House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 473: Mother-in-law watching her son-in-law



Although we haven’t seen her for a year, Xixi still recognizes her grandmother at a glance. She takes her hand from her mother’s and flies up happily.


Zhou Mengyu leaned down and hugged Xixi with both hands.


“Grandma, I miss you so much!” The little girl tucked her head into the skirt between grandma’s legs, then raised her head hard, a soft and sweet voice came out, accompanied by her lovely smiley.


“Grandma misses you too. I haven’t seen you for so long. Grandma’s little baby can actually speak such smooth Chinese!” the corners of his eyes appeared.


Zhou Mengyu’s Mandarin is very interesting. Yang Yi can tell that it is a mild Hong Kong accent and a mild Baodao accent. Obviously, she was also influenced by Mo Henian.


“Hee hee!” Xixi didn’t know how to reply to this sentence, she felt that she was praised by her grandmother, and she looked happy.


“Mom!” Murphy greeted her and wanted to help Zhou Mengyu drag her suitcase.


“Hello Auntie, come here for me! Don’t take heavy objects!” Yang Yi greeted him while rushing to work.


Murphy had to give it to him, but still patted Yang Yi on the shoulder and said angrily, “What’s your aunt? It’s mom!”


Yang Yi was just worried about whether it would be a bit awkward to call “Mom” when he came up. Now that Murphy said it, he changed the name along the way.


“Okay, everything is fine.” Zhou Mengyu smiled and nodded kindly to Yang Yi.


The way she looked at Yang Yi was very different from Mo Henian.


Although Zhou Mengyu still had a lot of complaints against Yang Yi at the beginning, after learning about Yang Yi’s many deeds from Mo Xiaojuan and asking the real reason why Yang Yi did not take care of the pregnant Murphy, Zhou Mengyu had already There has been a complete change in Yang Yi.


Mo Henian was somewhat reserved as a father-in-law, but Zhou Mengyu was not stingy with the admiration for Yang Yi in her eyes.


The reason is very simple. My daughter is a single mother, and it is more difficult to find a suitable man who loves her and accepts her child. As a mother, Zhou Mengyu dreams of Murphy’s happiness!


Now, Murphy is finally married, and the object is Xixi’s biological father. What’s more, this man is really good to Murphy. According to Mo Xiaojuan, Yang Yi never touches flowers. Such a condition , what else is she picky about?


“I told Baba that my grandmother is very good at making clothes!” At this moment, Xixi leaned into Zhou Mengyu’s ear and said as if taking credit.


Yang Yi was leading the way, but when he heard it, he turned around and said, “Yes, after Xixi said it, I also told Murphy, let’s go to choose the wedding dress now, it’s better to let Mom give it to you. Design a set.”


Zhou Mengyu laughed, she kissed Xixi’s little cheek, and then said: “You guys, but I brought a big problem to my old lady!”


However, in Zhou Mengyu’s words, there is no meaning of rejection, it seems that she is also interested.


“Mom, let me tell you, Yang Yi knows an old tailor, and he has all the tools and fabrics there.” Murphy was afraid that Zhou Mengyu would be too tired to hold Xixi, so he reached out and hugged him and said with a smile. .



The photo of Yang Yi’s family picking up the plane at the airport was exposed by the media. Zhou Mengyu dressed in a fashionable photo in the photo caused people to speculate: “Who is she?”


Of course, Zhou Mengyu’s identity is no secret, and it was basically revealed the next day.


Murphy’s mother, Hong Kong star in the 1970s.


People suddenly realized: I used to be a star, no wonder she was dressed so fashionably, and she couldn’t recognize her age when she put on makeup.


However, the media like to dig deeper. They found out some reports about Zhou Mengyu that year, and “reported” the fact that Zhou Mengyu was only a second- and third-tier star at the time.


“There have always been rumors that Murphy was raised by his mother, but now, in comparison, it is impossible for a second- and third-tier star 30 years ago to support a child who is a popular singer. It can only be said that the mother cultivates There are innate credits, but Murphy’s achievements are the result of her own efforts!”


Although I’m complimenting Murphy, this comparison is somewhat pretentious and nitpicking!


Of course, Zhou Mengyu doesn’t understand simplified characters, and she doesn’t pay attention to these news. She borrowed Yang Yi’s study these days, and really devoted herself to designing wedding dresses for Yang Yi and Murphy – she I plan to only do design, because compared with the old tailor, she is still ashamed of being a half monk.


However, when Murphy’s affairs are properly arranged, they will leave for Yang Yi’s hometown. No matter how the wedding is held, the parents on both sides will meet and then discuss the wedding.


The wedding needs to be prepared. It is impossible to go back and hold it directly. It is too hasty, and I am sorry Murphy.



It was the weekend, and Yang Yi and the others made arrangements and decided to set off in the afternoon.


In the morning, Yang Yi was loading the car in the backyard downstairs. The luggage of several people had been packed into their respective boxes. All he needed to do was to place them neatly on the back of the wolf. Plus some gifts to bring back, after the car is installed, he needs to cover it with waterproof canvas.


There is a lot of rain in the spring now. I don’t know if it will rain on the road.


Xixi hugged her giraffe and looked at it, she asked, “Baba, are we going back to grandpa’s house?”


“That’s right!” Yang Yi turned his head while busy, grinned with his daughter, and said, “Did you miss grandpa?”


“I think grandpa and grandma… but, just Baba, are we going to pick up the puppy?” Xixi asked expectantly.


Yang Yi was a little surprised. He stopped his movements, looked at Xixi and asked, “Do you remember the puppy?”


After the Spring Festival, when she just came back from home, Xixi still talked about it for a few days, but then she didn’t even mention the puppy. Yang Yi didn’t expect that the little girl still remembers the puppy!


“Remember!” Xixi said rightfully.


A puppy that is one and a half months old…Yang Yi pondered for a while, then he said to Xixi: “In this way, after we return to Grandpa’s house, we will go to Uncle Dapo’s house to see if the puppy can be brought home and raised. , we’ll bring it back, and if it’s still too small, we’ll wait a little longer.”


Xixi nodded and said, “Okay!”


At this time, Yang Huan came over. She didn’t wear a uniform, but was only in a capable sportswear. She raised her head and said to Yang Yi in the car, “Brother, where are Xiaohui?”


“ Your sister-in-law has already packed up, go get it!” Yang Yi nodded at her.


“Hey, why do you think my sister is so miserable? You can all go home and play on vacation. I still have to stay here for classes, and I have to show you cats…” Yang Huan sighed deliberately.


This time, when I returned to my hometown, Yang Yi didn’t take her with me, because Yang Huan didn’t have anything to do, and Yang Huan was only a month or two away from the art exam. During this time, he has been busy with remedial classes. Are you free to go home?


This is different from the last time I went to Yangcheng to watch the concert. I went to Yangcheng for a day or two and came back. This time Yang Yi and the others will return to their hometown at an uncertain time. If the wedding date is earlier, they may have to stay in their hometown. Wait a while.


“Okay, I’m still poor! Hurry up and take the cat and go back to study!” Yang Yi was indifferent to his sister’s resentment.


It was still Xixi who was caring. She walked up to Yang Huan, raised her face, and said, “Little aunt, don’t be sad, okay? I’ll come back with Baba and show you my puppy!”


“Wow, you still have a puppy!” This little aunt’s memory is obviously not as good as Xixi’s.


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