House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 762: Different bedtime reading



What Wen Xuefeng said was not entirely accurate. Yang Yi went to the publishing house not only to meet Tang Nai, but also to pick up a sample book and take it back to read with Xixi.


I have to say that although Tang Nai’s story is very simple, his paintings are very interesting. The whole book uses two painting styles.


One is watercolor painting, and it is a watercolor painting that imitates the style of children’s painting. The lines are light and soft, and the colors are extremely rich, and they tend to be warm!


The other is printmaking, like the printmaking style of two hundred years ago, with a single tone, but the lines are concise and delicate, and the objects drawn are also extremely realistic.


According to Tang Nai, he used watercolor painting to paint the childhood life of the protagonist in the story, while he used the style of printmaking to paint the animals, plants, and even some fantasy of the protagonist. The two paintings are of course separate. The latter exists as the background of the text.


As expected of an art student, the idea of ​​using two styles of paintings to express the two different spiritual worlds of the protagonist is indeed his uniqueness!


Of course, the most important thing is to draw beautifully. After Yang Yi returned home, he handed the book to Xixi. The little girl couldn’t put it down when she saw the pattern on it. She had been looking forward to reading this picture book with her father all night long.


At 8:30 p.m., Yang Yi went to the next room to tease Xiao Jiao for a while before he came over. After taking a bath, Xixi couldn’t wait to climb onto the bed.


“Baba, come here quickly, you sit here.” I saw a little girl with disheveled hair kneeling and crawling on the quilt, swaying and twisting her body, and said with a smile on her face.


The disheveled hair is of course because of the need to untie the hair rope and wash her hair. Later, Murphy helped Xixi dry her hair, and Xixi herself forgot to put on a headband, so her long hair was loose and scattered, just like a little beggar, It’s also interesting.


Now Xixi is kneeling on the quilt to play, but her body is straight, and the pair of watery cat eyes on the pink pajamas are very eye-catching.


But it’s not as cute as Xixi!


Yang Yi sat on the edge of the bed, took the book and put it on his lap, then lifted the quilt, and Xixi got in like a little field mouse.


“Baba, I’m going to read a lot of pages today!” Xixi got out of the quilt, sat down, giggled, and said to her father.


Yang Yi smiled and opened the book in front of Xixi and herself.


Seeing the first page, Xixi pointed to the animal in front of the little girl and asked curiously, “Baba, is this a monkey?”


“This is a chimpanzee. To be precise, it’s a plush doll of a chimpanzee, which is similar to the one we bought at the zoo in Australia before.” Yang Yi explained.


“But, it’s the same as a monkey.” Xixi felt a little puzzled.


“That’s because the tones here are warmer, so it was originally black hair, but now it looks a little brown.”


Reading books with Xixi, of course, is not just about looking at patterns. Yang Yi will also take Xixi to read the above text together.


“Dad gave Xiaozhen a chimpanzee doll, and Xiaozhen called it Pippi.” Yang Yi stroked his fingers lightly, pointing and reading each word with Xixi.


“Dad sent…” When she was studying, Xixi pronounced her father’s pronunciation correctly.


After reading, she couldn’t wait to turn around again, pulling her father’s clothes and saying, “Hee hee, Baba, I like this name too, Pippi!”


This picture book is well done. The text is concise and only one sentence per page.


Of course, the interesting thing is the picture above.


After a while, Xixi saw the print-style squirrel and recognized it immediately. She shouted happily, “Squirrel, Baba, this is a little squirrel!”


“What about this?” Yang Yi asked, pointing to another print on the same page.


“This is a bird, but I don’t know what kind of bird it is!” Xixi said with some embarrassment.


“Just call it a bird, you see, this should be the mother bird, it is feeding the baby bird.” Yang Yi pointed to some details in the painting to show Xixi.


“Really!” Xixi said in surprise, “There are baby birds, here is one, two baby birds, Baba, do you think there are two?”


“There should be three, there is one more here, the one who didn’t open his mouth.” Yang Yi smiled.


However, the squirrels in the print style are easy to recognize. The squirrels in the watercolor painting style on the next page are a bit strange. Xixi looked at them for a while, but she didn’t recognize them.


“They are also squirrels!” Yang Yi laughed, “You can identify it from its image features. What does a squirrel have?”


“A big tail!” Xixi looked at her left hand side, then raised her head to look at her father.


“Not only are they very large, but they are also curved. Look at the trees on the tree, are they also curled?” Yang Yi drew a circle with his fingers and smiled, “And its ears, small Yes, stand up…”


“I see, they’re all little squirrels!” Xixi grabbed her father’s hand and didn’t want her to remind her any more. She giggled like a quick answer.


Although there is no joke, Xixi is very happy, the little girl’s eyes are bright, and she doesn’t mean to be sleepy at all.


“Then what are these little squirrels doing?” Yang Yi continued to guide and ask.


“They, they are climbing trees.” Xixi thought for a while and gave an answer.


“Climbing trees is also good, but so many squirrels are climbing trees, do they seem like you and Chen Shiyun and the others are chasing and playing?” Yang Yi asked.


Xixi’s small mouth opened slightly, and she nodded her head ignorantly.


“Come on, let’s read together: Jane watched the birds build their nests, and the squirrels chased after the trees.”


Xixi stared at the words her father pointed at, and read it word by word, her voice a little vague.


“Build a nest. Know the fog to build, eat a nest…build a nest.” Yang Yi patiently corrected Xixi’s pronunciation.


“Nesting…” Xixi read it right this time.


“Do you know what it means to build a nest?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.


The little girl shook her head obediently, not pretending to understand.


“A nest is a bird building a nest and a house for it and its baby, and this bird’s nest is their house.” Yang Yi explained.


Then, Yang Yi threw a question other than a picture book: “Do you know how birds build their nests?”


Xixi shook her head again, but this time her eyes were wide open, revealing a desire for knowledge.


Yang Yi took the sketch paper that was usually placed by the bedside, took a pencil, and drew for Xixi. This is also the case in normal times. He accompanies Xixi to read, and every time he will extend outwards to tell some common sense or scientific knowledge, but at this time, nothing is more vivid and interesting than his casual painting!


Drawing and explaining at the same time, simple and clear, Xixi is also easier to understand.


“Baba, why don’t the birds live in big houses? Why do they use grass and branches to build their nests?” Xixi also raised her own questions.


In this way, with the rich interaction, Xixi, accompanied by her father, once again spent an interesting bedtime reading.



When Xixi fell asleep, Yang Yi covered the little girl with a quilt before going next door.


He and Murphy haven’t gone to bed so early. Usually Yang Yi will accompany Murphy to watch TV series for a I found that you went to the publishing house today and brought back someone else’s book, but you behaved better than your own. The book is also happy. “Murphy said with a smile.


“That’s because publishing books by myself has become a habit, and I don’t have much freshness.” Yang Yi shrugged and smiled, “Instead, this time I helped a person publish a book, allowing him to change It’s a good sense of achievement to change his own life and the lives of his children and his children!”


Actually, there is one more thing Yang Yi didn’t say. He felt a sense of accomplishment, in addition to successfully helping others, he also successfully changed the world.


Although the fund he established has not yet formed a scale, it has really brought changes to the children’s literature in this world! In addition to Tang Nai, there are hundreds of new writers who are participating in this change!


I believe that in the future, he will be able to accompany Xixi to watch, and there will be more and more exciting children’s literature works!


Before, just relying on him alone, constantly carrying the fairy tale classics of the past life, the impact can be limited after all. Now, Yang Yi can be considered in this world, and has really made some achievements of his own!


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