House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 472: Fashionable Grandma (3/4)


As the weather gradually warms up, Springfield Kindergarten has also begun to add some outdoor lessons for children, such as physical education classes, running and playing in the bright sunshine are very popular with children.

This week, Springfield Kindergarten welcomes a new “toy” – a children’s play air cushion that is laid out in the outdoor space of the kindergarten!

Similar to some children’s playgrounds, this is an inflatable air mattress with guardrails and looks like a castle. There are not many fun items in it. Counting and counting, it is an inflatable air mattress that can be climbed and rolled by children. The air-cushion slide below is a bit interesting, and the rest are cartoon images, which can only be punched and kicked, and there is no other meaning.

But just such a “simple” children’s play air cushion strongly attracts all the children in the three classes. After many children went to play, they were reluctant to come down. When the physical education class was over, they cried and shouted, not wanting to go back to the classroom.

For teachers, it is also a happy trouble.

No matter how much other people cry, Xixi and the others are very happy now, because it’s the children’s turn to play gym class!

“Giggle, Xixi, guess where I am?”

Xixi is walking on the air cushion with one foot deep and one shallow, Yang Luoqi’s voice came from somewhere.

Xixi followed the reputation, and she suddenly found the tricky. I saw the little girl laughing and running around, but the air cushion was not easy to control, it was soft, and she walked two steps quickly, often when her heels couldn’t move up to her front feet, Xixi fell on the air cushion. .

The fall was quite embarrassing, turned over, and the lace mesh and the delicately embroidered off-white princess dress spread out and bloomed like flowers.

However, the air cushion is soft and doesn’t hurt when falling. On the contrary, this is where the fun lies.

“Oops!” Xixi called out, then turned over quickly and got up again.

She didn’t even care to pat her pleated skirt, giggled again, and ran to the big cactus air cushion pillar.

“Qiqi, I see you!” Xixi shouted as she walked to the air cushion pillar, stuck out her little head, and looked into the gap behind her.

“Giggle! Xixi, you found out so fast!” Yang Luoqi got out from the gap between the “cactus” and the guardrail, took Xixi’s hand, and giggled.

However, before it was over, a chubby body emerged from behind, Lan Xin shouted: “Xixi, you didn’t find me, I’m here too!”

“Xixi, Qiqi, come here to play!” Chen Shiyun shouted loudly, interrupting their conversation.

The three little girls turned their heads and saw that Chen Shiyun was kneeling on the top of the slide, waving at them. On the slide, Nan Zhaoyu rolled down first.

That’s right, it was a roll. He didn’t have a good balance, so he hit it sideways and rolled down like a log.

But seeing him sit on the ground in a daze and giggling after he rolled down, it seems to be funny too!

“Chen Shiyun, wait for me!” Xixi’s interest came up, and the little girl beckoned and ran to the other side.

“I’m coming too!” Lan Xin shouted loudly, and she chased after Yang Luoqi.

But obviously, on this air cushion, the running speed can’t come fast. She was halfway there when she saw Chen Shiyun sliding down the slide.

“Chen Shiyun, you don’t wait for me!” Xixi pouted and shouted unhappily.

Chen Shiyun waved his hands nonchalantly and shouted, “It’s okay! Let’s climb up together again!”

Xixi thought about it for a while, and became interested again, she said happily: “Well, let’s climb up together! Then slide down together, okay?”

This proposal was unanimously agreed by the friends. At this time, Nan Zhaoyu, who had been dazed for a while, shook his head and got up from the air cushion.

“I want to stand between Xixi and Qiqi!” Nan Zhaoyu took a step slowly. He looked at the little friends who had already raised their hands, scratched his head, and said embarrassedly.

Really pick!

Yang Luoqi was not very happy. She held Xixi’s hand tightly and said, “I want to hold hands with Xixi.”

Lan Xin is more kind, she let go of He Xixi’s hand and said, “Zhaoyu, come here, I’ll hold hands with you!”

At this moment, Teacher Mu came over. She walked along the guardrail and finally found Xixi. She smiled and said, “Xixi, your father is here.”

“I’m here Baba?” The little girl was a little surprised at first, and then became hesitant. She looked at the air cushion slide reluctantly.

Want to get off the air mattress? But she hasn’t had enough!

“Mr. Mu, are we out of school yet?” Lan Xin asked in confusion.

It’s still morning, and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Why is Xixi’s father here?

Mr. Mu smiled slightly and said, “No, Xixi’s father came to pick Xixi back because they have something to do.”

Although Xixi still wants to continue playing, but her father is waiting for her, the little girl can only reluctantly give up her love, pouting her small mouth and following Teacher Mu to find her father.

However, after seeing her father, Xixi’s little emotion just now disappeared.

“Xixi, we have to go back early today, because grandma’s plane arrives at noon, we have to pick up grandma together!” Yang Yi hugged Xixi with his left hand, and helped her carry a small schoolbag with his right hand, and said with a smile.

“Really?” The little girl hugged her father’s neck in surprise and said.

On the way, the little girl was very excited, she couldn’t see the little depression when she just came out, she said to her father, “I like grandma very much, because grandma can make good-looking clothes!”

“Pretty clothes? Didn’t your grandmother sing?” Yang Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

Xixi tilted her head and couldn’t understand her father’s logic. She said in confusion, “Grandma sings well, but I like grandma’s clothes the most!”

“Oh, Dad got it, you mean, grandma can sing, tailor, and make clothes, right?”

At noon, Yang Yi drove the seven-seat nanny car borrowed from Tianmei, carrying Murphy, Mo Xiaojuan, Mo Henian and Xixi, and the family went to the airport in Jiangcheng to pick up Zhou Mengyu, who was transferring from Hong Kong City.

When he saw his mother-in-law, Yang Yi was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Zhou Mengyu to take care of her so well. She was almost sixty years old, and she was like a person in her fifties. Some gray, but she didn’t mean to be black.

Of course, looks are secondary. What Yang Yi marvels at is her taste in dressing. Zhou Mengyu is different from Mo Henian. The latter is addicted to denim and can’t extricate herself from it. Although the fabrics are trendy, the styles come and go. But Zhou Mengyu is different. She is not like other nurses who wear cheongsam for fashion.

She is wearing a loose knitted tunic, which is not so much a dress as a tunic. The style is extremely retro, with half-length sleeves and half of her forearm exposed, like an ancient robe and a skirt.

Precisely knitted fabric in a minimalist shade of dark green, it looks so classy!

The beauty of this robe lies in its hem, which is the position of the legs. With embroidery, a colorful cluster of flowers and two flying butterflies are vividly left on it!

This pattern, like the finishing touch, completely revitalized this retro monochrome dress.

Seeing her mother-in-law wearing high-heeled leather boots, dignified and generous, Yang Yi is like watching a fashion week model catwalk, and she can’t believe her eyes!

Let’s not talk about Yang Yi, the people around the airport also threw their attention and salutes, of course, not amazing, but sighed and admired!

My face is easy to fade, and now Zhou Mengyu, who has white hair and wrinkles, can’t be like a little girl, so that others will be fascinated by it, but this old age is still graceful, but it is a lot of people. Can’t envy the free and easy!

Suddenly, Yang Yi understood why Mr. Mo Henian could wear jeans so well!

So the real hero is here!


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