House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 800: A missed shot? Random Archery! (1/4)



The power of the pager was a bit beyond Yang Yi’s imagination. After Baria played for five or six minutes, he heard some rustling noises from the depths of the woods.


Yang Yi turned his head to look, and saw a coyote with gray-black fur and about the size of a husky appearing in his field of vision. Obviously not a husky, its tail is fluffy, much thicker, and its mouth is sharper, it looks a bit similar to a fox!


These details also benefit from Yang Yi’s extraordinary vision. And he actually found out earlier than Barea, Barea was a little bit slower before he saw the appearance of the coyote.


I saw Barea calmly continued to blow the pager, raised his hand to greet everyone, and pointed in the direction of the coyote.


Sure enough, coyotes don’t act alone! Not only one appeared, but behind its tail, a little further away, another coyote appeared, its ears pricked up, revealing its position in the bushes.


Everyone held their breaths and made no sound.


Although the advantage of the downwind and the distance can make Yang Yi and his odors difficult to detect by coyotes, but if they speak, these dog-like coyotes with extremely developed hearing will definitely find out, and these guys are very Cunning, if you find something wrong, you will usually get away with it.


Barea patted Doug and pointed him to the first coyote. According to the previous agreement, Barea’s sign language meant that Doug and the people he brought to deal with the first coyote, Barry Ya help them to scavenge the field and fill the guns. Afterwards, Bariya patted Mo Henian and pointed to the farther one.


Mo Henian, Doug and the others all nodded. They raised their guns and aimed at the two coyotes. Old Ford also picked up a rifle.


How can Yang Yi fall behind? He took the hunting bow from his back in a squatting position, and there was an arrow in his hand that had been drawn out at an unknown time, and lightly put it on the bowstring, but he did not draw the bow, but was waiting for Barea signal of.


Shooting at the same time prevents another chance to escape!


However, at this time, Mo Henian, who had already aimed, turned his head, glanced at Yang Yi, and pointed to him.


The meaning of the old man is very obvious. He wants Yang Yi to deal with the coyote, and he will not shoot first.


Mo Henian still took good care of his son-in-law, regardless of whether he scolded or scolded him, but he was thinking about Yang Yi everywhere. Yang Yi felt warm in his heart and nodded to him.


Barea held out three fingers and began to count down.


“Three, two, one…” Silent language.


As if the commanding flag was falling, Yang Yi stood up suddenly, the bowstring of the hunting bow was instantly pulled full by him, the bow body was bent like a half moon, and the bowstring was taut, and only paused for less than half a second when the hand was released.




The clanging sound of the archery was covered up by the gunshots of several cowboys, but the icy arrows quietly cut through the warm air in the sound of one after another, crossing a long distance in one step. , submerged in the body of the target coyote.


Barea holds the gun, pressing his cheek against the body of the gun, raising his eyelids and watching the two coyotes.


He doesn’t know if Doug and Mo Henian’s two teams and so many guns can hit the target. He needs to judge. If the coyote is not dead, when he wants to escape, he will quickly refill the gun.


But coyotes are not slow, especially as they burrow into the bushes and escape under the cover of the bushes. Even an experienced hunter like Barea cannot guarantee a hit.


That would really make them run away!


Baria watched closely, especially the coyote that Mo Henian was in charge of. He knew that Mo Henian wanted his son-in-law to “try out”, but with a bow and arrow? Barea felt that Yang Yi was more likely to miss!


But what surprised Barea was that he saw the two coyotes react quickly when they heard the sound, but it was too late. They were one after the other, less than tenths of a second apart, and suddenly jumped and twitched, as if It was like being hit hard by something… They could still struggle for two steps, but in the end they couldn’t hold it up, and finally fell to the ground with a bang.




Baria had a smile on his face. He put down the gun in his hand, pushed the safety latch, and picked up the glasses hanging on his chest to check the condition of the two wolves.


The first one fell to the ground. Bariya couldn’t see what the situation was like, but the second one was interesting. An arrow was stuck in its body. Obviously, Mo Henian’s son-in-law shot it just now!


“Beautiful shot, my friend!” Barea turned around in surprise and said to Yang Yi.


“What?” Doug leaned in eagerly and asked, “Yang shot that coyote?”


“Let’s go and have a look!” Baria was also not sure if Yang Yi’s arrow was the key to killing the coyote, because it was too far to see the wound on the coyote. He smiled easily and led the way. The crowd walked to the spot where the two coyotes died.


Of course, not to be taken lightly.


Barea picked up a long branch on the road, sharpened it with a knife, and poked the two coyotes from a distance, making sure they were dead before calling for everyone to come closer.


The first thing I saw was the coyote that Doug and the others killed. The coyote had a fatal wound. Apparently, one of the three Dougs shot it.


“Barnes hit.” Barea peeled off the blood-stained fur of the coyote, looked at the bullet that went in, and made a judgment.


“Woohoo!” Barnes, a cowboy at Doug Farms, whistled and raised his shotgun proudly when he heard that it was his credit.


Then, Barea picked up the fat coyote and dragged it to another coyote.


As everyone got closer, they discovered that the coyote that was hit by the arrow also had only one wound, the part where the arrow was hit!


“It’s a good shot!” Barea turned his head in surprise and looked at Yang Yi. He pointed to the part where the arrow was inserted, and said, “Here is its lungs, one hit kills you!”


Doug took the lead in applauding Yang Yi.


Yang Yi smiled calmly, but he actually had some regrets in his heart. Yang Yi aimed at the coyote’s head, and also accurately judged its displacement distance.


Yang Yi is also a daring artist and wants to play tricks. After all, “headshot” is the most unsafe way of hunting, and body shots are more likely to hit! But high risk can have high profit, so it can also be killed in one hit, and its hair can be preserved relatively completely.


Unfortunately, even though Yang Yi practiced for a day yesterday, he still couldn’t show the skill of piercing Yang through a hundred steps in his previous life!


This arrow, he shot a little out of the way, and the arrow went to the coyote’s neck. Strangely, maybe because of the sound of the gunshot, the coyote moved a little faster, and finally the arrow hit its neck. Lungs, hit and miss, but also one-shot kill.


But these are enough to amaze Doug and the others.


“The Chinese soldiers are amazing!” Doug exclaimed, “I finally understand why you don’t want to use guns!”


“Chinese soldiers? Special forces? Marines?” Barea asked with interest.


“No, it’s just an ordinary soldier.” Yang Yi smiled, “It’s just that I used to hunt, so I like archery.”


They didn’t pursue it. After Barea asked everyone to take a photo of the coyotes, he greeted them. Everyone hung the two coyotes on a dead tree. He and the equally experienced old Ford put on gloves and pulled out With a sharp knife, he quickly peeled off the wolf’s skin.


It seems that they did a lot of hunting, just like a cook unraveling a cow, they quickly pulled away, pulled and scraped again, and after a while, the two wolf skins were peeled off by them, and then Treat it with a special drug and put it in a carry-on bag.


Baria will take the two wolves back with a leash and take them back to Doug and Mo Henian as a souvenir.


The rest of the coyote’s body was thrown into the forest by Barea and left to other animals, who despised these wolf meat.


“Let’s clean up, and then go look for the next litter of wolves!” Barea and Ford went to the stream in the forest to clean up the blood, and Yang Yi and the others naturally followed.


But I didn’t expect that, without them having to look for it, the coyotes delivered it themselves!


“Shh!” Barea and Yang Yi found out almost at the same time, Barea beckoned everyone to stop talking and pointed to the hillside on the other side of the stream.


Everyone is more proficient this time. They hurriedly found Shi Tui, hid their figure, and then looked out.


Yang Yi discovered it the first time, but he didn’t take a closer look just now. Now that he looks carefully, he realizes that the two coyotes on the other side seem to be doing something! They crawl in the bushes, their gray-black figures appear and disappear from time to time.


“They are also hunting!” Baria suppressed her excitement and answered Yang Yi’s doubts in a very small voice.


Hunting? What to hunt?


Soon, the answer is out!


In Yang Yi’s field of vision, several white-tailed deer appeared. One big deer, and the remaining three are young deer. The young deer are very small, as if they were just born, with long thin feet, trembling when walking, making people look frightened, and always feel like they are about to break…


They’re nibbling on young bush sprouts. The big doe is still alert, looking up from time to time, while the young deer are unprepared, spread their hind legs and bow their heads. The danger is unaware.


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