House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 453: 1 some details (1/4)



The second day of my father-in-law’s arrival was a near miss. Although Xixi went to kindergarten, Murphy was still there. Mo Henian didn’t give Yang Yi a lot of good looks, but he didn’t talk like yesterday. With great.


He mainly focuses on understanding the surrounding environment today, especially the flower garden downstairs.


In the evening, Yang Yi went to pick up Xixi back. In the kindergarten, Mr. Mu gave him a notice: “The kindergarten will hold the most distinctive spring fun sports meeting in Chuntian Kindergarten this Friday afternoon, that is, tomorrow afternoon. Xi’s father, are you free to attend?”


This little girl is still participating in the sports meeting? Yang Yi was a little surprised, he turned his head and asked the little girl who was absent-minded: “Xixi, what project did you sign up for?”


“Ah?” Xixi was still a little confused at first. When Teacher Mu explained again, the little girl raised her head and said with a bright smile, “I want to run with Xiner.”


“Running with Xiner? Are you running a race with Xiner?” Yang Yi asked amusingly, no need to know better than him who won.


“No, our running competition requires two children to cooperate together. At that time, there will be a rope to tie the two children together.” Teacher Mu helped explain.


In fact, it’s similar to two people with three legs, except that Teacher Mu gestures at the waist, maybe because he is worried that the two people and three legs will fall on the child.


But this also made Yang Yi wonder whether to laugh or cry, what kind of vision does her daughter have, and what teammate did she choose!


“Okay, then, Dad will definitely come to see you and Xiner’s game. You have to urge her to exercise. Let’s work together!” Yang Yi said to Xixi, and nodded to Teacher Mu.


“Baba, I want Mama to come too.” Xixi asked her father to hug her, then she whispered to her father’s ear.


“No, mom, she’s going to work.”



Murphy did have something to do. On the third day, at ten o’clock, she got into Mo Xiaojuan’s car to pick her up and went to the company for a meeting.


Before leaving, Murphy glanced upstairs with a worried look, and asked Yang Yi in a low voice, “Can I? If I’m not at home.”


“Don’t worry, your dad has gradually accepted me now, but he still needs an opportunity. He may not know how to express his emotions.” Yang Yi said with relief, “Also, I think you asked me to talk to me. It’s good for him to be alone, maybe the opportunity will come.”


Murphy nodded lightly, and she whispered, “Then don’t fight!”


Yang Yi patted Murphy’s soft shoulder, smiled and nodded, reassuring her.


The words are divided into two parts. Let’s talk about Murphy first. After she arrived at the company, she went to see Niu Meiling with Mo Xiaojuan.


“Murphy, is your father’s body still strong? The last time I saw him should have been ten years ago.” Niu Meiling learned from Mo Xiaojuan the reason why Murphy pushed back the announcement these days. Not only was he not angry, but he also showed concern like a friend.


Perhaps it was because the relationship between Murphy and Yang Yi was stabbed out. Although she did not do it herself, she was inextricably related to her. Therefore, Niu Meiling was somewhat guilty, so she showed it in front of Murphy. very friendly.


“It’s okay, his blood pressure has been a little high for the past two years, but overall it’s fine.” Murphy replied plainly as usual, not too far away.


In the end, Murphy was an artist who was about to leave Tianmei, and Niu Meiling was somewhat grumpy, so after the exchange, the two didn’t communicate much. Soon, Murphy also left Niu Meiling’s office.


Niu Meiling called all the artists and managers of the company to come back for a meeting, not because she found out who the person who exposed Murphy’s information was, but because she wanted to do something about what happened to Murphy this time. By extension, I warned all artists that those artists whose contracts are prohibited from falling in love must keep themselves clean and concentrate on developing their own performing arts careers.


And the manager should always pay attention to the artist’s relationship, if there is any situation, such as falling in love, or falling out of love, or any setback, they must pay attention to follow up and report to the company in time.


“This report is very important. The company must grasp your situation before taking correct measures!” Niu Meiling said, “Murphy and the others have handled this incident very well. In exchange for the understanding of the fans, and also maintain communication with the company’s public relations department, so that the two sides will not say different things!”


Niu Meiling also gave Murphy a hand. In fact, Ju Jie wanted Niu Meiling and Jian Chuo to apologize to Murphy, but how could Niu Meiling be so embarrassed?


Speaking of Ju Jie, Niu Meiling looked solemn and asked, “By the way, Ju Jie, why didn’t your agent come to the meeting?”


Usually, Du Lun came to the meeting. Ju Jie, a big slacker, would never come. Now, on the contrary, Ju Jie was sitting in the conference room, but Du Lun was nowhere to be seen.


“I don’t know either, Du Lun’s phone has been turned off these days, and he can’t find anyone.” Ju Jie scratched his head, looking depressed.


Not far away, Zhen Zhen, who was sitting beside Jian Chuo, was stunned and frowned.


“Don’t talk about him, you should pay attention to yourself. Go back and tell Du Lun that if there is any situation, you should report it to the company in time.” Niu Meiling said to Ju Jie.


She is also very worried about her nephew, who is too out of touch, and is a **** himself, let alone dating, how many girls in the company have had an affair with him!


After the meeting, Ju Jie watched Murphy and Mo Xiaojuan pack up and walked out of the office, and he hurriedly chased after them.


“Sister Murphy, Sister Murphy!” Ju Jie chased after the stairs and greeted Murphy and Mo Xiaojuan with a smile.


“Ju Jie, what are you doing?” Mo Xiaojuan protected Murphy behind her as if she was facing an enemy. She kept looking around to see if there were any hidden cameras around.


“Hey, I have nothing to do, I’m here to apologize!” Ju Jie quickly explained.


“Apologize for what?” Mo Xiaojuan asked suspiciously.


“Because in the past, I wanted to be famous and wanted to be crazy, so my aunt and I wanted to have a scandal with Sister Murphy to hype me. Now I know this is wrong, so I want to apologize to Sister Murphy. I’m really sorry. You have brought trouble.” Ju Jie said.


Murphy and Mo Xiaojuan’s faces turned pale, Murphy nodded lightly and said, “Forget it, that’s all over.”


Ju Jie said with a smile: “There is one more thing, Sister Murphy, please tell Mu…Yang Yi, I have not given up on the matter of your photos being stabbed, and have been trying my best to help investigate. , ask him to give me more time, and I promise to give you a satisfactory answer.”


“Huh? You know Yang Yi?” Mo Xiaojuan asked in surprise, she couldn’t believe her ears.


“We don’t know each other if we don’t fight, cough, cough, we are on one side anyway!” Ju Jie smiled awkwardly and said, “Last time, I advised my aunt not to worry about your not renewing the contract. .”


“It turned out to be you!” Murphy understood, and now she understands what Yang Yi’s relationship is!


However, since Ju Jie has a relationship with Yang Yi, why does he force himself to have a scandal with him?


After Ju Jie Mo Xiaojuan answered her doubts: “Didn’t Ju Jie say just now that we don’t know each other if we don’t fight? It is estimated that he did something before, and my brother-in-law was upset and taught him a lesson. , As a result, Ju Jie and her brother-in-law have a better relationship now, and I said that in the past two months, this Ju Jie has become a lot more honest!”


Murphy suddenly realized, and did not think too much, she felt that these were too complicated, and there was no need to think thoroughly.


Back to their office, Mo Xiaojuan felt a little uncomfortable in her stomach, she hurriedly flipped through Murphy’s bag: “Sister, do you have any leftover sanitary napkins I bought for you last time? Mine should be here! “


“In it, you put it yourself, I haven’t used it.” Murphy was busy texting Yang Yi, asking him about the situation at home, and said without looking up.


After a while, Mo Xiaojuan came out. She smiled and asked, “Sister, why don’t you use it? Don’t you like this brand anymore?”


“No, I just haven’t come yet, so I don’t need it.” Murphy said absently to Mo Xiaojuan while chatting with Yang Yi via text message.


“True or false, count the days, you should be here at the beginning of the month.” Mo Xiaojuan muttered, but Murphy didn’t intend to continue chatting with her.


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