House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 461: Shy brother Yanbo



The next day, the media that took the photos made a fuss about the fact that Yang Yi and Murphy stayed in the same hotel, but this obviously couldn’t make any more sensational news. What’s so strange about a couple living in the same hotel, if they don’t live in one, it’s probably big news, right?


The fans who bought the concert tickets are looking forward to it. The fans in Yangcheng have already heard the fans who have seen the concert at the Magic City Station say that Yang Yi’s singing skills are not bad, but it’s just that their ears are empty. Everyone Just be suspicious. I don’t know if Yang Yi will be a guest singer in this concert. If he can appear, he will be able to verify it with his own ears!


Yang Yi will never sit back and watch his wife’s concert, right?


Fans don’t know, this guy really isn’t going to play!


On the one hand, there are already two guest singers for the concert, including Chen Yijie and Guo Ziyi, and one more Yang Yi will seem a bit overwhelming!


Of course, the main problem is that this guy Yang Yi is lazy, and he hasn’t set his own position yet. Yang Yi felt that if he could not be high-profile, he would not be high-profile. The last time he made a public appearance, he was forced to do nothing.


The media, who had been staring at the hotel, didn’t realize that Yang Yi didn’t appear in the big team going to the concert. He and Xixi got into the private car that Fu Jun personally picked up, The underground parking lot is on!



On the way, Yang Yi and Fu Jun chatted non-stop in the front seat. Regarding the development of Sahara Online Mall, Fu Jun had many questions to discuss with Yang Yi.


In the back seat, Fu Jun’s son Fu Yanbo has been looking at Xixi sitting next to him.


Fu Yanbo, who is already in fifth grade this year, is also a half-year-old boy. He is not handsome, with two single eyelids and thin eyes. He is usually shy at first glance, and he is not very familiar with Xixi. , so just staring at her secretly, she didn’t dare to talk to the little sister.


Xixi turned her head and looked at her little brother, Fu Yanbo hurriedly sat upright. The little girl became confused. She didn’t know what to say to her brother who was so much older than herself, so she turned her head and looked out the car window.


She usually sits in a child safety seat. Today, Uncle Fu forgot to bring the child safety seat out, and she was rarely liberated.


So, the adults in the front seat were chatting hotly, and the atmosphere in the back seat was a little dull until they got to the zoo – which was not far.


“Baba, brother Yanbo has been looking at me.” When Yang Yi hugged Xixi and got off the bus, the little girl whispered in her father’s ear.


“Really?” Yang Yi laughed, he rubbed Xixi’s little head and said, “Then have you spoken to brother Yanbo?”


“No.” Xixi shook her head and said with some dissatisfaction, “But, but brother Yanbo didn’t speak to me either.”


Here, Fu Jun took some drinks and snacks from the trunk, locked the car, and walked over. Fu Yanbo also followed behind his father’s ass.


“Come on, Xixi, look, do you like the snacks that uncle bought you?” Fu Jun said to Xixi with a smile.


It is Xixi who is loved by everyone. Fu Jun forgot his son when he saw the cute little girl.


“I like to eat.” Xixi glanced at the bag, which contained small biscuits and seaweed, which she often eats at home, and clapped her little palm happily.


Yang Yi smiled and said to Fu Jun, “She told me just now that Yan Bo kept looking at her in the car, but didn’t speak.”


Xixi hid behind her father a little shyly when she heard the words, but stuck out a pair of smiling eyes.


“Yanbo, you are already a big brother, why are you so shy?” Yang Yi said jokingly.


Fu Yanbo scratched his head a little embarrassedly, not knowing how to answer.


“Didn’t you keep talking about sister Xixi at home?” Fu Jun patted his son, then smiled with Yang Yi, “He really likes the storybook you wrote, and sometimes tells his mother that , he is very envious of Xixi, and can often listen to your stories.”


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect this kid to be his own fan.


“Let’s go, Yan Bo, you have to hold your sister’s hand and protect her, do you know?” Fu Jun said.


“But, I’m also afraid.” Fu Yanbo took Xixi’s hand obediently, completely ignoring Uncle Yang Yi’s glance, but he said to his father with a troubled face, “If the lion comes What should I do?”


What should I do, he is also desperate! I can’t protect myself, how can I protect my sister?


“Actually, Xixi doesn’t need you to worry too much, I’m still here.” Yang Yi coughed softly and said.


To be reasonable, if it wasn’t for Fu Yanbo, who was called by Fu Jun to hold Xixi’s hand out of caring, Yang Yi would not be able to bear a little boy holding Xixi, even if he was several years older!


Forget it, they are all acquaintances, and they are still watching.


At this time, Xixi shook Fu Yanbo’s hand and whispered: “Brother Yanbo, don’t be afraid, I said, they are locked in a cage and can’t get out.”


Fu Jun couldn’t help shaking his head and said, “Look, Yan Bo, you don’t know as much as the little sister!”


Fu Yanbo couldn’t hang his face, he pursed his mouth and lowered his head.


“It doesn’t matter, Yan Bo’s academic performance is good, Xixi, when you go to school in the future, you have to study with brother Yan Bo. He can get full marks in all exams.” Yang Yi smiled.


“So powerful?” Xixi exclaimed in surprise.


A visit to the zoo is an awareness-raising trip for children.


Xixi is still very good. She recognizes a lot of animals. However, if she has never learned, like hippos and baboons, the little girl is a little blind.


In front of the baboon cage, Xixi and Fu Yanbo had a little quarrel.


“This is a monkey!” Xixi said.


“This is not a monkey, this is a baboon!” It was not the first time that Fu Yanbo came here, he recognized it.


“This is the monkey!” The little girl pouted and said unconvinced.


“Monkeys are not so big, and baboons are so ugly!” Fu Yanbo tried to correct.


However, Xixi insisted on her own opinion, she said loudly: “This is a monkey, a monkey with permed hair.”


In the back, Yang Yi finally couldn’t help laughing. He interrupted the two children’s argument and said to Xixi: “Brother Yanbo is right, this is a baboon, not a monkey. However, you have to say It’s a monkey, and it’s not wrong, because baboons also belong to the monkey family.”


This answer is equivalent to a reward of 50 yuan each. Both children can accept it. Xixi also feels that she is not completely wrong, but she obediently listens to her father’s story and knows that the baboon is the one in front of her. The real name of the permed monkey.


The Yangcheng Zoo is running very well, and there are many kinds of animals. Xixi even saw a peacock on the screen. While the little girl feasted her eyes, she did not forget her mother and urged her father to take pictures of her.


As for the situation of Fu Yanbo and Xixi holding hands, which Yang Yi is more entangled, this will be gone in the middle! Xixi was tired from walking, Yang Yi secretly hugged Xixi, never letting go, never giving this stinky boy another chance!



Back to the hotel in the evening, the sky in the south is still bright. Murphy, Guo Ziyi and the others who went to the rehearsal today also came back, and everything seemed to be going well.


However, Chen Yijie, who came from Hong Kong City to participate in the rehearsal, also followed over to the hotel.


It was originally Chen Yijie’s cast that could not be used for rehearsal, but Chen Yijie wanted to visit Yang Yi, so he came earlier.


Just in time, Yang Yi can also give him the prepared songs!


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