House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 523: Observing Xiaoyu’s homework (1/4)


Xixi’s semester homework is finally here!

Although Springfield Kindergarten does not arrange exams for children like schools, this semester is also a big assignment for children who are about to be promoted to large classes and have certain hands-on learning ability.

Mr. Mu explained this matter to the parents at the parent-teacher meeting some time ago.

Today, Xixi came home from kindergarten with a homework card similar to a task card in her schoolbag.

Murphy took it over, looked at it and said, “Yang Xi… children, please complete the task of observing the growth of the little fish under the guidance and help of your parents. The task period is one month. Please take good care of the little fish. , and record the growth of the small fish, and finally use various forms flexibly to produce a task result report.”

Xixi was jumping on the sofa, as if she was afraid that her mother would not understand, and said with concern: “Mama, the teacher said, we want to raise small fish.”

Yang Yi touched his chin, and said doubtfully, “Is this a research? It should be a course after college or middle school, right? Why does kindergarten start letting children do this?”

Murphy smiled, turned the card over to Yang Yi, and said, “It’s normal, this is just a small study, you can see that there are no special requirements on the assignment card, so it is an open assignment, The main purpose is to stimulate children’s interest in new things and cultivate their ability to do research by themselves.”

Yang Yi said helplessly: “Xixi is only under five years old, what ability does she have to do research on her own? Look at the report on the results of this task, Xixi can’t even write a word, how can she write a report? “

Xixi blinked her big eyes and listened to her parents’ conversation. At this moment, the little girl pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction and said, “Baba, I can write, I can write my name!”

“Okay, but you won’t be able to write any other words except your own name! So, wouldn’t it be up to your mother and father to do the final homework?” Yang Yi was a little confused. said clearly.

“The report doesn’t have to be all text!” Murphy explained patiently to Yang Yi, “Didn’t the teacher say that the report can be completed in various forms? You can also take pictures, record audio, record videos, etc.”

“Of course, this report definitely requires the participation of parents. It’s like raising fish. Without your guidance, how could Xixi be able to raise fish? But it’s all a learning process, so let her stick to it this month. Take good care of Xiaoyu, observe, record, etc.” Murphy smiled, “Even if the final result is not ideal and the report is bad, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is this process, Xixi can definitely learn a lot. Things will grow a lot.”

Murphy received an American-style education when he was a child, which is not like the domestic exam-oriented education-in order to allow children to score in the exam, he usually assigns a lot of tedious homework, which puts a heavy load of exercises on the children’s shoulders. .

In the past, Murphy had done a lot of homework like Xixi, which required her own hands-on and research. I have to say that although not all the research she liked, it brought her a lot of interesting memories after all. Therefore, she still recognizes this teaching method.

Springfield Kindergarten is a kindergarten that combines Chinese and Western education. Murphy and Yang Yi’s choice was not wrong.

“You’re right, learn while playing!” Yang Yi was persuaded by Murphy’s analysis, he nodded, and began to wonder if he should teach Xixi how to use cameras and other equipment, which he could buy for Xixi A point-and-shoot camera that isn’t very bulky.

Since it’s Xixi’s task, it’s best to let Xixi do what she can do as much as possible.

Xixi saw that her father and mother had finished discussing, she took her father’s hand and asked suspiciously: “Baba, but we don’t have any little fish!”

Yang Yi patted Xixi’s little head, smiled slightly, and said, “It’s very easy to ask for a little fish! Tomorrow, Dad will go to the flower and bird market to buy it for you, and when you come back from kindergarten tomorrow, you can see the little fish. .”

“Really!” Xixi looked at her father with joy.

The next day, on the way back from kindergarten, Xixi and Lan Xin, who were sitting in the back seat, were chatting: “Xiner, do you want to come to our house to see Xiaoyuyu? I’ll give it to me. I bought a little fish!”

Lan Xin had a driver to pick her up home, but she liked to play with Xixi, so she “brutally” rejected her driver and insisted on taking the Tiger off-road vehicle driven by Uncle Yang Yi. It didn’t work before, but now because everyone lives in a villa area, Yang Yi can send her home by the way, and Yang Yi’s relationship with Lanzhou Kai is so good, the driver has to ask the boss for some instructions, and has no choice but to take the children in his car. The safety seat was removed and installed on Yang Yi’s car.

“I don’t want to look at your little fish. Ours also has them. Yesterday, Grandma Wu said she would buy me little fish.” Lan Xin shouted.

Grandma Wu is the nanny of Lan Xin’s family and a very good cook.

“Okay then…” Xixi was a little regretful, but her heart had already flown back home, looking forward to seeing her little fish.

Send Lan Xin to her villa, and Xixi finally returned to her home.

“Mama, I’m back!” After the little girl with a small schoolbag got out of the car, she jogged happily with her tail-wagging, jubilant bun, and before she took off her shoes, she couldn’t wait to explore Looking inside with a small head.

Murphy was sitting on the sofa, with his elbows on his knees, looking at a beautiful fish tank on the coffee table, when he heard the movement, he smiled and beckoned to his daughter: “Xixi, come here, look at this what.”

Xixi forgot to take off her schoolbag. She squeezed happily into her mother’s arms and looked at the fish tank on the coffee table together.

There are four small goldfish swimming around in the fish tank, they are really small, they are the seedlings of goldfish. However, although small, each small goldfish looks different, some are golden, some are red, some are red and white, and some are white and red.

You can’t just buy one, Yang Yi is worried that Xixi will keep the goldfish dead, so buy a few more, at least there are spare tires…

“It’s so beautiful!” Xixi murmured as she looked at the four little goldfish with her big eyes a little blurry.

“Mama and Baba spent a long time building this fish tank in order to provide a good environment for the little goldfish! They used to live in an ugly plastic laughs Then talk to Xixi.

This big fish tank and the materials inside were bought by Yang Yi, but they had to DIY it themselves, so the two couples who had nothing to do fiddled with the fish tank for a long time, made small rockeries with keel stones, and some Fake small water plants.

It’s just landscaping, not an ecological fish tank. After all, they are not fanatics of keeping goldfish, so they did not want to make it too complicated.

But it looks pretty good. The little goldfish swims around among the rockery and the fake aquatic plants. It looks very comfortable.

Yang Yi walked in, just in time to hear Xixi say to her mother: “The little fish is good-looking, and then the big fish tank is also good-looking.”

The little girl also turned around, gesturing and giggling with embarrassment: “Mama, I thought Xiao Yuyu was going to live in our swimming pool! There’s a lot of water there!”

“It’s just such a tiny fish, living in a swimming pool, how can you find them to observe?” Yang Yi smiled.

At night, when Xixi was watching the little goldfish happily, Lanzhou Kai called.


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