House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 640: The jealous Xixi


Originally, a group of children was very lively, and the appearance of Yang Yi pushed the atmosphere to a climax!

“Dad Xixi!”

“Uncle Yang Yi!”

“Uncle Yang!”

“Uncle who can make good food!”

All kinds of strange names concealed Xixi’s voice calling “Baba”. Two dozen children surrounded Yang Yi one after another, their dark eyes full of curiosity and anticipation, they rejoiced Jumping and jumping up and down, she showed the liveliness and energy that should be at this age to the fullest.

And a little scary, of course!

After sending Yun Yangfeng away, Yang Yi came to look for Xixi. He was in a hurry. He didn’t bring the prepared snacks and snacks to the children. Empty, embarrassed.

But that’s not what the little ones care about!

“Uncle Yang, I also want to eat pig’s feet.” Although Ding Ling’s voice was small and a little shy, it seemed as if a single stone stirred up a thousand waves. Weisha is also eagerly looking forward to it.

Yesterday, on Monday, Yang Yi specially bought an insulated lunch box and packed some pork feet **** vinegar for Xixi to take to the kindergarten to share with her friends.

Because there are many, not only a few children who often play with Xixi tasted it, but also three little boys ran over and rubbed a piece of meat to eat.

Not to mention, the sweet and sour taste is definitely the favorite of children!

The news of this pig’s trotters being super delicious spread among the children in the senior class of Chuntian Kindergarten, but most of the children could only listen to the descriptions of other friends and drool.

No, I didn’t have to eat it at the time, so I had to sit next to it. Ding Ling, who smelled the smell and watched Lan Xin feasting, only remembered this “important thing”.

Here, Lan Xin is the least anxious.

The little chubby girl smiled, she leaned into Xixi’s ear and whispered to Xixi: “Xixi, we won’t tell them, I’ll eat at your house, okay?”

Lan Xin knew that Xixi’s house had such delicious pig’s feet, so she left her father last night and came to Xixi’s house to eat and drink. Of course, this is also everyday.

Later, Boss Lan called Yang Yi to ask for the recipe in disbelief, and complained that Fu Jun didn’t tell him, so they didn’t need to be detailed.

Xi Xi felt that this was her and Lan Xin’s little secret, and the little girl smiled and nodded.

Facing this scene, Yang Yi couldn’t help laughing and crying. How could he take care of these twenty little fellows? I don’t own a restaurant, and Yang Yi didn’t think about it.

“Cough cough, I can’t bring the pig’s feet here, but, at noon today, will my uncle invite you to a delicious hot pot?” Yang Yi thought about it and said, “Then if you still want to eat pig’s feet, will you? , Uncle can tell your parents how to make this dish, and then if you want to eat it in the future, you can let your parents make it!”

I have to say that the children are quite easy to satisfy. I heard that there is hot pot at noon, and they want to eat a big meal. One by one, they forgot the pig’s feet. They let go of Yang Yi contentedly, and jokingly looked for their next one. target of interest.

It was Ding Ling, perhaps because she grew up in a single-parent family with only one father, who was still very busy with work, so the little girl felt insecure. She felt that Yang Yi was very kind and asked Yang Yi to hold her. .

Yang Yi didn’t care, so he took Ding Ling’s little hand and communicated with Teacher Mu: “How are the children learning? Who will sing each section and arrange it?”

This scene made Xixi who was visiting with her friends inadvertently turn around and saw it, and the little girl suddenly had a taste. If it were Lan Xin or Yang Luoqi, she would not have much reaction, but Ding Ling and Xixi are not close, they are just ordinary friends!

The little girl’s mouth was deflated, and she thought a little aggrieved:

Baba doesn’t even hold me!

How can I hold other girls?

You can’t hold other girls! Well, in addition to Mama…and a younger brother…the younger brother doesn’t seem to be a girl?

Never mind!

I saw Xixi let go of Yang Luoqi’s hand and ran to her father’s side, pouting her little mouth, reaching out to her father and saying, “Baba, I want you to hold me.”

Yang Yi lowered his head and glanced at his daughter. He didn’t think too much, smiled slightly, and took Xixi’s little hand with his free right hand, and continued to communicate with Teacher Mu.

Xixi didn’t care about what the adults said. She was held by her father and grabbed a finger of her father, which made her feel at ease.

It seems that if Dad is going to be taken away, he will hold Dad’s hand, and Dad will not be gone!

The little girl looked at Ding Ling with some hostility, but Ding Ling didn’t notice this. She was curiously looking left and right at the recording studio where they had just been led by the large group. There were so many instruments and equipment in it that the children were dazzled. of.

Of course, Xixi’s little thought came and went quickly.

After Yang Yi let go of their hands at the same time, Xixi didn’t stick to her father deliberately, but looked at her father with some admiration. Like the leader and teacher, she walked among all the children and talked to everyone.

“Children, Teacher Mu told Uncle Yang just now that you all learned to sing “The Song of the Pig”, right?” Yang Yi clapped his hands and asked with a smile.

“I can sing!” As if rushing to answer, the children scrambled to say.

It’s not just the little boys who are so active, the little girls have not yet reached the age of restraint, so they shouted more excitedly than the little boys at this time!

They didn’t just answer, like Chen Shiyun, this absolute activist also sang loudly in order to show himself: “Pig, your nose has two holes…”

It was as if a fire had been lit in the oil, and the children were scrambling to sing.

Even Ding Ling, who was a little shy before, followed: “When you have a cold, you still have snot in your nose…”

Although the lyrics of this song are different for each paragraph, because it is catchy and interesting, the little guys have memorized the first few paragraphs and can sing it casually. The next few paragraphs are not a problem either, as long as someone is carrying it, they can follow vaguely.

Yang Luoqi and Xixi, two little girls who love to dance, also twisted and twisted their little butts, dancing the simple piglet dance taught by the choreographer and teacher Shen, and giggling non-stop.

Mo Xiaojuan and Xiao Ai, who accompanied them at the back, looked at the liveliness of these children, and their funny appearance when they sang, they couldn’t help laughing and shaking their heads.

After they finished singing, Yang Yicai greeted everyone to applaud the little guys and said with a smile: “The singing is very good. After a while, Teacher Mu will divide you into groups, and each person will sing the designated passages with the children in your group. , okay? This is Teacher Jin, and Teacher Jin will teach you how to sing better!”

Yang Yi also pulled Jin Yingming out. Jin Yingming looked at these little guys who were a little big. He has been a music producer for so many years, but he has not served so many children.

But the boss has orders and can also participate in the recording of such an interesting song, Jin Yingming still bite the bullet and waved hello to the children with a smile.

“Hello Mr. Jin!” The children shouted politely one after another.

But dealing with so many children is no easy task. Before they even started, they began to explore the recording studio excitedly and curiously.

Even though I just met, Chen Shiyun dared to point to the console and ask Jin Yingming: “Mr. Jin, what is this for? Is this microphone used to record songs?”

And Wang Xijun, he remembered the questions he had asked outside and Xixi’s answer, so he ran to Jin Yingming, pulled Jin Yingming’s sleeve, and asked, “Mr. Jin, are you Uncle Jin that Xixi said Do you know how to play that strange piano outside?”

Where do you remember the name of the dulcimer, Wang Xijun?

This group of little guys was chatting, almost making Jin Yingming, who likes to listen to music quietly, collapsed.

Can this song be recorded successfully?


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