House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 517: The difference between a dog and a cat (3/4)



Yang Yi returned to the villa, the car was still parked in front, waiting for the electric gate to open, a small yellow dog at the gate of the courtyard had run there early, jumping excitedly, tail wagging, welcoming Yang Yi return.


Baozi inherits the fine traditions of its ancestors, and this keen sense of hearing and smell is not for nothing.


“Baba!” At this time, Xixi, who didn’t go to kindergarten on weekends, appeared at the window of the villa. She saw her father’s car and shouted happily, “Mama, it’s really Baba coming back. !”


She was suspicious of Baozi’s judgment just now!


After a while, Yang Yi parked the car and got out of the car. The little girl couldn’t wait to fall into her father’s arms.


Yang Yi was about to squat down and hug Xixi, and Baozi was wagging his tail desperately, jumping back and forth, left and right, trying to attract the attention of the two masters: “Look at me, look at me, I’m here to welcome you! “


Yang Yi was so happy, he stretched out his right hand and scratched the bun’s head.


“Are you back? How are things going?” Murphy also walked out of the room, gently stroking her pregnant belly, which was not particularly prominent, looked at Yang Yi tenderly, and asked with a smile .


“It’s alright, but there are other things that I’ll discuss with you later.” Yang Yi stood up with Xixi in his arms, stretched out his arms to embrace Murphy’s waist, and walked back to the house together.


“Baba, Baozi discovered it first, and it ran super fast!” Xixi put her arms around her father’s neck and couldn’t wait to tell her what she found.


It seemed that he heard his name, and the steamed bun jumped again excitedly on the ground. Unfortunately, it was too small after all, and the short legs couldn’t reach Yang Yi’s knees, let alone the one that was picked up by the big master. little Master.


“Dad knows it! Because a dog’s hearing is sixteen times that of a human’s, and its sense of smell is more than forty times higher than a human’s, that is, ears and noses are better than humans!” Yang Yi wrote to his daughter popular science, “So it can find out that Dad is back earlier than Xixi.”


Xixi suddenly realized, she said: “Baba, do those little girl, Xiaohui and Duo Duo have bad ears and nose? They don’t even know that Baba is back.”


Yang Yi turned his head and glanced at the cat litter. Duo Duo was the only cat lying on the cat climbing frame, and the other two didn’t know where they were. But don’t worry, after castration, Xiaojiao and Xiaohui are more at home, and basically only play in the villa.


“Cats, cats are different.” Yang Yi said with a wry smile, “Although cats’ ears and noses are not as good as dogs’, they are still better than us humans, but… they have a higher personality. Leng, when it wants to play with you, it will come back to play with you, and if it doesn’t want to play with you, it will not even look at you.”


“Dad’s analogy! If Baozi found out that his father was back, he would think so.” Yang Yi put Xixi down, and then called in a strange voice, “Wow, you are back, you are back! Ha! Haha, haha, I’m so glad you’re back, you come back to play with me, I’m so happy!”


Yang Yi tried his best to restore Baozi’s inner OS, and even used facial expressions to imitate him. Seeing him with wide eyes and shaking brows, he looked mad with excitement, not to mention Xixi, Murphy couldn’t bear it He burst out laughing.


Xixi giggled and said, “Baozi can’t speak, Baba, you are weird!”


“But, do you know what the little guys think?” Yang Yi returned to his normal tone, stretched out a finger to stop imitating the steamed buns, and asked.


“I don’t know.” Xixi said with a wide-eyed smile.


Murphy found a sofa and sat down. She couldn’t laugh just now, and she was worried that she would laugh until her feet were weak.


I saw Yang Yi put on a cold look, used a strange tone, and said, “I’m back… Well, I see… I don’t care… Don’t look for me if you have anything, I still have myself. I’m busy…”


Yang Yi waved his hand as if chasing flies, and then walked away step by step with a look of disgust, just like a cat who glanced at you and walked away.


It can be said to be very vivid!


Murphy leaned back and forth with laughter, all lying directly on the sofa.


Xi Xi is also having fun on the side. She also follows her father to learn his strange catwalk, which is like dancing, which is very fun.


But Baozi didn’t know that his masters were making fun of himself and the three cat ancestors. He thought Xixi was playing with him, and ran around at Xixi’s feet excitedly, not knowing he was tired at all.



After dinner, Yang Yi and Murphy, as well as Xixi and Baozi took a leisurely walk on the green road by the lake in the villa area. Xixi and Baozi walked to the front. Well said.


Yang Yi chatted with Murphy about what happened this afternoon.


“Director Du said that my image and temperament are more suitable for this role. To put it bluntly, it is cool enough!” Yang Yi said to Murphy, dumbfounded.


“So you don’t want to play Rudi yourself, or do you want Xixi to play Wang Mai.” After Murphy became pregnant, she became more patient. She listened to Yang Yi’s narration completely, and then slowly asked road.


Yang Yi frowned slightly and said, “It’s all there. I don’t really want Xixi to get into the entertainment industry too early. The entertainment industry environment is more complicated, and I’m afraid she will be wronged.”


Murphy, on the other hand, seems to be talking about his own experience: “When I was very young, I studied music with my mother, and then when I was six, because our family was still living in a big city at that time. I was fortunate to be on a relatively influential children’s program in the United States at that time, sang opera, and was subsequently invited to participate in some programs…”


Murphy then told the story of how she grew up and returned to Hong Kong City as a trainee, and then made her debut under the impetus of her mother and friends.


“Although I was greatly influenced by my I also stepped into this circle too early, but I feel that this path is not wrong for me. I like music, so I insisted on walking down. ” Murphy seemed to say with some emotion, “Then I sometimes think, if my mother had not given me a good foundation early and used her connections to pave the way for me, I would have stepped into this business. ?”


“I think the answer is yes, because I like it. But without those resources in the early days, I would not have been able to get to this point more smoothly than other trainees! Perhaps, I need to experience more There are many setbacks, and you need to give up more things in order to realize your dreams. Maybe because you are unwilling to give up, you are mediocre and your dreams are out of reach…”


“The reality is actually very cruel, even though you and I both want to protect Xixi.” Murphy said softly, “But sometimes, overprotection is not a good thing.”


“Of course, when you and I are capable, you must not let Xixi get hurt, but can we say that in order to protect Xixi, we won’t let her do what we like to do? Just like my father If you want to protect me, can you tell me not to let me sing and let me enter the entertainment industry?” Murphy asked.


“You mean Xixi likes acting?” Yang Yi asked in surprise.


“I don’t know, maybe it’s because she usually likes performing shows, and she likes to participate in the previous kindergarten performance. It’s good to act as an ugly duckling! Or maybe not, children are three-pointed in doing things, and we don’t Know if she really likes acting.” Murphy didn’t give a precise answer.


“But, if you don’t try it, how will you know if she likes it or not, how will you know if she is talented in this area?” Murphy said.


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