House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 553: Flying bubbles and laughter (2/4)



The little girl grabbed her hand. In order not to delay the next performance, Yang Yi had to replace Du Yuanlei’s job and took the princess crown handed over by Teacher Sha Huaian with a smile and put it on Xixi.


“Then have I become a princess?” Xixi reached out and touched the crown on her head, and said happily as she took her father’s hand.


Being by her father’s side, she can devote herself to enjoying the happiness she deserves without being frightened by these strange performances. At this time, her smile is also the brightest.


Hearing Xixi’s words, Yang Yi smiled slightly and said, “Of course, you have become a princess. Today is your birthday, so you can become a princess.”


The little girl is wearing a red robe, holding a magic wand inlaid with rubies in her right hand, and wearing crystal dancing shoes on her feet, she really looks like a little princess!


Murphy did not stop, she continued to sing, and Xixi followed her father and continued to tour this grand party.


“…The little mermaid smeared the sun into eyeshadow and threw it into the arms of the foam.”


I saw that the old man Xiang, who had performed just now, took out a new toy. He pulled out the bubble wand just like drawing a sword, but this bubble wand is not a big one that can be stretched out. The bubble swords, like the small toys that blow bubbles, are displayed side by side in circles.


With a gentle wave to the old man, many bubbles floated in the air. Although there was no sunlight, they were not colorful and beautiful, but under the refraction of the light, they also looked crystal clear and beautiful, which attracted Xi at once. Xi and Lan Xin’s attention.


Lan Xin seemed to be seeing this kind of toy for the first time. She opened her mouth and forgot to eat a lollipop. She looked at Grandpa Xiang in amazement, and “changed” bubbles like a conjurer.


“It’s amazing!” Lan Xin said enviously.


“I want to play too, Grandpa Xiang, I also want to play.” Xixi couldn’t hold back, she shoved the magic wand into her father’s hand, and ran up happily, holding her two little hands in front of her, expecting Hope looked at Grandpa Xiang with her big eyes.


“Come on, here it is for you!” Of course, Mr. Xiang Jianglei handed it to Xixi with a smile, and taught her how to use it, “You have to put this in the soapy water here, pull it out, and move it in one direction. Wave it, and bubbles will come out by themselves.”


Xixi can’t wait to wave, but at first only a few bubbles appeared. After she re-dipped it with soapy water according to the instructions to her grandfather, she waved again, and many small bubbles appeared in front of Xixi. flew out.


The little girl was wearing crystal dancing shoes and a beautiful princess crown. She turned and turned, like magic, and bubbles flew out around her, which was also very beautiful.


“This one will disappear!” Lan Xin was the follower of Bubbles. She fluttered a few bubbles with joy, and found that the bubbles would shatter in her hand, so she hurriedly shouted and told her discovery. Xixi.


“Really?” Xixi took the little stick and chased the little bubble she made just now.


The little bubble didn’t fly very far, and Xixi caught up with a few. After breaking it, she also cried out in surprise: “Really!”


The performance is almost the same. The two little girls are playing with bubbles, forgetting everything else, except for their laughter and Murphy’s singing.


However, Xixi didn’t pay attention to what her mother sang. The lyrics are too profound, but there are a string of names in the stories told by my father. They are related to the same BGM. It is quite interesting as background music. , Listening to the song and watching everyone’s performances, Xixi and Lan Xin had a great time.


In the end, before the scene got out of control, Murphy just happened to sing to the end, “Let everything come to the moment of happy ending…”, everyone formed a circle, and Du Yuanlei shouted “One, two , three”, and then shouted to Xixi in unison: “Xixi, happy birthday, I wish you a happy and happy every day!”


Although it is not a particularly literary blessing, everyone sincerely expressed their blessings to Xixi.


Xixi, who had been playing a bit ecstatic, was hugged by her father, and Yang Yi asked her to listen to everyone’s blessings.


“You have to say thank you to everyone! You see, your uncles, aunts, and grandpas have prepared such a beautiful show for your birthday, right?” Yang Yi reminded her in a low voice.


The little girl is still very well-behaved. She snuggled into her father’s arms and said, “Thank you!”



To celebrate Xixi’s birthday, this little show was prepared in a hurry, only Du Yuanlei made a rough plan based on Yang Yi’s song. Other performances, such as Xiang Laozi’s three-ball juggling, and Xiao Ran’s tap dance, are completely impromptu performances by everyone based on their own talents.


There are still some flaws, and it is obvious that there is something unsatisfactory.


But it doesn’t matter, the flaws don’t hide the truth, a small program to celebrate Xixi’s birthday prepared in two days, it is very good to be able to do this.


What’s more, the protagonist Er Xixi is enjoying it.


“Do you think you had a good time?” Yang Yi took Murphy’s microphone and worked as an on-site reporter, interviewing Xixi’s thoughts with a smile.


“Happy, hee hee!” Facing so many people, Xixi threw herself into her father’s arms after she was still a little and twitched.


“Then what do you think of Uncle and Aunt’s performance? Is it good? Are you surprised?” Yang Yi looked at everyone, then continued to ask Xixi with a smile.


“It’s so fun, I know a lot of them!” Xixi couldn’t help but tell her father about her discovery, “Uncle Geng Xia is Jack, he can climb Doudou’s tree to the sky… It’s super fun. Yes!”


His performance was recognized by the audience, and everyone around Xixi also smiled at each other. Mr. Xiang Jiang Lei looked at Xixi who was selling and explained. The more he watched, the more he liked it. Lovingly rubbed her little head.



Xixi’s birthday party was spent with laughter and laughter, and Lan Xin did not return empty-handed. She obtained the “artifact” of blowing bubbles, which she held like a treasure, and did not let go when she returned to the villa.


After listening to Lanzhou Kai, Lan Xin was playing and found out that she ran out of soapy water and could no longer make small bubbles. She cried bitterly.


Fortunately, the nanny’s grandmother knew about this and gave her some soapy water to make bubbles again, and Lan Xin burst into laughter.


Xixi also received a lot of gifts. The little girl said goodbye to her four-year-old and finally became a five-year-old girl while happily unpacking the gifts and recalling the joy of her birthday!



After the excitement was over, the movie still had to continue filming. However, two days later, when the scene of the encirclement and suppression at the entrance of the bank was filmed, Murphy frowned and walked over with Yang Yi’s cell phone.


Murphy said: “Yang Yi, you have to listen to this call, Huanhuan, it seems that something happened!”8)



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