House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 639: The program is expected to arrive with the little devils (three/four)



Yang Yi didn’t care about how Xingyao Production wanted to run the two variety shows, but because he was busy taking care of Murphy, who was confinement, he didn’t have time to write what he said before. The planning book of the variety show, the production team of Zhongxing Productions, which was acquired by his entire company, can’t sit still!


No, Yang Yi came to the studio today, and also made an appointment to take Xixi and her classmates to record the songs of the New Year’s Day party performance, but Mo Xiaojuan led a person to appear in Yang Yi’s studio. before.


“Yang Yi, this is Yun Yangfeng, Mr. Yun is the operation manager of Zhongxing Productions. In the past, “High Energy Challenge” and “Transformed Life” were operated and promoted by Mr. Yun and the operation team of his department. “Mo Xiaojuan introduced.


“Former operation manager.” Yun Yangfeng said humbly, “The company is still in the reorganization stage. Boss Yang has not spoken yet, and I don’t know where I will be in the future.”


“You’re welcome, what is Teacher Yun coming to see me today?” Yang Yi guessed that Teacher Mu was about to bring the children to the studio. He was anxious to welcome his daughter and other children, so he Without too many greetings, he directly asked with a smile, “Isn’t it because the salary was not paid in place?”


“No, no! Manager Mo will pay it in the middle of the month. Boss, you are willing to pay us back the two months salary owed by Zhongxing Production, and also give each of us a 20% salary increase, everyone. I am very grateful to Dade, I am very fortunate to have a boss like you.” Yun Yangfeng said with a smile.


“The reason for doing this is that I also want to express my sincerity. After all, you are all program production and operation talents we want to stay. I have done research. Although Zhongxing Production is a private enterprise, your The team is indeed the top in the industry.” Yang Yi said, “And I also hope that you can help me to make the variety show I conceived and make it the best!”


“That’s the problem.” Yun Yangfeng said with a wry smile, “Boss Yang, you’re also from the entertainment industry, and I’m not going to be rude, so let’s be honest with you! In fact, everyone has had a rough time for more than half a month. Peace of mind, on the one hand, the show that I worked so hard to do in the past was taken by Xingyao Production, and they did not have any innovation at all. After changing a few hosts, they announced that the broadcast will start next month, although I don’t know who your boss is. What do we think, we feel very unwilling.”


“On the other hand, the new variety show you mentioned, we don’t know what kind of variety show it is, is it a vague concept, or is it a mature idea you already have, boss? But no matter which one it is, everything is Starting from scratch, everyone has no idea.” Yun Yangfeng came here on behalf of the entire team, and the sullenness that everyone had accumulated in their hearts during this time was all shaken out euphemistically at this moment.


Having said that, Yang Yi couldn’t leave Yun Yangfeng alone. He asked Mo Xiaojuan to wait for the children at the door, and then he took Yun Yangfeng to the conference room for a detailed discussion.


“Mr. Yun, let me ask you a question. How do you evaluate the show “High Energy Challenge”, just talk about its previous performance.” Yang Yi smiled and said to the other party.


“Thriller, exciting, and never tire of seeing it.” Yun Yangfeng said without hesitation.


“Is it true that you never get tired of watching it? Just a single set, an unchanging obstacle challenge, does the audience feel the same as watching dozens of episodes?” Yang Yi asked meaningfully, “It What is the difference between the subsequent performance and its initial performance?”


Yun Yangfeng was at a loss for words, but after all, it was also a great achievement for him, and he couldn’t help but say: “Although the ratings declined a bit later, after we changed the obstacles, levels, and increased the difficulty, we were still able to maintain a stable position. Not bad.”


“But it is inevitable that the audience will experience aesthetic fatigue, right?” Yang Yi said.


Yun Yangfeng hesitated and nodded, but he still said: “But it is undeniable that this show is still very popular, just not as popular as it was at the beginning.”


“Well, I don’t deny it, and now that they use celebrities as hosts, it may be a little hot for a while, but I believe that the audience’s aesthetic fatigue will still appear.” Yang Yi smiled and said, ” But I want to tell you that now I have a more interesting and varied outdoor variety show, which is even better than “High Energy Challenge”. Will you still remember “High Energy Challenge”? The audience will continue to watch “High Energy Challenge” Challenge?”


Yun Yangfeng is not so easily provoked by Yang Yi. After all, he is also a manager-level figure. I saw him hesitate for a while and said, “But, boss, you haven’t told us what kind of program it is.”


“It’s my fault, you should know that my youngest son was born recently, and Murphy is also confinement, so I don’t have much energy to write the plan!” Yang Yi said with a smile, “But please believe me , when the plan is written and the copyright is registered, I will give it to you to make it!”


“I need the “High Energy Challenge” team, your on-site director, your editing team, the special effects team, and the “Transformers” team, especially their writing team, a large number of photographers…” Yang Yi waved his hand and said, “I need the full cooperation of everyone to make this outdoor variety show that has many changes and each episode can give the audience new expectations, and then let you and all the audience forget about it. “High Energy Challenge” thing!”


Yun Yangfeng stared deeply at Yang Yi, Yang Yi’s answer actually made him very satisfied, and Yang Yi, who has written so many excellent songs and novels, is obviously not lacking in imagination. Creativity is worth looking forward to, but he represents the entire team after all…


“Boss, when will we be able to start working?” Yun Yangfeng hesitated and asked, “It’s not that I’m in a hurry, but people are panicking now. If they don’t give them a little confidence, I’m worried that many people will think leave.”


“At the end of the month! Let’s fight for a new show, which will be broadcast in March next year!” Yang Yi said.


So soon?


“High Energy Challenge” is fast because he already has a template there. How can Yang Yi have such great confidence? Or he doesn’t understand variety shows at all?


The wealth of the king, Yun Yangfeng could only choose to trust Yang Yi. He bid farewell to Yang Yi and took the news from Yang Yi to appease the restless team.


And after Yang Yi sent Yun Yangfeng away, he couldn’t wait to run to find the children. Just now, Xiao Ai came to tell him that the children had arrived, and Mo Xiaojuan was taking the little guys to visit this small building.


No, Yang Yi just walked around the corner when he heard chattering voices and bursts of surprised calls.


“Wow, Xixi, is this your home? There are so many TVs?” The speaker was Ding Ling, a girl nicknamed “Little Bell”.


“Hahaha! It’s not Xixi’s home!” Chen Shiyun pulled the little bell and said loudly, she was very enthusiastic at any time, “I tell you, this is where Xixi’s father works!”


“I also want to be like Xixi’s father. There is no TV in the place where my father works.” Another girl said enviously.


It’s not just the girl, other boys are also very excited at the moment. Like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden, Wang Xijun even forgot his unhappiness with Xixi before. He got into Xixi’s side and pointed at a The strange instrument said: “Xixi, do you know what this is?”


“I know, it’s called dulcimer. I said it, but I can’t play it. Uncle Jin can. It’s so good!” Xixi happily answered her classmates’ questions.


“How do you know so much?” Wang Xijun looked at Xixi with a little surprise at the The little boy still had a little respect in his eyes, but only now did he realize that this girl he usually didn’t like very much. , it turned out to be so great!


“Hee hee, Baba told me!” Xixi smiled sweetly.


However, not all of the twenty-seven children were as obedient as Xixi and Yang Luoqi, holding hands and following the teacher and Aunt Mo. Their curiosity prompted them to run around and touch them everywhere.


“XXX, don’t open other people’s doors, it’s impolite.”


“XXX, don’t mess with other people’s things, it will break!”


“XXX, don’t take other people’s candy… Oh, what Aunt Xiao Ai gave you? Then take it…”


It is also Mr. Mu and Mrs. Shen who led the team hard. They managed to control the situation after their busy schedules. Otherwise, these twenty-seven little devil kings will spread out, but they want to make Yang Yi’s company The building is overturned!


Can today’s recording go smoothly?


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