House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 833: It came so fast (three/three)



The news that Xixi went to elementary school was reported by some entertainment newspapers. However, this kind of ‘flowery’ news has no scandals and no comparison, and is destined to attract little attention. . шщш.㈦㈨ⅹS.сом is updated very fast. Therefore, Yang Yi didn’t even bother to pay attention to and respond to these reporters, and wholeheartedly prepared for Xixi’s upcoming elementary school life.


The most popular news in the entertainment industry recently is “The Voice of China”!


Although this show has only aired for two episodes, its ratings have been soaring wildly, and it has the potential to break the ratings record of music talent shows!


The more the audience sees and the more they pay attention, the media will also flock to it.


Even, this show is so popular that if anyone’s news is not related to “The Voice of China”, they may be embarrassed to grab the headlines.


So, people who eat melon will be speechless to see news headlines like this:


“It’s not worse than the voice of China, the premiere of the travel challenge is coming soon! 》


“Hu Kefei attended a sponsor’s event and bluntly wanted to participate in The Voice of China”


“The Great Zhou Dynasty crew has confirmed that the second male supporting actor participated in the audition for the Voice of China”


Although the title says that there is a good voice of China, in fact, the content of the news text has nothing to do with the good voice of China. Why would you care about this infamy?


Of course, the serious media still enthusiastically report the news related to “The Voice of China”. stand out from the news reports.


The second issue of “The Voice of China” gave them a chance, because there are many outstanding students in this issue, like Xu Lu, this short-haired ‘girl’ girl’s singing has conquered many audiences, even, almost overnight It became popular. After listening to Xu Lu’s “When You Are Old”, many people became her fans invariably.


Nowadays, she is the most searched for her on social ‘social’ websites and search engines!


Even, many viewers have begun to think that Xu Lu is the most capable singer!


There are many outstanding students, and there are many stories behind these students!


Although “The Voice of China” has launched an official micro-broadcast and official website, on the official website, the personal background stories that each selected student should have told on stage are listed under their photos, but The media are not satisfied with the information that has been published, they search hard, hoping to find more breaking news!


A reporter actually found one overnight, and the newspaper published it the next day!


The origin of Qianli Chuanshu, who has won the fourth rank in The Voice of China, is so strange! 》


First of all, the first news that the reporter exposed was that the last brokerage company of Qianli Chuanshu was “Ronghuada Brokerage Company”. In the introduction of Qianli Chuanshu given by the official website of The Voice of China, it only said that Qianli Chuanshu used to be a trainee of a brokerage company, but because he was unwilling to obey the unspoken rules, he was hidden in the snow. Of course, the introduction did not state that company. name.


But this news is not difficult to find out, because last year, Lin Mu’an made a big noise at the scene of Hunan TV’s talent show, and he also exposed the big news to reporters that Ronghuada pitted his junior brother “Qianlichuanshu”, and many people still have it. deep impression.


So readers read this report and finally realized something: “It turned out to be them!”


However, their impressions don’t stop there. Compared with the Qianli Chuanshu who was pitted, Tang Kaitai, who was involved in this incident and was later said to be the most pitiful bear child in history, left a deeper impression. memory.


“This Tang Kaitai is not bad for people, he has hidden thousands of miles of river trees… Fortunately, they got out of this incident, otherwise, it would be a pity for them to sing really nicely!” After “College Times”, fans who like Chisato Chuanju expressed in the messages of the report one after another.


But the biggest breaking point of this news is not the past of Qianli Chuanshu, but their present.


“Qianli Chuanshu has signed a new brokerage company, and it is Huayi Brothers!” The reporter also exposed this, “Maybe many readers are not very familiar with Huayi Brothers, but everyone is definitely familiar with this company. The other artists in the show, Guo Ziyi and Yang Huan! That’s right, they are all newcomers to the variety show this year, two permanent members of “Extreme Challenge”!”


“Speaking of this, everyone should understand that the name of the Hua Yi brothers represents Yang Yi’s own name! That’s right, this company is founded by Yang Yi! “The Voice of China” is also owned by Yang Yi. One of the ace variety shows that has been created, with such a complex relationship, I am afraid that Qianli Chuanshu can advance to the next stage, I am afraid it is a matter of iron and steel, right?”


That’s right, this report was not made to promote “The Voice of China”.



Beijing City, Tianya Bar, Xu Lu is saying goodbye to the boss Mingge. After today’s show is broadcast, she will stop other part-time jobs and go all out to join the mentor Luo Jian’s team and accept his guidance. , there are more rigorous competitions waiting for her in the future.


It can be said that Xu Lu has embarked on a new path and is running towards the future she has been looking forward to, and today is just a farewell to the past.


“Sister Lu, take a look at this news.” A resident singer who had a good relationship with Xu Lu handed over the phone and looked enviously at the man who had dyed his hair back to black. Xu Lu, said, “The Voice of China actually has shady scenes, do you think this is true?”


Xu Lu took a few glances and saw the words in the report saying that Qianli Chuanshu’s promotion was shady, and she fell into silence.


She was very impressed with Chili Chuanju, because Chili Chuanju happened to participate in the competition and videotape on the same day as her. Although she did not watch Chili Chuanju’s competition at that time, she still remembered the two quiet The big boy sitting quietly in a corner is also very understandable, after all, the only combination she knows is this pair…


But Xu Lu couldn’t tell if there was any shady story about their promotion. She watched yesterday’s TV, and the song sung by Qianli Chuanshu was very good. Xu Lu felt that it was normal for her mentor to turn around…


“Regardless of whether there is a shady scene, Xiao Xu, you have decided to move forward Then go ahead firmly!” Brother Ming came over, took the mobile phone from Xu Lu’s hand, and arrived at it. He returned it to the resident singer and said meaningfully to Xu Lu, “If you can win the championship, it will be even better. Our Tianya Bar will also be proud of you, and we will have to touch it at that time. But if you win the championship, it will be even better. If you can’t win the championship, so what? You can show yourself a few more times on this show with such a high rating, you can gain more audiences, you can sign a big record company, and you can release records! A victory!”


Xu Lu nodded lightly to Brother Ming. Some stagnation appeared in her heart just now, but it disappeared now.



The identity and current background of “Chianli Chuanshu” were exposed. In fact, Mo Xiaojuan and the others had already made plans. Because the signing of Lu Xiaoshu and the others is not something that needs to be kept secret, and even their names have long been listed on the official website of Hua Yi Brothers.


However, Mo Xiaojuan was still a little surprised. She didn’t expect the reporters to find out so quickly.


“We will hold a press conference on Tuesday. You can arrange it. Yang Yi will personally clarify this misunderstanding to the reporters. Xixi’s first day of school on Monday is not free.” Mo Xiaojuan walked out and went to Xiao Ai’s office and said, “In addition, we will post our prepared explanation on the microbroadcast first.”


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