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“In addition, on the stage of “The Voice of China”, they all sang other people’s songs and advanced step by step. If they didn’t sing their own songs, it would be tantamount to breaking their arms. If I want to manipulate the results , why let them just show their singing? Sing their own original songs, which is a plus.”


Before this, Yang Yi had said that he did not make special arrangements for Qianli Chuanshu, and even Chen Yijie, his friend who was a mentor, did not know the relationship between Qianli Chuanshu and Yang Yi.


“Mr. Yang Yi, can I understand it this way, if there is no shady scene, Qianli Chuanshu may also be eliminated, and may not win the championship, right?” A reporter asked.


“Yes, anyone can be eliminated or won the championship. Please pay attention to my words, because I am not a mentor, and I am not a judge composed of major media that may participate in the future. So I can’t predict who may win the championship and who may be eliminated in the future.” Yang Yi didn’t let him get his wish.


However, Yang Yi suddenly changed the conversation: “But as an ordinary audience, in my opinion, our “Voice of China” student team is full of talented people, and there are many singers with good singing skills and singing skills, more than a thousand miles away. Chuanshu and the others are even better.”


He’s right. The entertainment industry in this world is too advanced. Among the unlucky singers, there are too many singers with amazing strength and even amazing potential! The singing voice of Qianli Chuanshu can only be at the middle level among the singers who have been promoted!


Even, it’s the result of the emotional bonus they get from singing folk songs.


However, Yang Yi’s words still surprised many reporters. Why did Yang Yi say this in front of Qianli Chuanshu and the others? No face at all!


“Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh, but this is an indisputable fact. I also hope that Chisato Chuanki and the others pass this competition more to understand the gap between themselves and others, rather than to compete for the title of champion.” Yang Yi patted Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan on the shoulders beside him, and said sincerely to the reporter, “When I suggested them to participate in the competition, I told them, don’t worry about winning the championship or not, in this competition, enjoy The process of pking with others, and realizing your own inadequacies and learning something is enough!”


“The entertainment industry is constantly changing every day, no matter how much honor you have now, no matter how prosperous you are now, sooner or later, you will be replaced by people who are more adaptable to the trend. At that time, no one will remember what championship you won, these honors are false, and only by constantly improving your own strength is the strong guarantee of enduring!”


Yang Yi’s meaningful remarks made the reporters stunned.


“The four mentors on the China Good Voice Stage are all very appropriate examples. No one will deny their singing skills, their singing voices, and their works. Even after so many years, everyone has forgotten what they have achieved. Honor, but I still remember their singing so far, that’s what I said enduring!” Yang Yi smiled slightly.


“Since you don’t want to win the championship, why do you participate in this competition? If they participate, they will occupy a place for others to advance.” The reporters’ questions were still to the point, and they asked the main points.


“Because of the program “The Voice of China”, no matter how good you look, no matter what your background is, no matter what kind of past you have, you can only judge your strength by your singing!” Lu Xiaoshu He replied subtly, “Since no matter where we are from, we naturally have the right to participate, and we also want to use our singing to compete with other players to see what level we can have. Of course, we can get our idol, Lin Qitian. Teacher’s guidance, that is the most fortunate thing!”


Lu Xiaoshu’s answer was applauded by many reporters, and their sincerity was also recognized by these reporters.


“I didn’t expect you to choose Mr. Lin Qitian. When I was watching TV at home, I made a bet with Murphy that you would choose Chen Yijie, but you made me lose the bet.” Yang Yi turned his head , said jokingly.


Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan both scratched their heads in embarrassment.


“I still want to say that Voice of China” is an idea provided by me, but I still have to thank Director Hong Yumin, the four mentors and all the crew members for giving you such a good viewing effect. The staff. I did not participate in the follow-up work of the program at all, whether it is the organization, audition, program recording, all these tasks are done independently by them. “Yang Yi explained with a smile to the surprised reporters. .


“This is also the reason why I don’t know which mentor Chisato Chuanki and the others chose. Of course, when they were promoted, they called me to tell me the good news. But at that time, I was in the United States, and the international long-distance call was too expensive. , did not make it clear which mentor they chose.”


What Yang Yi said, the reporters can only be skeptical, and they will naturally have their own play in the report. However, when Yang Yi mentioned Murphy, the reporters’ eyes lit up.


“Yang Yi, does Murphy also like watching “The Voice of China”?”…


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