House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 756: I am Mama (8/10)



Actually, the soundproofing effect of the door of the study is not so good. After Xixi and Lan Xin knocked on the door, Yang Yi and the others stopped discussing. At this time, the two little girls were giggling outside, and they had passed through the door of the study. The door came in.


“Who is it?” Yang Yi asked knowingly.


Lanzhou Kai smiled and said to Yang Yi, “Yo, yes, they still know how to knock. Xiner is at home, no matter where she goes, she never knocks on the door.”


At this time, I only heard that Xixi didn’t know whether to cover her mouth or pinched her nose. Anyway, her voice became muffled and said: “I’m Ma Ma!”


Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai laughed when they heard the sound, and the two little guys even pretended.


Yang Yi pretended not to know, and asked, “Are you a mother? Then there is another one? I heard two people knocking on the door.”


“Hehe, I’m also a mother, I’m Xin’er’s mother!” Lan Xin also spoke up, the little girl’s voice was relatively loud, and her voice was clear when she heard it.


“Oh, Xiner, you didn’t pretend to have a numb voice!” Xixi’s voice was a little anxious.


Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai smiled at each other, shook their heads, and got up to open the door.


Two little girls are outside the door, two little heads together, chatting to discuss the remedy strategy. Suddenly the door opened, and a pair of long legs appeared in front of them.


Xi Xi and Lan Xin raised their heads subconsciously and saw Yang Yi was looking down at them with a smile. The two little girls were startled suddenly, they screamed, with the excitement of being caught, and of course, holding each other with a guilty conscience, giggling.


“What are you doing? I don’t know how to act like a mother.” Yang Yi shook his head and smiled.


Xixi looked at Lan Xin, as if her eyes were looking at the person her father said was pretending to be dissimilar: Oh, it’s all Xiner’s fault, Baba found out!


“What do you think Xiner is doing?” Yang Yi couldn’t help laughing again, and said, “Dad said what about you! How can you claim to be your mother? Does your mother have no name?”


Both Xixi and Xiner stuck out their tongues in embarrassment. Xixi blinked her bright eyes and said with a smile, “My name is Murphy.”


“I know my mother’s name, Wu Jingjing!” Lan Xin replied.


Now in front of Yang Yi, the two little girls showed a well-behaved look. Of course, Yang Yi turned around later, I believe they were going to play crazy again.


“What’s the matter with your father?” Yang Yi teased them for a while, and finally returned to the topic.


“Baba, Xiner said that she also wants a little red horse, but Lu Weisha only has one, she gave it to me, and there is no more…” Xixi has not yet learned how to tell a story concisely , I saw she said a lot at once.


“I want it too, this one is super nice!” Lan Xin added, pointing at the Dala Trojan horse that Xixi was holding.


“Is this horse from Sweden? I think I’ve seen it before.” Lanzhou Kai glanced at it and said.


“Yes, Lu Weisha is from Sweden.” Yang Yi explained to Lanzhou Kai, in fact, Lanzhou Kai also knew about it before, and he had met David, but he was so forgetful that he didn’t remember it for a while.


“Baba, can you make a little red horse for Xiner?” Xixi looked at her father expectantly.


“I want to be the same as Xixi, so that I can have a little red horse like Xixi!” Lan Xin said excitedly, jumping on the side.


“Xin Er, how can you use this kind of thing to disturb your Uncle Yang!” Lanzhou Kai is now discussing important matters with Yang Yi, and he subconsciously puts Yang Yi’s position on his own level, so Feeling a little wrong, he said in a slightly reproachful tone, “Wait back, let Dad have someone buy it for you from Sweden!”


Lan Xin was stunned for a moment, she was a little confused and didn’t know how to choose, whether to buy a new one or ask Xixi’s father to make her a new one, both seem to be equally good!


“No, you don’t need to be so troublesome.” Yang Yi smiled and waved to Lanzhou Kai, and said, “This palm-sized Dala Trojan horse is just, I can make it in two or three days, you can ask someone to buy it in Sweden. , you don’t know where to buy it, what a simple thing I do?”


Yang Yi has a lot to say about his time. He has an extra day to buy special paints, otherwise, this little wooden horse that doesn’t require much craftsmanship is much easier to carve than a chubby panda!


Yang Yi said so, Lanzhou Kai shook his head helplessly and did not interfere.


“I said, you will soon have a little red horse!” Xixi took Lan Xin’s little hand and couldn’t wait to “translate” it to her little friend.


Lan Xin was so happy that she stretched out her arms to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi thought that Lan Xin wanted to hug her, so she squatted down.


Unexpectedly, Lan Xin hugged Uncle Yang Yi’s neck, kissed Yang Yi’s cheek, and said, “I like Uncle Yang the most!”


After speaking, the little girl turned around and ran out. Although she was a little fat, she was still very flexible.


Xixi chased after her, and in the distance, two little girls laughed like silver bells: “Hee hee, you kiss my Baba!”


Yang Yi laughed dumbly, turned to look at Lanzhou Kai, and said with a smile: “Brother Lan, don’t spend more time with Xiner, I don’t know when, I will abduct her!”


“I’m too busy to spend time with Xiner, isn’t it because of your land?” Lanzhou Kai rolled his eyes, an indignant spit in his heart, and said, “Do you think everyone is the same as you? How can I easily earn billions of dollars at home? These days, business is difficult, and I’m not running around outside, how can I support my family?”


I really have to complain!


Lanzhou Kai thinks about business all day, and has to manage relationships everywhere. He is so busy that he is about to lose weight, but as a result, he doesn’t earn as much money as the guy in front of him who “does nothing” all day. He plays with his children at home, raises cats and dogs, and also plays carving and handicrafts. In contrast, Lanzhou Kai is full of grievances and bitter tears!


Of course, joking is a joke, Yang Yi is still grateful to Lanzhou Kai, he smiled and patted Lanzhou Kai on the shoulder and said, “Okay, I know you are working hard, I won’t take your family Xiner away, I’ll take care of you. You can send me to my house when you’re not free, and let the two little sisters play together. At my house, you don’t have to worry about being hungry.”


Lanzhou Kai touched his and said, “These are small things, but speaking of which, since I’m back, should we continue to look at those private schools and find a good one for Xiner and Xixi? School?”


“I’ve learned a bit about it during this time, but it seems that Huijia Elementary School is better.” Yang Yi got up and added some hot water to the teapot, while saying, “And there is a problem, Xixi and Xiner’s friends who often play together include Chen Shiyun, Qiqi, and Nan Zhaoyu, and these children have privately said that they will continue to go to school together.”


This topic originated from the previous question Lanzhou Kai asked Xixi and Lan Xin if they wanted to go to elementary school together. The two little girls remembered it very well. When they got to the kindergarten, the other three children naturally didn’t want to be separated.


There was originally a Lu Weisha, but Lu Weisha returned to China. Yang Yi didn’t want to make her daughter sad, and naturally hoped that this group of children with pure and strong friendship could grow up together.


“I talked to several parents and said Huijia Elementary School is the best choice.” Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai said, “The tuition fee of other private schools is a big problem. Do you think about the situation of Nan Zhaoyu’s family? , although Nan Yiyun is in good health, their income is not as good as ours, and they can accept the tuition fees of Huijia Primary School. In addition, Qiqi’s father is in the education industry, and I know that the children of Huijia Primary School The overall quality of the children is indeed higher than that of children in other schools.”


Lanzhou Kai doesn’t care about this, he only cares if Lan Xin can go to school with Xixi.


I saw him with a wry smile and said, “Huijia Primary School is really good, but it needs an exam! Our five families, children and parents have to take the school’s exam or interview. What if we don’t pass the exam?”


Or…if Lanzhou Kai himself was wiped out by himself, how would he explain to Lan Xin?


“This… let’s think of a way.” Yang Yi pondered.


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