House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 460: Deliver water to Ma Ma (3/4)



Murphy’s concert in Yangcheng on March 25, tickets were sold out as early as the day they went on sale. Many people couldn’t buy them if they wanted to, and some tickets that scalpers had tried their best to get had already been fired. Sky price!


This is also the reason why Murphy’s concerts are too few. At present, the concert plan announced by Tianmei seems to be only three.


Originally, Niu Meiling wanted to give Murphy another six concerts from April to June, trying to squeeze Murphy’s remaining value, but because of the sudden exposure of Murphy’s relationship, they have not yet found out who is behind the scenes , This matter has been put on hold for the time being, and now with Ju Jie’s intervention, even if you want to arrange a concert for Murphy, I am afraid you have to get the consent of Murphy and Yang Yi.


Let’s not say anything else, Murphy and Mo Xiaojuan, with Guo Ziyi and Ding Xiang as the first echelon, set off early and came to Yangcheng first to prepare. However, Yang Yi and his family left in the afternoon. They also flew there and checked into the hotel that Fu Jun arranged for them.


In the car where Fu Jun’s driver came to pick up the plane, Yang Yi pointed out the window, smiled and said to Xixi, who just wanted to sit with him: “Xixi, do you remember that? Last time we Come to Yangcheng and see it.”


“Where? Baba, what did you say?” Xixi curiously put her little face on the car window, looking at the heavy traffic outside the window, at the street lights on the city highway, and the billboards next to it – night fell, One after another of neon radiance – also beautiful.


However, this dazzling beauty is also dazzling, and Xixi can’t recognize anything.


“Wait a minute!” Yang Yi waited for the car to get on the viaduct, he gently squeezed Xixi’s little hand, pointed at the tall tower-like building with purple lights outside the car window, and said, “Look , that’s the one!”


Xixi recognized it this time. She turned her head and smiled happily at her father: “I know, that’s called Xiaomanyao, giggle!”


Xixi was very impressed by this, because the last time she came, her father told her that the building was called this name, and then tickled her waist with his fingers, making her laugh for a long time, how could she not remember?


“Yes, it’s called Xiaomanyao!” Yang Yi understood, he deliberately stared at him and tried to pounce with his teeth and claws.


“Giggle, I don’t want it! I’m ticklish!” While twisting her “little waist” to hide, the little girl grabbed her father’s hand to prevent him from moving, causing the whole car to riot. Filled with her silver bell laughter.


“Which is the waist?” What makes them so happy? Yang Huan couldn’t help but leaned over and looked out.



In the evening, after having dinner at the hotel together, everyone went back to their own rooms. Mo Henian is old and needs to rest early. Before entering his room, he glanced at the room where Yang Yi and Mo Fei took Xixi back.


Mo Henian couldn’t help frowning, but he didn’t say anything more like before. After all, after the showdown, he could be regarded as admitting the relationship between Yang Yi and Murphy. It was only natural for the couple to sleep together. What’s more, there are still many young people who are not husband and wife in the United States who have **** early!


So despite being unhappy, he didn’t say anything and went back to his room.


In this room, Yang Yi stopped Xixi, who was jumping up and down to turn on the TV.


“Xixi, come, bring the water to mom and tell her, mom, you’re not feeling well today, drink more warm water!” Yang Yi was at the water dispenser, alternating hot and cold water. Mixed a cup of warm water, handed it to the little girl, then pointed at Murphy who was sorting Xixi’s clothes in the suitcase, and smiled.


Murphy didn’t have a cold or a fever. She didn’t know what was going on. When she was eating at night, her appetite was a little bit bad, and she stopped her chopsticks when she couldn’t eat much. Yang Yi was worried that she would be hungry at night, so she packed some buns and snacks for her.


Xixi nodded sensible. She stretched out two small hands, but before taking it, she asked worriedly, “Baba, is it hot?”


“It’s not hot, don’t worry, Dad has already tested it, it’s just warm water, just warm.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


I saw the little girl took the paper cup and held it carefully. Like a little snail, she walked forward step by step to her mother. She handed the water in her hand to her mother, obediently Said: “Mama, you are not feeling well, drink more water!”


Murphy noticed the movement here when Xixi went to pick up the water, so she looked at Xixi holding the water, her small hands trembling, and she was always worried.


“Thank you Xixi, you are so kind!” Murphy squatted down, took the water with her left hand, and hugged Xixi’s small body with her right hand, kissed the little girl’s delicate cheek, and smiled.


Xixi leaned on her mother’s arms and smiled happily. She also said sincerely: “Baba gave it to me!”


Yang Yi and Murphy looked at each other, and he raised his brow smugly.


Murphy knew what this guy meant. After she drank the water, she stood up, walked over, kissed Yang Yi’s face, and said angrily, “Okay, okay, I’ll give you one too. .”


Yang Yi and Murphy sorted their clothes together. He raised his head and said to Xixi, “By the way, Xixi, do you still remember brother Fu Yanbo?”


Xixi, who was watching TV, turned her head, blinked her eyes, and said, “Remember, brother Fu Yanbo is very tall.”


“Is that your friend’s child?” Murphy asked curiously. “I seem to remember that name too.”


“Yes, Fu Jun’s son, but his son is older and is in fifth grade this year.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


He then looked at Xixi and said, “Tomorrow, Uncle Fu Jun said that he will take Brother Yanbo to the zoo to see elephants with us. What do you think?”


“Look at an elephant?” Xixi ran over from the sofa in surprise, threw herself on the soft bed, raised her head and asked, “Is it an elephant with long teeth?”


Xixi was in kindergarten, and had a course in seeing pictures and objects. After she came back, Yang Yi also drew cartoons to study with her. The little girl already had a preliminary understanding of these animals.


“Yes, there are also tigers, monkeys, etc. We can see them when we go to the zoo!” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“Isn’t that friend of yours busy?” Murphy asked curiously.


“He is much better now, he has recruited some capable leaders, like Li Long from Sahara Express. As the work goes on, he only needs to coordinate the overall situation, and he doesn’t need to worry about the details, so he can spare a little time to accompany him. Stay with your family!” Yang Yi explained to Murphy with a smile.


Fu Jun is similar to Yang Yi. They are both family-friendly men. However, after the Sahara online shopping mall started to take off, Fu Jun was often so busy that he didn’t have time to go home. Fortunately, he had self-knowledge, knew how to hire people, and delegated some powers. go down.


This time, Yang Yi brought Xixi to Yangcheng, and Fu Jun also found an opportunity to bring his son out to play and accompany Xiao Yanbo – he has long been complaining.


Murphy held Yang Yi’s hand said coquettishly: “I also want to go to the zoo, I haven’t been there for a long time!”


Xixi blinked her eyes and said, “Then Mama will go too! I want to play with Baba and Mama!”


Murphy said regretfully: “But Mama has no time! Mama has to prepare for the concert the day after tomorrow and rehearsal tomorrow.”


“When you’re done, make time, let’s go play wherever you want, anywhere!” Yang Yi promised.


Murphy nodded slightly moved.


“I, I can do this!” Xixi stood up on the bed at this time, squeezed between her father and mother, and swayed to steal the spotlight, “I can ask Baba to take many, many pictures of you, and then I will numb you. You can also see it!”


Murphy was stunned for a moment, and when she reacted, she smiled and hugged the little girl in her arms, rubbed her little head, and said, “You have so many crazy ideas, but this idea is also very good. , Mama thank you!”


“Hee hee!” The little girl grew tired of her mother’s arms.


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