House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 761: Good news from others, my own desire (3/4)



The person who wants to become stronger as soon as possible is not only Guo Ziyi, but also Yu Ying, who insists on attending classes at Sahara Press every Friday.


Yu Ying, who received the 50,000 yuan support fund, doesn’t seem to have changed much in her life, except for her residence-she moved out from a dark and crowded urban village, and took her family to live in an ordinary, but quiet and beautiful place Old-fashioned neighborhood.


This is a welfare housing community of a state-owned enterprise that has been built for more than 20 years. Yu Ying rented a house from an old worker who had moved out. Although it is still a stair room, it is still two bedrooms and one living room, but compared to the urban village in the past, the current house is much more spacious, the windows are bright and clean, and it is also ventilated, making it more comfortable and warm to live in!


However, Yu Ying continued to work in the restaurant, she did not dare to quit her job to concentrate on writing.


Yes, she doesn’t have the courage to break the boat, but this is beyond reproach. After all, she still has the responsibility of raising her daughter. How dare she cut off the family’s only source of income before she has a new stable income?


Of course, working and writing at the same time is still very hard, not to mention, Yu Ying is engaged in the catering service industry, and the working hours are very long. But Yu Ying persisted. Moreover, she still insists on coming to Sahara Press every Friday to attend lectures, ten or a hundred times harder than when she was a student.


Strive to become stronger, Yu Ying is to earn a better future for her family!



On the third Friday in May, Yu Ying came to Sahara Press again.


However, today the Sahara Publishing House was quite lively. Banners were pulled up at the entrance and some decorations were placed. There were also some reporters gathered, either taking pictures or chatting, walking inside in twos and threes.


“I…Have a Dream” – Sahara Press Children’s Book Author Support Fund…the first press conference to support published works!” Yu Ying read the content of the banner lightly. (Note 1)


A familiar voice came over: “Tang Nai.”


“Editor Wen.” Yu Ying turned around and found that it was her editor-in-charge Wen Xuefeng, who happened to be receiving reporters at the door, “What did you say?”


Wen Xuefeng said with a smile: “Tang Nai, the protagonist of today’s press conference, he is like you, a new author supported by the support fund, and a father. His book is published today because it is the first book published by With the help of the support fund, he completed and published the work, so the publishing house arranged a grand press conference for him.”


Have to say, this is a very lucky guy!


“So soon? His book has already been published?” Yu Ying was a little surprised. Her manuscript progress was very slow, and she only wrote the third story.


Of course, this is also because she treats her work with the utmost excellence in accordance with Editor-in-Chief Lu’s instructions. For example, after listening to a class at Sahara Press, she would constantly revise or even rewrite previous manuscripts based on her new insights until she was satisfied.


“Don’t worry, you are different from Tang Nai.” Wen Xuefeng comforted, “Tang Nai wrote a short story, and he is also a painter, so the book is published faster, you write a long story , of course it takes longer to create.”


Wen Xuefeng is also wrong. Tang Nai can’t be said to be a painter. He is just a graduate of the art major, and before he met the support fund, he was even lower than Yu Ying. Make portraits for people to earn milk powder money for their children.


Saharan Publishing House gave him a chance to change, not only gave him a support fund to give him a place to live with his children, but also taught him how to change the original style of painting to suit the children’s preferences. Of course, Tang Nai also worked hard to get the current picture book publication.


This is an inspiring story that will surely be covered by many media tomorrow.


However, people don’t just need inspirational stories, they also need to face reality.


Yu Ying asked Wen Xuefeng realistically: “How much money can he earn after his book is published?”


“How do you know? It depends on how much he can sell!” Wen Xuefeng and Yu Ying walked into the publishing house and whispered with a smile, “However, I don’t think it’s too bad. After investigation, the market for children’s literature is very large. You think President Yang is the first fairy tale collection. It has been published for more than a year, and now it still generates millions of after-tax income every month. Donnai can’t compare to President Yang. , but at least you can earn hundreds of thousands or millions, right?”


Even earning so much from one book has completely changed Tang Nai’s life!


“So much?” Yu Ying’s eyes widened in surprise after hearing this.


“That’s right, that’s why I say, write your book well! Meeting Sahara Publishing House and President Yang is an opportunity that others can’t dream of.” Wen Xuefeng suddenly pursed his lips and motioned Yu Ying to look to the other side.


Yu Ying looked over, and she saw that at the entrance of the largest conference hall of Sahara Press, editor-in-chief Lu and several senior executives of the publishing house were surrounding Yang Yi, while Yang Yi and a man were shaking hands with a smile.


“That’s Tang Nai.” Wen Xuefeng said with emotion, “I am very lucky to be the first author to publish a book, because he is the first one, so the publisher’s publicity will be more grand. , there may not be such a grand press conference, and at most, some authors who sell better books will be invited to attend some events or book signings.”


Yu Ying didn’t care about these falsehoods. She saw Yang Yi shaking hands with the other party. After saying a few words, she left behind with a bag.


“Didn’t the press conference start yet? Why did Mr. Yang leave?” Yu Ying asked Wen Xuefeng in confusion, “Is he not going to the press conference?”


“If I don’t participate, Mr. Lu has invited Mr. Yang, but Mr. Yang said that Tang Nai is the protagonist today.


Indeed, Yang Yi is too famous. If he appears at the press conference, he will definitely steal most of the limelight, and the object of reporters’ questions will undoubtedly fall on him.


“Then why did Mr. Yang come?” Yu Ying asked in confusion.


“He came to meet Tang Nai and give Tang Nai a little encouragement as a new author. This is Mr. Lu’s request. I didn’t expect Mr. Yang, who is so busy with the, to still take the time to come over.”


Wen Xuefeng said with emotion: “That’s why I said that you can meet Sahara Publishing House and President Yang, which is an opportunity that many people can’t dream of. President Yang’s family has a big business, and he doesn’t look down on this little money, so our publishing house, The treatment for the author is the most generous, and there is a complete industrial chain, which can help the author to develop the best work! Even if you are not as good at painting as Tang Nai, the publishing house still has dozens of painters who can help you Make a picture book.”


Although Yu Ying went to the free training class held by the publishing house every Friday after chatting with Wen Xuefeng, she could not calm down for a long time.


Tang Nai’s excited smile outside the conference hall just now appeared in Yu Ying’s mind, and her face was red.


“I can be as successful as him!” A new desire rose in Yu Ying’s heart, which was the second “why writing” flame that she ignited in addition to her initial need for money.


Of course, money is the most important thing!


Publishing a book may earn hundreds of thousands or millions, so she no longer has to worry about no income, she can quit her job, write well at home, and spend more time with her daughter.


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