House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 518: Look at the problem from a different angle



Yeah, how would you know if you didn’t try it?


Murphy’s words also made Yang Yi ponder.


Murphy saw that Yang Yi didn’t speak, she smiled and said: “Actually, I think you have fallen into two misunderstandings, one is what you think Xixi should not do, and what is Xixi’s own thinking? , have you ever heard of it?”


Murphy grew up in the United States after all, and some of her thoughts do not have the traditions that Chinese parents should have. She prefers free will, that is, the freedom to not interfere with the thoughts of others, including her own children.


Except for some necessary code of conduct, Murphy seldom forces Xixi to do something. For example, Murphy once tried to teach Xixi some music theory knowledge, but Xixi felt that it was too boring and profound, and she didn’t like listening to it. Also temporarily stopped.


For Murphy’s question, Yang Yi shook his head gently, does Xixi want to play this role? Yang Yi really didn’t ask her.


“Secondly, even if Xixi is happy to appear in this movie, it doesn’t mean that she needs to act in movies all the time and needs to be in touch with the complicated entertainment industry.” Murphy said with a smile.


Yang Yi’s eyes lit up and asked, “I don’t need to contact the entertainment industry, what does this mean?”


“It’s very simple! This is your movie, and no one can ask Xixi to do anything beyond you. So if you don’t want Xixi to be involved in the entertainment industry, we can just go home after the filming. What publicity, Xixi does not need to participate in the release, and does not need to be interviewed by reporters and media.” Murphy said.


“It’s like the last time Xixi showed her face at the concert and then went down. She just went to make a movie, nothing else has anything to do with her.” Murphy added.


If it’s just acting in a movie, like a cameo or a ticket, Yang Yi can barely accept it.


“It’s just like going to the playground or the park. We take Xixi to the scene of the filming for a few days, and then come back and take her to the cinema to watch the films she made, right?” Yang Yi understood, he said with a smile, “In this way, even if Xixi really likes acting, we don’t need to expose her to those complicated issues prematurely, just play and have fun!”


Murphy nodded and said, “That’s right, but it’s useless for us to talk too much here now, you have to ask Xixi if she likes acting in movies, if not, say before. It’s all for nothing!”


Yang Yi called back his daughter, who was walking the dog. Looking at the innocent eyes of the little girl, he considered the language and asked, “Xixi, Dad asked you, do you like acting in movies?” /


The little girl immediately became interested. She grabbed the steamed bun, who wanted to move forward, and asked happily, “I know how to act in movies. Xiner and Baba have acted in movies!”


“I’m not asking if you’ve ever acted in a movie. Dad said, how did you feel after the last act? Do you like it?” Yang Yi said with tears in his eyes.


Murphy’s voice: “You Baba just ask you, is it fun to act in a movie?”


“It’s fun, but Xiner and the others don’t like it. Xiner just likes to eat cakes, cakes made by Ding Xiang’s sister.” The little girl habitually digressed, and for this, she was still a little down.


“Then if there is a chance to act in a movie now, would you like to try it?” Murphy asked.


Xixi blinked her big eyes, her mood fluctuated a bit, the little girl was stunned for a moment, then nodded happily, waving the dog leash holding the bun on her hand and said, “I want to act in a movie, because, because I like it Acting in a movie.”


“The character you want to play is like this. She is a little girl who doesn’t like to talk, and can’t laugh. She can only keep her mouth shut. She often needs to be alone or stare blankly.” Yang Yi Said, “Xixi, do you think you can keep silent?”


Yang Yi is deeply skeptical.


However, Xixi understood her father’s words. I saw the little girl covering her little mouth with her two little hands, and then looked at her father with a smile on her curved eyes.


Yang Yi shook his head in tears and said, “No, it’s not that you cover your mouth when you don’t speak, you’re very introverted and don’t like to laugh.”


Murphy reminded Xixi and said: “Just like you played the ugly duckling back then, you have been acting, but you can’t talk or laugh. By the way, it’s similar to your good friend Qiqi, Xixi, you are not I told Mama that she often sits by herself in a daze? You can just imitate her and show it to your father.”


Xixi understood, she jumped happily and said, “I know, I know Qiqi doesn’t speak.”


“Baba, look!” The little girl actively pulled her father’s hand.


Then, Xixi frowned, pursed her lips, and looked forward with some sadness.


At this moment, the little girl’s delicate little face seemed to be covered with a gloomy cloud, and her lowered eyes seemed to be a little dull.


But maybe because Xixi is not autistic, she doesn’t feel cold or lonely. It’s just sad, very similar to Yang Luoqi, very similar to the excluded ugly duckling, and also the same as the little girl with soft blonde hair in this movie that Yang Yi remembers!


Amazing! Yang Yi watched the little girl’s performance in surprise.


Not only Yang Yi, but Murphy also felt that Xixi’s performance was beyond her mother’s imagination.


“Okay!” Yang Yi patted Xixi’s shoulder and said with emotion, “Xixi, it seems that your father underestimated you.”


Xixi immediately recovered from the sad look just now. She took her father’s hand and shook it with a smile. She couldn’t stop for a moment.


“Xixi, how did you do it? It’s very exciting to act!” Murphy asked curiously.


Xixi looked at her mother strangely and said, “Mama, you told me!”




“I want to be like Qiqi, then I will be like Qiqi, and I will laugh like Qiqi!” Xixi said happily, “I will eat like Xiner.”


After she finished speaking, she still pouted, imitating Lanxin’s mouth shape and posture when she greedily eats cakes. Although it was just a look, it was also very interesting, which made both parents laugh. The little girl held out her small chest, as if she had been praised, and was in a good mood!


When Xixi finished playing the imitation game, and then continued to walk in front with Baozi, Yang Yi and Murphy said with emotion: “It turns out that Xixi’s imitation ability is so strong, and she is indeed a bit talented in performance.”


Murphy smiled slightly and said, “That’s because you didn’t observe carefully. When she comes back from kindergarten and tells you interesting things that happened in kindergarten, doesn’t she often imitate the children in her class?” /


“Then let Xixi play! She likes it too… Anyway, in this play, Wang Mai doesn’t need high acting skills and doesn’t have any lines, so it’s not bad for her to have a special experience!” Yang Yi finally made up his mind after hesitation.


“What about you?” Murphy looked at Yang Yi with interest and asked cheerfully.


“Me? I…I don’t know…”


Murphy smiled slightly and said, “This is the first time you hesitated. It’s not a firm statement that you don’t want to! It shows that you still have ideas.”


Yang Yi frowned and said in confusion, “But as I told you, I don’t like to show my face, if I can stay at home, or sit quietly in a coffee shop reading a book, that’s enough. “


“But, you actually like to make movies, right?” Murphy said.


“Ah?” Yang Yi was a little surprised.


“I also suddenly have a very strange feeling. If I’m wrong, you can’t blame me!” Murphy said pitifully, holding Yang Yi’s hand.


Yang Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He gently rubbed Murphy’s head, reluctant to knock, and said, “How can I blame you? Just say anything!”


“Actually, I think you’re quite interested in making movies!” Murphy said.


“No, didn’t you see that I left this project to Du Yuanlei and then I left it alone?” Yang Yi denied.


“It doesn’t mean that you are interested in all aspects of making a movie. Of course, you are not interested in such trivial preparations. But you may still be interested in the process of filming and acting!” Murphy cited a For example, “It’s like the last time you filmed “Fairy Tale”, didn’t you often go to the scene to watch other people filming during the process?”


“I didn’t have anything else at that time, I just went to see it.” Yang Yi said, but he was a little less determined.


“But you are usually at home, don’t you have nothing else to do?” Murphy analyzed, “You go to the set just because you have such a desire in your heart.”


“If you don’t have interest, how can you write so many interesting stories? If you don’t have interest, how can you make up such a script for Xiao Du?” Murphy continued, “You might as well ask your heart, Do you really dislike movies or acting? Or are you putting your real self in a small cage just because you don’t want to get too much attention?”


Having been with Yang Yi for so long, Murphy is the person who understands him best in the world. After these words, Yang Yi said that he stood on the spot, dazed.


Is it really what Murphy said?


Yang Yi recalled his previous life. In his secret residence, when he didn’t need to perform tasks, he was free and could let himself go in his own world.


He plays the violin, imagining himself and David Garrett at a concert, emerging from the back of the auditorium, intoxicatingly pulling “He’s_a_Pirate” (Pirates of the Caribbean) in front of countless people. theme song), while walking down gracefully.


He also opens his mouth and sings silently, as if he were Pavarotti, standing on the Forbidden City, singing “My Sun” with Domingo and Carreras.


He also holds a pistol, wears sunglasses and a beanie, overalls, and a crew-neck T-shirt, pretending to be Jean Reno, playing the Lyon character of “This Killer Isn’t Too Cold.”


Does he like acting in movies? Maybe not as fanatical as Murphy likes to sing, but maybe he’s interested in acting in movies, he wants to play the roles he likes in the movies he likes!


So, “Rudy”?


Yes, this character and Wang Mai are Yang Yi’s two favorite characters in this movie, a bit like Leon and Matilda in “This Killer Is Not Too Cold”…


“Baba! Hurry up!” Xixi’s giggle made Yang Yi turn back from her memory.


Yang Yi continued to walk forward, and then said to Murphy: “You are right, out of a self-protection idea, I don’t want to be watched by the media like a star. So, maybe I I suppressed my original desire.”


Murphy seemed to be distressed and hugged Yang Yi tightly, and said softly, “But, although we have been noticed by the media now, life is not bad, it is not as bad as imagined, isn’t it? “


Before her attitude of keeping Xixi secret is actually very similar to Yang Yi.


“Yes.” Yang Yi nodded.


“Then there is no need to worry too much, you can do what you want to do. If you don’t like acting, don’t like playing this role, just politely refuse to Xiao Du. If you are I really want to act, but I don’t like the entertainment industry, and I’m just like Xixi, just like you are now, just filming and ignoring so many complicated things.” Murphy said.


Murphy teaches by words and deeds, and she does the same. If she doesn’t like it, she just doesn’t like it, so she simply makes her own music and doesn’t make excuses with others.


This conversation made Yang Yi suddenly enlightened, as if he had opened a knot in his heart, and a smile appeared on his face.


“I understand, thank you, Mrs. Wife, for your guidance!” Yang Yi pulled out his hand, turned to hug Murphy’s face, kissed her fragrant red lips, and said with a smile.


This is the outdoors! Murphy’s face turned red all of a sudden, she glanced at Xixi who was happily running with Baozi in front, hammering Yang Yi, and said angrily: “Why did you suddenly attack again, someone saw you? What to do!”


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