House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 454: The Proud Mohe Year (2/4)



What Murphy is worried about now is that she is not at home, can Yang Yi cope with her father?


However, she seems to be thinking too much. At this moment, Yang Yi is talking with Mo Henian in the study.


Yang Yi’s study is very bright and bright during the day. The spring breeze gently blows the gauze curtain, making waves, and the white mist that floats after the mountain spring water is boiled also adds a lot of color to the room.


It was different from the first day when Mo Henian was not happy with Yang Yi in every possible way. Today, although Mo Henian is still stern, his tone is not very aggressive, and he can be regarded as a gentle guide to Yang Yi. Another gaiwan-style brewing method to make tea for him.


“This is a particular technique, look at me, the gestures when pouring, the position of the lid, and the strength and angle to prevent the tea from being poured out, and the tea can be poured smoothly without being hot!”


Mo Henian taught me seriously, and Yang Yi was fascinated by his studies. He didn’t hide his clumsiness. He really didn’t know how to make tea as the old man said, and he had seen it on TV before.


However, Yang Yi understands tea, is flexible, and learns quickly. In a short time, he can complete the operation of pouring tea with three fingers – the thumb and **** are holding the rim of the bowl, and the index finger is lightly clasping the lid of the cup.


Seeing that Yang Yi has learned well, Mo Henian is also relieved, but he does not make a false statement, does not give any praise, but said indifferently: “You have to change this tea bowl, the one with the bowl cover. The mouth of the bowl and the edge of the lid should be wide, and the lid button should be high, otherwise, it will be easy to burn your hands.”


“Well, look back, I’ll pick another good one.” Yang Yi nodded politely, although at his level, he was basically not hot.


Mo Henian took two sips of tea and became addicted to smoking, so he took out a polished pipe from his arms, which Yang Yi gave him yesterday. Originally, Mo Henian didn’t want it, but Murphy persuaded him. In addition, this pipe is really good. It is said that it is made of heather roots that are more than 60 years old.


It’s all handmade, with complete patterns and no flaws. The surface is polished to be as delicate as agate. Not to mention the old man, Xixi thinks it is a very beautiful toy when she sees it. I want it!


Mo Henian was smoking a cigarette and drinking tea, then flipped through “Walking in the White Night”.


This book is the one mentioned in the report that made him have a deeper prejudice against Yang Yi a few days ago. It happened that when he saw a sample book in Yang Yi’s bookshelf, he took it down and read it.


Mo Henian now feels that Yang Yi is not as bad as he imagined through what he has seen and heard with his own eyes. At least, he cannot find the existence of the “devil” mentioned in the report.


So, the old man really wants to see, where is the “devil” mentioned in the book mentioned in the newspaper?


But looking at it, Mo Henian began to get deeply immersed in the plot described in this book, as well as the depressing social situation. He frowned and showed a thoughtful look from time to time.


“Have you lived on Treasure Island before?” Mo Henian finally couldn’t hold back and asked.


“No, I’ve never been to the sea.” Yang Yi shook his head.


“Then how do you know so much about the situation in Baodao’s time?” Mo Henian said suspiciously, “In the book, the unfinished buildings, single-parent families, and the life dilemmas encountered by single mothers like Xi Wendai, And, this!”


The page that Mo Henian opened is the plot at the beginning of Xiao Yicheng and Jiang Li’s love affair in the text, and what he refers to as “the hairstyle with medium-long hair, bangs on the forehead, and the hair on both sides is pulled back” is exactly the One of the more popular women’s hairstyles of that era.


“These, it’s hard for someone with no experience to describe them!” Mo Henian said, but for some reason, he looked at Yang Yi with a much kinder look.


Perhaps I feel the same way?


He was deeply touched when he read this work, because the era described in the article happened to be when he was still studying in Baodao. At a young age, he experienced the bursting of the economic bubble in Baodao, the collapse of countless companies, and the Treasure Island’s confusion and confusion have also seen the dark examples described in the article in which people forgot family affection and humanity in pursuit of profit.


“Uncle, at the time you mentioned, I was still very young and lived in the countryside of Anqing, how could I have experienced it?” Yang Yi smiled, “I just read some books and carefully studied Baodao. The social conditions at that time.”


Yang Yi also took down nearly ten sociology books on Baodao’s social studies from the bookshelf in the study for Mo Henian to read.


Mo Henian believed so many books, but he believed it by eight points, but he still wanted to pick the nitty-gritty, and asked Yang Yi to test the school, “Before, in the early 1980s, something happened on Baodao. A very serious mass suicide incident caused a worldwide sensation, you know?”


Yang Yi nodded: “I know, because the stock has plummeted and the debts are heavy, and it is unacceptable for a while, so the Baonan family of six collectively committed suicide with gas…”


As if they had found a common topic, Mo Henian and Yang Yi started a discussion on the social situation of Baodao, and Mo Henian’s satisfaction with Yang Yi also seemed to gradually increase.


As for the “devil” side of Yang Yi that was originally mentioned in the entertainment newspapers, Mo Henian is also a high-level intellectual. After reading the novel himself, can’t he see that this is just a dramatic description of the novel? He will not deny the character of an author because of the content of a work.



In the afternoon, Chuntian Kindergarten is going to hold an interesting sports meeting. Yang Yi invited Mo Henian to watch the Xixi competition together. The old man was reserved for a while at first, but thinking that it was his granddaughter’s competition, Mo Henian pretended to be impatient and said: “Go and go! Save you nagging in my ear!”


Although it was a reluctance to go, the old man was well dressed before going out. His upper body was a Hawaiian-style shirt with a coconut tree print on it. He didn’t wear a windbreaker, just a wide scarf with Indian patterns. The lower body is still jeans, riding boots, and a white cowboy hat is buttoned on the head. It can always attract the attention of many people when it appears on the streets of China – this old man should not be too trendy!


Mo Henian appeared in Chuntian Kindergarten and immediately replaced Yang Yi and became the children’s new favorite. However, the children did not rush up like sticking to Yang Yi, but just surrounded them curiously, and their innocent eyes revealed admiration ‘s look.


It was the first time they had ever seen someone dressed like this, especially the hat, the scarf, and the boots, all very novel. “So cool” muttered one after another.


“This is my Grandpa, my grandfather!” Xixi squeezed out from among the little friends, jumped into her grandfather’s arms cheering, and then proudly introduced it to the other children.


Xixi didn’t wear a skirt today, she was wearing a jumper and sports trousers. The burgundy tone and the shiny cotton wool looked very energetic. Of course, the most important thing is that the little girl has slender arms and calves, and she looks slim and beautiful in whatever clothes she wears, and doesn’t look bloated at all.


Chen Shiyun shouted in the crowd: “Xixi, isn’t your grandfather fierce? I don’t think he is fierce at all, and he is handsome!”


Mo Henian’s old face has been stretched for a few days, and he can’t hold it anymore. He couldn’t help but smile a little when he was praised by the He pulled the brim of his hat and respected Chen Shiyun to the cowboy He said: “This kid is knowledgeable, not bad, not bad!”


“Where is Grandpa so fierce? Grandpa has always been very nice!” Mo Henian did not forget to pat Xixi’s little **** in his arms, and said a little reproachfully.


“Hee hee!” The little girl lay on Mo Henian’s shoulder and laughed a little embarrassedly.


“Cool! Grandpa, can I put on your hat?” Chen Shiyun became more courageous, she asked.


“I want to wear it too, I like this hat too!” Lan Xin shouted as she squeezed into the crowd.


“You can’t wear them together. You have to line up and come one by one.” Xixi got down from her grandfather’s arms, and she squeezed in front of her to help him maintain order.


“Well then…”


With such popularity, Mo Henian is naturally very proud of himself. The feeling of humiliation that Yang Yi had compared to him at home before was swept away. He generously took off his hat and handed it to the children, not forgetting to glance at Yang Yi.


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