House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 765: The Disappearing Xin Er (3/4)



Baozi was lying on the green grass, nibbling on two chicken thigh bones with meat. However, the excellent Chinese pastoral dog blood makes it never let down its vigilance. Although its head is buried between its legs and its mouth is gnawing at the bones, its ears are still alert, and I don’t know if it is listening. The movement inside and outside the house is still listening to the chat of the big master.


“Boss Lan, a few days ago, I heard a client from the boxing gym say that Jiangcheng is going to make a big move in the old city. If you have money, you should buy a house in Wuhu as soon as possible, and the appreciation will be faster. You are in the real estate business, I don’t know if you have heard of this.” Chen Guoqiang asked with a smile, “Isn’t this the children going to study at Huijia Primary School over Wuhu? I thought, if there is In this case, we also plan to buy a house there, whether it is investment or living, it is more convenient.”


Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai are very rich and don’t need to worry too much about some petty profits, but the other three are different. They may have millions of savings at home, and their combined income is relatively ordinary It’s a little rich for people, but that’s just the middle class.


Therefore, when Chen Guoqiang mentioned this matter, Yang Guo and Nan Yiyun inevitably looked over.


Especially Nan Yiyun, he used to be relatively aloof, with the arrogance of literati and writers, and regarded money as grass, but since the stroke, Nan Yiyun realized the importance of money – without money, if he had What about the wife and son?


“I think it is very possible for Jiangcheng to develop Wuhu District. You think, the potential of Binhai District has almost been developed. Because of the Tingshan Mountains, Tingshan District and Dongcheng District do not have much land to use. The old city has great potential for development. The original framework is still there. Once the old houses are demolished and the roads are repaired, they will look brand new. If I were the mayor, I would also like to think about it here.” Nan Yiyun talked eloquently.


Of course, they still want to hear Lanzhou Kai’s opinion.


“No one can explain the **** thing before it is announced.” Lanzhou Kai said with a smile, he is still more cautious in commenting on the direction of **** policy, and he did not speak clearly. .


However, Lanzhou Kai did not disappoint a few good dads. He said meaningfully: “But if you have spare money, buying a house in the east of Wuhu Lake, near the Tingshan District, is better than putting your money. Of course, it is more cost-effective to eat interest in the bank! Of course, this is also a long-term investment, who knows when it will start to develop and when will it develop?”


Lanzhou Kai would not understand and tell them that Jiangcheng not only plans to renovate old houses in Wuhu District, but also has plans to expand subway lines.


However, the implication of Lanzhou Kai’s words has been understood by Chen Guoqiang and the others. They nodded quickly and wrote it down in their hearts.


No matter in which world, in the eyes of the general public, investing in real estate is indeed a good choice.


After talking about this, they brought the topic back to Yang Yi, the master.


“Didn’t you send a new song to Murphy a few days ago, Yang Yi? I recommend students to listen to English songs in class.” Yang Guo, an associate professor of English majors, laughed, “But to be honest, Your two songs are really well written, I’m talking about the lyrics! I think they’re almost on par with the writing level of other native speakers!”


“Is that the Let_it_go? I heard from my colleagues that there are many female customers in the gym on the second floor. I just listen to your song for running, and the single loops.” Chen Guoqiang said.


“Murphy sang this song.” Yang Yiyun smiled lightly.


“Both of them speak very good English.” Lanzhou Kai said casually while nibbling on a baked chicken wing, “So Xixi’s English is also very good, by the way, Yang Guo, you are an English teacher, you say Our Xiner’s English is a bit poor, do you want her to go to a training class during the holidays?”


In the previous discussion, they also talked about the arrangement of the summer vacation. Yang Luoqi was sadly assigned a lot of interest classes by her parents, such as dance, piano, and even mathematics training classes.


Each family has a different educational philosophy for their children. Yang Yi can take care of his own daughter and does not want to interfere too much with other parents’ choices.


But Lanzhou Kai had to persuade him. He didn’t want Lan Xin to lose weight for the training class at such a young age.


“Brother Lan, if you want Xiner to learn English well, if you have time this summer, you can take her abroad to play, like Murphy and I are going to take Xixi to the United States to play at her grandfather’s house for a or two. After a month, she must speak very smoothly! You let her learn while playing, and you can spend more time with the children. Isn’t it better than the training class?” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“Yang Yi is right, this English learning, listening and practicing more quickly.” Yang Guo gave her support.


At this time, the hide-and-seek game in the villa started a new round. This time, Chen Shiyun was looking for someone. However, while Chen Shiyun was counting the numbers, Lan Xin quietly got out of the door Run to the father’s group.


“Xin’er, why did you come out? Are you guys not playing?” Yang Yi asked Lan Xin who had come over earlier than Lanzhou Kai’s biological father, and asked with a smile.


“I’m hungry!” Lan Xin said eagerly at the string of baked **** in Yang Yi’s hand, swallowing her saliva. It seemed that Yang Yi’s question passed through her head like a gust of wind, leaving no impression at all.


“Come on, there’s roasted food here, take what you want to eat yourself.” Yang Yi brought a large plate of ready-made barbecue and smiled for Lan Xin to choose for herself.


Looking at the plate full of barbecue, Lan Xin’s saliva gushed.


She finally looked away from looked at Yang Yi eagerly and said, “Uncle Yang, can I take two?”


And a little greedy!


Yang Yi said with a smile: “Of course, if you can finish it, this place is all yours!”


“Hee hee!” Lan Xin was so happy that she forgot to say thank you. She took a string of roast mutton in her left hand and a long string of roast chicken wings in her right.


The foodie eats while looking eagerly at what’s on the plate.


“Come on, sit down and eat!” Lanzhou Kai finally came to serve this little ancestor, and he brought Lan Xin a small stool to sit on.


Lanzhou Kai saw that his daughter was eating deliciously, he also went to get a bunch of meatballs that Yang Yi had just baked, but when he turned around, he saw his daughter looking straight at him, he couldn’t help laughing: “Hey, can’t your father eat a bunch of them?”


The hide-and-seek activity in the villa is still going on, but Chen Shiyun found the other friends, but couldn’t find Lan Xin!


“Where’s Xiner?” Xixi and the others waited for a while, and couldn’t help but help to find them, but the four little guys searched the villa and couldn’t find anyone.


Xixi walked to the large balcony on the second floor, she tiptoed from the railing, stuck out half of her small head, and called out in a crisp voice: “Baba, have you seen Xiner?”


Yang Yi just wanted to answer.


But Xixi had seen Lan Xin who was eating and drinking among the adults through the glass. The little girl turned her head a little excitedly and shouted into the room: “I see! Xiner is downstairs! There, I found her!”


“How can you hide outside!” Chen Shiyun’s angry cry also sounded from the building.


Thousands of troops eager to denounce Lan Xin are heading outside the house, and despite the noise, Lan Xin is still concentrating on eating her food. Seeing that her face is covered with sauce, she also Without realizing it!


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