House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 522: Disapproved nominations


In this highly competitive entertainment industry, if you don’t often appear in everyone’s field of vision, even the top singers will gradually be forgotten. Singers like Murphy who have a lot of classic songs are better, but idol singers who rely on their face and body to eat are more difficult. After all, behind them, there are countless newcomers eagerly waiting for the top. As long as you don’t work hard and don’t work hard, you will be replaced…

But others are desperately rushing to the announcement, and they can’t achieve Murphy’s current achievements and status, and they have to worry that the front wave will be beaten to death on the beach by the back wave. Anyone will feel envious of the “treatment” Murphy enjoys. hatred.

This is why, Murphy disappeared in front of the camera and the stage for more than a month, and did not participate in any announcements and programs, and someone on the variety show sourly predicted that Murphy’s popularity would plummet after pregnancy!

There are also media people who ridiculed Tianmei when they repeated the old tune about Murphy’s pregnancy: “Tianmei is probably the most unlucky brokerage company in the industry, right? Its artists have twice reached the top of the Chinese music scene. After the new song, she immediately went into retirement because of her pregnancy, Tianmei was a loss!”

Of course, he still praised Tianmei’s tolerance in the end. After all, artists are also human beings, and they also need to rest when they are pregnant. Tianmei did not patronize her own interests and did not oppress her artists inhumanly. conscience”!

Of course, I don’t know whether Niu Meiling should cry or laugh when she sees this “conscience of the industry”, I’m afraid she is also suffering and can’t tell?

Actually, the popularity of the media tracking and reporting on Murphy’s daily life has dropped a lot. Yang Yi can see the clues from the recent decrease in the number of paparazzi and reporters appearing near the coffee shop.

However, the emergence of a news brought Murphy and Yang Yi back into the mainstream media’s field of vision.

The “Chinese Music Golden Pigeon Award” jointly organized by the Copyright Association, the Music Association and CCTV announced the nominations for last year’s Golden Pigeon Award, although the album “First Dream” is this year and cannot be counted in last year’s selection sequence , but both Yang Yi and Murphy entered the nomination list.

First up is Murphy, whose song “First Dreams” last December was nominated for the Golden Song of the Year shortlist (of ten).

I have to say here that the jury’s vision is a bit different from that of the public. “Crossing the Ocean to See You” has not been able to become a candidate for the golden song of the year. Very dissatisfied.

Dissatisfaction returns to dissatisfaction. There has never been anything fair and just about awards, so the commotion of netizens has no impact on the jury.

Murphy was also nominated as one of the nominees for Best Female Pop Vocalist of the Year.

“This award is a bit hanging, after all, sister, you only exert your strength at the end of the year.” Mo Xiaojuan said to Murphy.

If Yang Yi and Murphy have nothing else to do during the day, they will come to the studio to record songs and record Yang Yi’s two military songs. Although Murphy came to accompany Yang Yi, she was happier than Yang Yi when she arrived at the recording studio, and it was considered a distraction for the pregnant woman.

Mo Xiaojuan called today. Knowing that Yang Yi and the others were in the studio, she ran over excitedly and told Yang Yi and Murphy about the nomination.

“But it’s not that there is no chance at all. It depends on whether you want to do public relations. Our company’s public relations capabilities are relatively weak, and we may need sister Ling to come forward.” Fei doesn’t like doing this kind of thing.

“Where’s Yang Yi? Didn’t you say he has nominations too? Which ones have you nominated?” Sure enough, Murphy didn’t take Mo Xiaojuan’s words, but asked Yang Yi’s nomination with great interest.

“Brother-in-law, he was nominated for two awards, Best Composer and Best Lyricist in Pop Music. Oh, yes, “Long Time No See” written by my brother-in-law to Chen Yijie was also selected for the Golden Melody Award of the Year.” Mo Xiaojuan said.

The voices supporting “Long Time No See” on the Internet are higher than “The First Dream”, but there are eight other songs. In front of the unpredictable jury, who will be the winner? maybe.

“You have more than my nominations.” Murphy pushed Yang Yi and smiled sweetly.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me whether to award or not. If you want, I will give it to you.” Yang Yi said nonchalantly.

“I don’t want it either! I wanted to win the award when I was young, but now that I’m old, I think these are all clouds!” Murphy waved his hand and said old-fashioned.

Of course she and Yang Yi were flirting with each other, and the vicissitudes of life were pretended, and then they also learned some fresh words that Yang Yi usually accidentally popped up.

Yang Yi squeezed Murphy’s nose with a smile and said, “You are half a year younger than me, so you are not allowed to say old, you know?”

Mo Xiaojuan rolled her eyes reluctantly, these nominations are beyond the reach of others! They didn’t take it seriously. If it was spread out, how annoying would it be?

“Cough cough!” Mo Xiaojuan interrupted the two of them and said, “I came here today, and I brought two invitations, which is the award ceremony of the Golden Pigeon Award, please attend. “

The couple Yang Yi and Murphy can be considered a good story in the entertainment industry. If the two of them attend the Golden Dove Awards ceremony, they will definitely attract media attention.

“Are you going?” Yang Yi looked at Murphy.

“I don’t want to go, I’ve gained a lot of weight now, and I don’t want to meet people. And I don’t like that kind of occasion, the people inside are all hypocritical.” Murphy stretched out his arm, gestured with his palm, and told Yang Yi complained.

“There is still a baby in my belly, can I not get fat? It will recover when it is born, don’t worry.” Yang Yi said with a smile, “If you don’t want to go to the awards ceremony, it’s not a big deal. If you have time, it is better to stay at home to study or sing to your children.”

Although the baby in the womb has just grown from the embryo, Yang Yi and Murphy have already begun to plan the problem of prenatal education for the Hee hee, I like this, no one is forcing me to do it Do something you don’t want to do! “Murphy smiled and said, “I used to be in Tianmei, and Sister Ling always asked me to attend those commercial performances. A group of bosses always wanted to come over, and it was annoying!” “

“That’s necessary. We set up our own studio to do what we want to do. Abandoning our personality and dignity for money, wouldn’t it be very hard and boring to live?” Yang Yi smiled slightly. said.

What’s more, their family is not bad at all!

Mo Xiaojuan was ignored again, she asked pitifully: “Really not going? This awards ceremony is the biggest one this year. If you don’t go, the judges will have opinions on you. Next year Maybe it’s over.”

Next year’s Golden Dove Award, which is the selection of these songs this year, is when Murphy is really likely to win!

“Besides, brother-in-law, you are likely to win the best lyricist and composer of the year.” Mo Xiaojuan added.

However, both Murphy and Yang Yi shook their heads firmly, they all agreed, and they were not interested in winning the award!


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