House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 834: New classmate, new study (1/3)



It’s not a bad thing to be found out about Xixi’s background by teacher Li, the head teacher. On the first day of class, when the teacher assigned seats, Xixi was cleverly arranged in the sixth row of the third row. , Visit the latest chapter: ШШШ.79xs.СоМ.


Although it is still a bit back, if the seats are strictly divided according to height, Xixi’s height will basically sit at the back!


Lan Xin and Xixi’s heights are somewhat different, and the two little girls are finally separated, and Xixi also welcomes a new tablemate. When Xixi hugged her small schoolbag and sat down in the new seat, the new tablemate began to look at her curiously, and quickly couldn’t help but ask, “My name is Lu Xiaoyu, what’s your name?”


Xixi took her eyes back from Lan Xin at this moment. The two little girls were ‘exchanging’ with their eyebrows just now. Lan Xin didn’t want to sit with Xixi separately, she was wronged.


Xixi blinked her eyes and looked at her tablemate beside her. Lu Xiaoyu is a thin ‘girl’ child, a bit like Yang Luoqi, with two thin sheep’s horns tied to her head Braid, of course, can see that she is also outgoing, smiling brightly.


“My name is Yang Xi, you can call me Xixi.” Xixi introduced her name to her tablemate earnestly.


“Then you can also call me Xiaoyuer, because my name sounds like Xiaoyu.” Lu Xiaoyu laughed giggly.


“Giggle, your name is so funny!” Xixi quickly got closer to the other party, and it happened that the outgoing ‘girl’ met the chatter Xi, Xixi was a little embarrassed at first, but she was very Quick, the two little girls chatted eagerly.



The first day of school seems to have passed quickly. In the afternoon, Yang Yi came to the school to pick Xixi home. The little girl really got to know a lot of friends and waved with them one by one. Only then did she and Lan Xin sit on the road with her father. coming car.


Because the two families live together, and Yang Yi has to pick up Xixi every day, Lanzhou Kaisuo asked Yang Yi to help bring Lan Xin back along the way, and the two little girls went to school together. Not alone.


“Xin Er, it’s the first day of school today, are you still getting used to it?” Yang Yi asked with concern while driving.


“Baba, you didn’t even ask me.” Xixi shouted jealously on the side.


“Okay, I’ll ask you too, I’ll ask you later.” Yang Yi said with tears in his eyes.


Lan Xin pouted her lips and said, “Going to elementary school is not fun at all.”


“Why?” Xixi asked in surprise.


“Because, because I can’t go out to play! I have to sit in the classroom, and then there is nothing delicious. There is no delicious food made by Uncle Yang Yi at noon. I want to go back to kindergarten.” Lan Xin aggrieved said.


“Is the lunch at school not delicious?” Yang Yi asked, “What did you eat for lunch?”


“Dishes without Baba are delicious!” Xixi also nodded at this moment, but she described more abundantly than Lan Xin, “We ate ‘chicken’, ‘legs’ at noon, and Broccoli ‘flower’, carrots, and ‘chicken’ eggs!”


Yang Yi listened to Xixi’s description and felt that the school’s lunch was nutritious.


“I don’t like to eat vegetables, I want to eat delicious ‘meat’ and ‘meat’.” Lan Xin pouted and said sullenly.


“There is ‘meat’ and ‘meat’! ‘Chicken’ and ‘leg’ are ‘meat’!” Xixi demolished the stage.


“No, just a little bit, it’s not enough to eat.” Lan Xin cried out in grievance.


“Alright, alright, Xiner has suffered at school. Let’s have dinner tonight at Xixi’s house. Uncle will cook you delicious ‘meat’.” Yang Yi smiled, “Don’t be sad, in Let’s eat with everyone at school!”


He thinks this is not a bad thing. Let Lan Xin eat less ‘meat’ and eat more vegetables at noon, just in time to lose ‘fat’. Xixi is not as greedy as Lan Xin, and she can accept school meals. Yang Yi thinks that it is not a bad thing to let the ‘daughter’ stomach get used to ordinary food. Delicious from mountains and seas, if Xixi’s mouth is raised like Lan Xin, it will be easy to become hypocritical when she grows up.


As a human being, it is always ups and downs, and all the flavors in the world have to be tasted!


Lan Xin thinks that this “compensation condition” is not bad. She can go to Xixi’s house for dinner, and the little girl finally bursts into laughter.


“Come on, I’ll take the test for you. Xixi and Xiner will try to answer together. If you answer more, I’ll make you more delicious food tonight!” Yang Yi asked with a smile while driving. , “What did you learn at school today?”


For the sake of delicious food, Lan Xin seems to be particularly active and rushing to say: “There is nothing to learn, so I learned pinyin, a, o, e, Uncle Yang, you can see me!”


“There’s still mathematics, but Baba, we can master the mathematics taught by Mr. Liu!” Xixi said.


“Really? How did Teacher Liu teach you today?” Yang Yi asked strangely.


“Mr. Liu asked us to count!” Xixi said, “There are two little rabbits carrying schoolbags in the textbook, and two little bears are playing basketball! There are also nine little birds flying in the sky… “


“Are you saying these yourself, or did Teacher Liu teach them?” Yang Yi asked.


Yang Yi feels that Xixi’s description is a bit complicated, and she should not be able to say it by looking at the textbook.


“Hee hee, Mr. Liu asked me, and I counted everything correctly! Then, Mr. Liu followed me and said, there are two little rabbits carrying schoolbags…” The little girl was full of interest Talk to dad.


Yang Yi looked in the rearview mirror and could see the appearance of the ‘daughter’ daughter Mei Fei Fei ‘Se’ dance. Lan Xin next to her was a little confused, she didn’t have such a good memory as Xixi.


“Very good, Xixi, in the future at school, regardless of whether you understand what the teacher teaches, you must listen carefully to the class and actively answer the teacher’s questions, you know?” some time.


“Okay!” Xixi blinked her eyes.


“What about the Chinese class? What did you learn?” Yang Yi asked, “How did the teacher teach you Pinyin?”


Speaking of this, Xixi became even more excited. She read loudly in the car: “Open your mouth wide aaa…”


Hearing Xixi recite this, Lan Xin involuntarily followed her: “The mouth is round ooo, the mouth is flat eee…”


After reading it, the two little girls looked at each other and giggled. This was a jingle, and it was quite interesting to read.


Seeing how they are sometimes complaining and sometimes happy, Yang Yi is still At least, Xixi and Lan Xin seem to have adapted very quickly on the first day of the course, and they have not been unable to keep up. The progress of teachers’ teaching.


But it’s not difficult to understand. After all, the kindergarten that Xixi and Lan Xin went to are also very good. In kindergarten, the knowledge they learned from playing and playing is a little scattered, but it can almost satisfy their first grade of primary school. most of the courses.


More importantly, in ‘Chun’ Tian Kindergarten, the teachers have cultivated a special mathematical thinking logic for the children, so that when they are learning other things, they can also do more than other children. Thinking, which is especially valuable for their future learning.


However… Since I entered elementary school, I can’t help but step out of the comfortable world of play in kindergarten and start to face more and more formal learning seriously.


On the first day of school, Xixi and the others will start their homework!


“Language homework: ask the children to make pinyin alphabet cards after they go home, not only to write out their sound patterns and to be able to write them correctly, but also to read their four tones accurately. After making the alphabet cards, ask the children to Read it to mom and dad.” Not long after he got home, Yang Yi received a homework message from Teacher Li on his mobile phone.


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