House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 766: Appearance of competitors


On June 3rd, Shining Star Productions held a press conference.

In the flash of the reporters, the red-faced Luo Jinting introduced their new reality show called “Travel Challenge”:

“The theme of our program is travel, but what is more interesting than travel is the many difficulties the program team has set up for the guests in the process. They need to challenge themselves and break through one difficulty after another…”

Xingyao Productions teamed up with Shonan TV to produce this show. The regular cast members invited are very luxurious. There are three men and three women, including first-line singers like Ye Qing and Li Manman, idol singers like Cao Congcong, and two more Little fresh meat with traffic, a beauty from a popular girl group joins!

Don’t underestimate the influence of idol stars, the six of them, not to mention the number of fans combined, are not inferior to the six people who challenged the extreme. In terms of appearance alone, they have completely burst the extreme challenge!

It can be said that although the six of them did not come to the press conference, the appearance of the six people on the program’s promotional poster was enough for the audience to look forward to!

Of course, since the name “Challenge” is used, it will inevitably be pulled out by reporters to compare it with “Extreme Challenge”.

“What is the difference between us and a certain program?” Luo Jinting said with a smile, “Of course there is, there are many differences, we are two completely different programs from them! If they are the same, then how can we Isn’t it plagiarism?”

“That’s right, the trip we talked about in our program is not an ordinary trip, but a more beautiful and challenging foreign trip! It’s like now our members are recording the first episode of the program in France, In a country where the language barrier is not available, and also need to face various difficulties from the program team, for example, we will limit their travel expenses, set up tasks for them to earn travel expenses, etc., and want to make this trip more exciting , they need to face these challenges. This process will be very exciting and very interesting!” Luo Jinting talked eloquently.

Sounds not bad. Of course, Luo Jinting has to describe his show in a hype. However, the real effect will not be clear until the show is broadcast.

But there is no doubt that “Extreme Challenge” is about to encounter a formidable enemy!

In addition, this powerful enemy is not as unattractive as other imitated programs. Xingyao Production is very careful to make this program, and it has also received the full support of the variety show overlord of Shonan TV, and its strength should not be underestimated. watch for!

Of course, it’s too early to tell.

Because Xingyao Production didn’t know if it was intentional or not, they set the premiere of “Travel Challenge” in September, which is enough to be wrong with the first season of “Extreme Challenge”, the first of “Extreme Challenge”. Season is scheduled to end in mid-August, and it doesn’t look like they have much competition.

But the two variety shows are still somewhat similar, which will inevitably lead to a battle of public opinion and audience reputation.

Having said that, although the last episode of the first season of “Extreme Challenge” ended in mid-August, the recording of this episode has already started early.

Because of the busy schedules of several celebrities, like Xie Yuchen, he successfully passed the audition for Wu Yi’an and will play the role of Andy in the big-budget movie “The Shawshank Redemption”!

Wu Yi’an’s film has not been hyped, nor has there been any press conference to start filming. Of course, it is only at the stage of determining the actors. He is still waiting for the repair of the prison to be completed before the official start of filming.

The prison where the movie was filmed was located on the outskirts of a city in Anqing Province. Wu Yi’an’s crew rented an old prison that was eliminated before the arrival of the new century. Of course, in order to conform to the original prison appearance, the crew also invested a lot of money funds for reconstruction.

This movie with a big director and big star has naturally attracted the attention of many film companies. During the negotiation between Wu Yi’an and Yang Yi, this investment and sharing model was the focus of the two parties’ grumbling for several days.

Of course, Yang Yi gave in, and he later agreed to Wu Yi’s other investment, while Yang Yi’s Hua Yi brothers only invested a million yuan in a symbolic way, plus copyright, he took 10% of the income.

During the final negotiation, Wu Yi’an told Yang Yi that the estimated total investment for the film was more than 80 million, and Yang Yi looked at the other party with a strange look. Yang Yi was not as Wu Yi’an thought he couldn’t afford the money, but he was unwilling to invest so much money in this movie.

Although Yang Yi likes this movie very much, he is mad about the spiritual theme of this story, but he also knows that when this movie in his previous life was released, the box office was indeed a hit!

The investment of 25 million meters of gold, but the total box office only has more than 28 million!

If it weren’t for the fact that it made a lot of money for Warner Bros. selling videotapes over the next two decades, the most critically acclaimed movie of all time might still be a loss-making movie!

Of course, with different box-office environments, different countries, and even completely different casts, Yang Yi is not sure whether this movie is still likely to hit the streets!

Maybe it will also counterattack?

But Yang Yi’s money has other uses. He didn’t want to gamble, and he didn’t want to wait until 20 years later to pay back his money, so he agreed to Wu Yi’an to attract other capital to shoot the film.

It’s a bit of a stretch. The reason why Xie Yuchen was named the leading role in this film by Wu Yi’an (he doesn’t count as a crossover, because although Xie Yuchen is a visual emperor, he has also acted in one or two movies), with It has nothing to do with him being a regular member of Yang Yi’s variety show.

The person who recommended him for the audition was Chen Fengchen, who had worked with Xie Yuchen a lot.

Don’t watch Xie Yuchen when he was recording the show, it was quite funny, but his acting skills were not ambiguous at all. In the audition, he conquered Wu Yi’an and Yang Yi as well.

In addition to understanding Yuchen’s tight schedule, actor Shan Hongkui also has to free up the second half of the year to make a big-budget movie. Therefore, the “Extreme Challenge” program team has accelerated the recording frequency. The month and August’s six festivals are finished.

No, Shan Hongkui took several photographers and executive directors and suddenly killed him in Feiyisuosi studio.

Yang Yi was kept in the dark. He and Murphy, Jin Yingming, and Qianli Chuanshu, who was about to graduate and signed with Hua Yi Brothers, were making music in the recording studio. Shan Hongkui was a thief. Smiling, he knocked on the door and entered.

“What’s the situation? What’s your situation?” Yang Yi couldn’t help laughing when he saw the photographers behind Shan Hongkui who were carrying cameras, “Are you recording extreme challenges? How do you run? I’m here?”

Shan Hongkui with a shy face, took Yang Yi’s hand and called him brother.

“Hey, no, no, you’re my brother, Big Brother Shan, don’t be so rude! If you have anything, just say it!” Yang Yi laughed, “I’m sure I can help you. Help!”

Shan Hongkui said his future intentions.

It turned out that the final purpose of the last “special program” of the first season arranged by the program team was to hold a charity party. However, unlike the one in Yang Yi’s previous life, the six members had to find songwriters to help them create The new song, and finally joined hands to participate in the charity evening to raise funds for children in the mountains.

Of course, before that, they had gone through all kinds of intrigue contests, choosing the songwriters they wanted one by one in order.

Shan Hongkui grabbed ahead of Yang Huan and chose Yang Yi.

The program team is bad enough. They have already contacted the other five or five groups of songwriters, but they didn’t tell Yang Yi to increase the difficulty of the task for Yang Yi and Shan Hongkui.

“So I’m going to write you a for you to sing at the concert, right?” Yang Yi asked.

“We sing at the concert, we sing together.” Shan Hongkui said.

Concert? The concert of extreme challenge…what song is good to sing? Suddenly, Yang Yi had an idea.

“Where is Big Brother Shan from?” Yang Yi suddenly picked up the routine.

Shan Hongkui was a bit baffled, but he still told Yang Yi: “I am from Dongshan…”

I saw Yang Yi smiled strangely and said, “Brother Shan, our show is called Extreme Challenge, right? In this case, I have an idea about my song, but it may require you to do it, Big Brother Shan. Some challenges, like practicing singing in a dialect you don’t speak.”

Dialect? Shan Hongkui rolled his eyes, remembering the Cantonese song “Love in My Life” that Yang Yi released some time ago, he asked proudly: “You mean Cantonese? Thunder monkey!”

Yang Yi held back a smile: “Brother Shan, who told you that I meant Cantonese?”


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