House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 755: Brother Yang, you need me! (Seven/Ten)



Lanzhou Kai came to visit Yang Yi’s house. Of course, the three members of the family came over to eat and drink. When they were full, he and Yang Yi went to the study to talk about business.


While they were chatting, Wu Jingjing and Murphy were in the living room, playing with Xiao Jiao.


At nearly six months old, Xiao Jiayu is now very lively, and he is not satisfied with being held in his mother’s arms or lying on the bed bored.


As long as he is awake, the little guy is very energetic, he will roll over by himself, and even crawl a short distance on his own, of course, if he can be supported by his father or mother, he will stagger a few steps on the ground. , he will be happier!


Now, Murphy supports him by the armpit and puts him on his lap.


Station is unstable! But it can be seen that Xiao Jiao likes this posture very much. Under the protection of his mother, he trembled and raised his two white and tender legs, and jumped up and down with his knees happily.


It can’t be said to be bouncing in the full sense, because the strength of Xiaojiao’s legs is not enough for him to jump, but the little guy is still happily kicking his two little feet, stepping on his mother’s legs, with a little strength, and jumping again Once, sing…and repeat.


“Oh, not bad, not bad! Come on!” Wu Jingjing looked at him with joy, and said to Xiao Jiao with a smile.


Murphy looked at Xiao Jiao with a smile. The little guy might be a little tired from jumping. He stopped for a while. He raised his head and looked at his mother with those round eyes. He couldn’t help but grin. Small mouth, “quack” laughed.


“Oh, Xiao Jiao is so cute, you can see how cute he is, there are dimples here!” Wu Jingjing smiled and said to Murphy, “It seems that Xixi doesn’t have dimples, right?”


“Well, my elder sister doesn’t have one, and my younger brother does. Actually, Yang Yi laughs a little bit, but it’s very shallow. If you don’t read the words carefully, you can’t tell, so I told him that this dimple in your family is passed down from male to female. .” Murphy laughed.


“That’s incredible. When I grow up, these two laughing dimples will fascinate many girls.” Wu Jingjing smiled and reached out to hook Xiaojiao’s fleshy dimples. cheeks.


It’s still a little baby’s little scorpion, and now the baby’s fat little face is the most fun to touch!


Xiao Jiao was touched on the face, he was stunned for a moment, then turned his head and looked at Wu Jingjing for a while.



Of course Xixi and Lan Xin ran upstairs to the master bedroom to play, and Xixi also showed Lan Xin the little red horse that Lu Weisha gave her.


“This looks good!” Lan Xin hugged the little red horse and couldn’t put it down, she said enviously, “Why didn’t Lu Weisha give it to me?”


The little red horse is nothing special. It’s just a piece of wood, but the color is brighter.


“There’s only one Lu Weisha!” Xixi helped to explain, “She gave it to me, and it’s gone, and she’s gone.”


“But I want it too.” Lan Xin muttered, “I like this.”


Xixi was embarrassed for a while, but fortunately, she remembered her powerful and omnipotent father, her eyes lit up, and she said, “Do you want it too? Xiner, I will let me make Baba for you too. One, okay?”


Lan Xin thinks this idea is also a good idea. She is happy and curious: “Xixi, will your father be this pony?”


“I’ll go ask!” Xixi smiled and got up from the ground to find her father.


“I’ll go too!” Lan Xin giggled, spread her legs, and ran around the house with Xixi.


At this moment, in the study, Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai are chatting about the shares of Sahara Online Mall.


However, Lanzhou Kai’s thinking has changed a lot from last year, especially when he saw Yang Yi’s other company’s products, the popularity of Weibo after the Spring Festival, and his opinion on Yang Yi’s “Internet industry” Visionary” has a deep understanding.


I saw Lanzhou Kai waved his hand and said, “No, no, Yang Yi, I don’t want your shares. If you are not in Sahara, I have no confidence to continue investing in Sahara Online Mall.”


Yang Yi looked at Lanzhou Kai suspiciously and said, “If you hold the shares of Sahara, they will only appreciate in value in the future, and cannot depreciate. Even if you hold them for a long time after the listing, you are still a sure-fire business. Don’t believe my judgment? If I sell your shares to you, will it be a trick to you?”


“Then I earn my brother’s money? Am I feeling good about it?” Lanzhou Kai asked back with a smile, “You can make money without losing money, I will take advantage of others’ danger and use it to earn it for myself. This is what brothers can do. Do things?”


“How can you think like that? I’m a fertile land that doesn’t flow to outsiders. It just so happens that I also need the funds to build an amusement park. I should sell it to someone else, rather than sell it to you! Also, didn’t we agree at the time? You help me Once I get the land, I will sell my shares to you in a few years!” Yang Yi will not sell it now, but he does have plans to free up his hands and pool the funds into the amusement park.


“Okay, let’s talk about things one by one! Help you get this land in Wucheng County, I bought some myself, right?” Lanzhou Kai smiled smugly, “Also, you amusement park , I have a share too, right?”


Yang Yi nodded.


“Isn’t it worth it? I will help you buy this land, which is a good thing for both of us to benefit from. We are already a cooperative relationship, so why negotiate so many conditions?” Lanzhou Kai shrugged, “Sahara Online You still keep the shares of the mall, there is no need for you to sell them to me at a low price, but if you really think that this company has developed to the top, it is time to sell the shares, we will sell together, and we will advance and retreat together!”


Lanzhou Kai has no advantages in Internet investment, but as a person, it is important to have self-knowledge and the wisdom of knowing people to make good use of it!


Yang Yi looked a little surprised at Lanzhou Kai and said, “Don’t regret it! The 34% of my shares in Sahara Online Mall will be listed in the future. It’s not just a few billions!”


Lanzhou Kai shook his head. He said with a smile: “You don’t have to earn all the money in your pocket. If you have money, everyone earns it. It’s more important to keep the water flowing!”


Yang Yi shook his head He felt that Lanzhou Kai’s choice this time might be a bit misguided, because even he couldn’t predict the limit of Sahara Online Mall.


Of course, if you follow Yang Yi to make other investments, you don’t necessarily have to make money. Like an amusement park, Disney in the previous life became an entertainment giant that swallowed up major manufacturers such as Marvel, Lucas, Fox, etc.!


It’s just that Yang Yi may not be able to make an amusement park on such a large scale, he doesn’t have such big ambitions.


In any case, this is a choice made by Lanzhou Kai himself.


“But if I don’t sell the shares, where will I have the money to build an amusement park? Amusement parks need a lot of money!” Yang Yi spread his hands and said, “In the end, isn’t it time to sell the shares?”


“Brother Yang, you don’t know anything about business, how did you earn such a fortune now?” Lanzhou Kai helplessly covered his forehead and said, “You don’t know, there is a white wolf in this world that can make you empty-handed. Is the place called a bank? Don’t you know that you can lend a large amount of money as an early investment through the shares and land you hold?”


“And you don’t know that building an amusement park is a big project. You can do it in several phases, so that the financial pressure will be much less? In this way, when Sahara is listed, we only need to By cashing out a small part of the shares, the virtuous circle of funds can be guaranteed!”


Separately, Yang Yi may have heard of these concepts, but if he is asked to operate, he may not even think about it. After all…he was not a business tycoon in his previous life.


Lanzhou Kai saw Yang Yi’s sudden realization, he smiled proudly: “Look, you really need a partner like me! In terms of investment, I’m not as good as you, but in terms of capital operation, Brother Yang, It’s still my brother who has a lot of experience!”


While they were talking, suddenly, the door of the study was knocked “dong dong dong”.


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