House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 554: Ding Xiang’s hometown and her story (3/4)


Back in time two days ago, Yang Huan, who returned from her hometown and started her “adventurous” graduation trip with Ding Xiang, came to the mountains in western Hunan.

To be precise, Ding Xiang’s hometown is in a remote mountain range in Tuche Township, Yanye County, Maota City, Xiangxi Province.

A trip to her house was a toss up. Yang Huan and Ding Xiang first took the train to the city, and then took a five-hour long-distance bus to Yanye County.

When I arrived in Yanye County, Ding Xiang told Yang Huan that when she was studying, she walked back slowly by herself. But now it’s good, there is a road repaired to Tuche Township, Ding Xiang and Yang Huan took a three-wheeled passenger car and took the car to Tuche Township.

This passenger car is still open-top, and it eats dust and dirt all the way, and the two girls are a little disgraced.

But fortunately, Yang Huan can accept it, she herself came from the countryside, and this kind of scene used to be her norm, so she also joked with Ding Xiang: “Sister Ding Xiang, I found that although our hometown is both The countryside, but there is still a little difference, my hometown is in the basin, while your hometown is on the mountain.”

After arriving at Tuche Township, Ding Xiang and Yang Huan first found a small hotel to stay because night had fallen. They rested for the night, ate breakfast the next morning, bought some buns to take with them, and then continued to set off!

The next journey will be a big challenge for Yang Huan. She has to walk with Ding Xiang, walking on a steep mountain road, half-turning and half-circling through three high mountains. It was almost noon before arriving. Ding Xiang’s family at the foot of Miao Village.

They also have to climb up the dangerous stone steps like a ladder. Although the scenery along the way is beautiful, and the higher the climb, the more they can see through the gaps in the mountains and forests and see the mountains and lush greenery in the distance, but Yang Huan They didn’t have the time to look around, but only wanted to get to Ding Xiang’s house as soon as possible, and then have a good rest.

It was really two days and one night. When the sun had clearly set in the west, and not far from going down the mountain, Yang Huan and Ding Xiang finally arrived home!

There is no big surprise. This is a poor and backward small village. The old buildings, except for the wooden structure, are the same as when Yang Huan was very young, the poor and dilapidated Wudaokou in his memory. The village is about the same. Of course, Wudaokou Village is much better now. Even without Yang Yi, people in the village live in brick and tile houses. With Yang Yi, they are moving towards a happy and well-off life step by step.

However, in this village called Baiyao Village, people are still very enthusiastic. When they see Ding Xiang and Yang Huan, they all say hello to Ding Xiang and Yang Huan in Miao language. There are also some children in the village. She also ran to Yang Huan with her bare buttocks and looked at her curiously. Those smart black eyes still had the liveliness of their age.

“How are you guys!” Although Yang Huan was very tired, she happily took out some small candies from her backpack and distributed them to these children.

This was learned from her brother. Every time Yang Yi returned to his hometown, he would bring candy to the children in the village.

“Auntie and Auntie asked where you came from. I told them, you are my classmate. Come and play with us. Then they were very happy and said you are welcome.” Ding Xiang helped Yang Huan translate. Hmong language.

“Thank you, thank you uncle, aunt, grandpa, and grandma!” Yang Huan replied quickly, nodding gratefully to the other side.

The people of Miao Village continued to talk enthusiastically.

Translation by Ding Xiang: “Everyone said, I didn’t say anything in advance, so I didn’t prepare anything. It’s too rude. Then I want to invite you to my house for dinner, and then I want to kill the chicken to welcome you.”

“So enthusiastic!” Yang Huan was a little flattered, but everyone wants to invite her to dinner at home, where does she have the ability to clone?

“Why don’t you forget it, I think everyone’s life is very difficult, and it’s not easy to raise chickens and ducks. I’ll just go to your house and eat some simple food!” Yang Huan calmed down, she had experienced hardships , so you can think of others.

Ding Xiang actually thinks so too, but the enthusiasm of the uncles and grannies is the tradition of their stockade, so she is embarrassed to remind Yang Huan.

Now Yang Huan himself has declined, and Ding Xiang also helped Yang Huan organize the language and persuaded the villagers back.

Back at Ding Xiang’s house, Yang Huan also met Ding Xiang’s grandmother. After the recovery, the old grandmother’s body is still strong. Although her waist is hunched and her ears are not so good, she is still behind the stockade all day. He grows vegetables and raises chickens in his small fields, is self-sufficient, and tries not to trouble others.

Ding Xiang’s grandmother also pulled Yang Huan and said a lot of words, some of which even Ding Xiang couldn’t understand and couldn’t translate.

After sitting with the old man for a while, Ding Xiang was busy cooking dinner. She and Yang Huan only ate a few buns at noon and were already cooing with hunger.

“I can’t make calls, and there is no signal in this mountain. Hey, Sister Ding Xiang, let me help you!” Yang Huan, who took out his mobile phone and wanted to report Yang Yi’s safety, walked back regretfully and saw Ding Xiang was cooking, I also want to help fight, Ding Xiang can’t beat her.

“You’ve climbed the mountain for a day, and you’re exhausted. You should take a rest first.” Ding Xiang’s rice-washing pot was snatched away by Yang Huan, so he had to take a wooden tub to wash vegetables, “If you call, I’ll be there. Only in the village, there are no signal towers here, hey, I forgot to tell you.”

“It’s alright, I’ll talk about it tomorrow! I felt very tired when I climbed up, but I don’t feel tired anymore after seeing so many enthusiastic folks.” Yang Huan smiled and said while washing the rice, “Sister Ding Xiang, your physical fitness It’s better than me! I’ve practiced martial arts since I was a child, and I’m not as physically strong as yours, and I’m still not tired from climbing a mountain for a day!”

“I’m used to it!”

Yang Huan chatted with Ding Xiang: “But then again, the situation in your hometown is worse than I thought. I used to think that our hometown was so remote and poor, but I didn’t expect that, You are even poorer than our poorest time! At least we can still build roads in our hometown, but on your mountain, there is no possibility of building roads at all.”

Ding Xiang sighed softly and said, “Yeah, I used to think that after I read and went out, I would definitely find a way to make the villagers in the stockade live a good life. Now…”

Ding Xiang couldn’t go on, the frustrated expression on his face said it all.

“You can’t change, you can only go out.” Yang Huan couldn’t help but said softly when he thought of his experience after going out of the countryside.

Ding Xiang smiled lightly and said, “Yes, but it’s hard to control the thoughts of the older generation, so we can only pin our hopes on the younger generation. I also hope that my younger brothers and sisters are the same as me. Have the opportunity to get out of the mountains and see the outside world.”

“Reading…Reading is the best way to change fate.” Yang Huan is not without her more than half a year ago. Yang Huan, who has increased her experience, has a deep understanding of the saying that reading changes fate.

“In the past, we had a school in the mountains, which was established by an old grandfather who was a scholar, but he passed away very early. Later, the village sent us a private teacher named Tao Shuping. I learned to read with Grandpa Tao. , to learn arithmetic, Grandpa Tao does not know English, but he is really conscientious and patient to teach us the basics. Until one day, Grandpa Tao told me, Ding Xiang, you should go to the village to study, go to junior high school, then you can learn To more things…” Ding Xiang talked to Yang Huan about the past as if recalling.

With the help of Grandpa Tao, Ding Xiang went out, but when she was in high school, Grandpa Tao’s health failed and died of illness, but Grandpa Tao still left a sum of money to help Ding Xiang finish his studies high school. The rest of the way, of course, is Ding Xiang working alone, saving tuition fees, and slowly breaking out.

“What happened later? After Grandpa Tao passed away, what happened to the school?” Yang Huan asked with tears in her eyes.

After Grandpa Tao left, the school was abandoned again. Although several private teachers came one after another, not everyone had the same selfless dedication as Grandpa Tao, and they were all frightened by the bitter place of Baiyao Village. , the longest stayed for two weeks, and then all ran away!

Ding Xiang wanted to come back to teach after finishing high school, but the uncles and aunts in the village disagreed. They said that Ding Xiang was the first college student in Baiyao Village and had to go to school. She wanted to set up a school for the children. example!

“What should we do then? Another generation has no chance to Yang Huan said worriedly.

“It’s okay, it’s all right now.” A smile appeared on Ding Xiang’s face.

Last winter vacation, Ding Xiang went home, not only took her grandma down the mountain to see a doctor, but also went to the village to find a solution to the problem that no teachers are willing to come to the stockade to teach children to read – she personally paid for the private school The teacher increased subsidies and used money to keep them, and even hired two teachers to take turns to teach on the mountain, which solved the problem that they could not be reunited with their families for many years on the mountain!

After Yang Huan listened to Ding Xiangyun’s calm remarks, her face was full of surprise.

“No wonder, Sister Ding Xiang, why are you always reluctant to spend money?” Yang Huan said, looking at Ding Xiang with great emotion.

Yeah, that makes sense!

Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi had always thought it was very strange before, why did Yang Yi give Ding Xiang a high salary, but Ding Xiang was always reluctant to spend it! She was even reluctant to buy herself a new set of clothes, she usually wears those old clothes!

Yang Huan is different. Although she does not spend money lavishly, after all, after the family conditions are better, she is not as poor as before, and she is willing to spend the money that should be spent. Usually, she asked Ding Xiang to go shopping for clothes, but Ding Xiang shied away in every possible way, and even said to Yang Huan with the clothes that Murphy had given her before: “I have so many new clothes, I can’t wear them anymore!”

That’s right! Guo Ziyi also suggested to Ding Xiang that she should take out a loan to buy a house in Jiangcheng. This is an investment that only makes money and does not lose, but Ding Xiang did not agree.

It turned out that all the money she saved was used here.


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