House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 801: The wolf mouth saves the deer, the mysterious tracking arrow (2/4)



“In reality, the mantis catches the cicada, is the oriole behind?” Yang Yi was thinking, “Then the life of the cicada is now in the hands of the bird.”


In the United States, there are actually quite a few white-tailed deer! It is not a rare or endangered animal at all. People hunt more deer than wolves. For a person like Yang Yi, who is well versed in nature’s way of eating the weak, he would not have any compassion for these “cute” deer.


Only, he is also a parent now.


Seeing a few deer in distress, Yang Yi couldn’t help thinking of Xixi and Xiao Jiao.


“Let’s save this doe. Three deer are born in one litter. This idea is not easy to give birth to a deer!” Yang Yi thought so, and took off the hunting bow from his back.


But it was too late, and it was too soon. The two coyotes, who did not know how long they had been lurking, had already launched an attack when Yang Yi took down the hunting bow with as little movement as possible!


“Quick! Shoot, hit those two wolves!” I have to say, not only Yang Yi has the idea of ​​protecting the young deer, but Bariya doesn’t care that his hands are a little dirty, and quickly threw down the bag with wolf skins. Take the gun.


However, for safety’s sake, everyone’s guns were not loaded with bullets, so the response was a bit slow! Even the fastest Barea had to grab two shotguns from the bullet bag at his waist and anxiously stuffed them into the split double-barreled shotgun.


This takes time!


The two coyotes have already pounced on the white-tailed deer, and the big doe hurriedly ran away with her baby. Even though the little white-tailed deer looked like they were just born, they were born runners with dexterous posture. Jumping up and down in the bushes, and running away in no time.


However, one of the deer was born weak, perhaps in triplets, it was ostracized in the mother’s womb and malnourished. Compared with its brothers and sisters, it is obviously a circle smaller, and the four hooves are thin.


It still needs time to develop, but now the coyotes don’t give it a chance, they are very cunning, and with a sudden attack, the doe runs away with two other strong fawns, and they However, he suddenly turned around halfway, shifted his pursuit target, and slammed into the weak young deer who was also trying to escape, but the speed was worrying.


“Damn it!” Yang Yi unscrewed the lid of the quiver, threw the lid on the ground, and hurriedly drew out two arrows. At this time, he saw a coyote approaching, biting the back of the weak young deer. On his legs, his heart sank uncontrollably.


Yang Yi couldn’t think about it, he was holding two arrows in his right hand, one of which was put on the string first, the hunting bow was raised, the bow was drawn, and the shot was fired!




The clanging sound of the bow and arrow broke the movement of the position on this side of the stream at the moment. There was no gunshot to cover it, it was so clear!


Barea turned his head while stuffing the bullet, looking at Yang Yi’s calm and sharp eyes in surprise.


“Woohoo!” A wolf’s cry came from the other side. He turned his head to look again. The coyote that had bitten the young deer was twisted and curled up, whimpering and limping. around the young deer.


There was a documentary about African lions, the not hungry lioness, when attacking the newborn takin, showed the same cruel side as the cat teasing the mouse it caught. It did not directly kill the takin, which could not run fast at all, but ran behind the takin, pulling one of the hind legs of the takin with its paws, constantly interfering with its escape.


It might as well give it a treat! The takin kept running away sadly and was constantly being teased. Finally, the lioness scratched the takin and fell to the ground. It was only after the takin’s throat that it filled a mouthful.


The coyote is a canid family, and there is no big cat to tease the young deer. If there is a chance, it will bite the young deer’s throat mercilessly.


But it didn’t have a chance. This time, Yang Yi shot very accurately, and for the sake of safety, he didn’t shoot the coyote’s head to show off his skills. fatal.


However, the young deer that was bitten on its hind leg was still limping forward and struggling. It is almost crawling now, but it is still crawling in pain, showing the same tenacious survival as a small takin.


The companion fell to the ground with an arrow, and the other coyote subconsciously chose to rush over to check.


At this time, someone fired!


“Bang!” The loud gunshots completely tore the silent curtain of the “battlefield”.


It’s not Barea, Barea is still pulling the bolt, Doug is faster, he pulls out his pistol, the pistol doesn’t need to be reloaded, and the speed is much faster.


The distance is a bit far, and Doug is not a sharpshooter. He missed it, but it was enough to frighten the remaining coyote. The horror of the gunshots and the crisis shrouded, the remaining coyote chose to turn around and flee. .


Barea was ready to shoot, but at such a distance, his shotgun couldn’t kill or hit anything, he could only look at the coyote regretfully, thinking: “Let’s It escaped, what a pity!”


However, there was another clanging of bowstrings in my ears.


As Barea watched, the running coyote stumbled and fell to the ground again.


“Fuck!” The old hunter Baria was shocked. He turned his head to look at Yang Yi, just like looking at a monster, looking at Yang Yi who just put down his hunting bow calmly.


How did he hit this irregular moving target?


“Bravo!” Doug was accustomed to Yang Yi’s miraculous performance, he was not surprised at all, and was proud of Yang Yi, waving his fist and shouting excitedly.



“When will Baba come back?” In the afternoon, Xixi was sitting on the balcony on the second floor, hugging the railing and sitting on the edge, with two long thin legs hanging down from the With a sway, the little girl looked at the entrance of the courtyard, looking at the cowboys working outside the courtyard in the distance, and whispered softly.


On the small sofa on the balcony next to him, the Great Dane was lying on his side, with his long legs sticking out of the sofa. He heard Xixi’s muttering, raised his head, glanced at his little master, and lowered his head again. , silently.


I don’t know how long it took, the Great Dane suddenly pricked up its ears. After a while, it got up from the small sofa and walked to Xixi’s side, wagging its tail and looking in the direction Xixi was looking at.


Not long after, at the end of the field of vision, a pickup truck appeared, and behind, Ford rode closely with two horses with empty backs.


“It’s Baba!” Xixi exclaimed in surprise, the little girl has good eyesight, and can see the front passenger seat sitting where she misses her father for a day!


“Hei Hei, did you see it? Baba is back!” Xixi turned her head and said to the dark-hued Great Dane in surprise.


“Yeah! Baba is back!” She didn’t care whether the Great Dane responded to her. The little girl quickly retracted her long legs, got up from the ground, ran down happily, and greeted her father.


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