House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 437: Stunning from Yang Yi (3/4)


When the prelude sounded, the director at the scene switched the camera on the big screen to the camera aimed at Yang Yi, so even the audience far away could see Yang Yi playing the guitar time look.

Although this is the first time on stage, Yang Yi’s good psychological quality allows Yang Yi to calmly face the camera, and there are tens of thousands of spectators under the stage.

And his calm face, as well as his serious look when he plays the guitar, also makes people forget that he is “just” a small writer. Play a beautiful melody.

“Hey, little pig, what should I do if I think Yang Yi looks more handsome?” Zhong Zhenzhen said excitedly. Serious men are really handsome!

“Is there? Don’t be noisy, let’s listen to the song!” Chu Fangfang shook his head helplessly.

Yang Yi played the prelude really well. Although it is a very slow rhythm, every note seems to be just right, making people feel warm and comfortable!

At this time, it is interesting that a line of subtitles is displayed on the big screen, showing the name of the song that Murphy is about to sing – “Want to Sing Me to You”, and then the songwriters are all signed by Mu Ziang name.

Mu Ziang?

Although this subtitle passed quickly due to the short prelude, it was still seen by many people.

For example, Zhong Zhenzhen of Chu Fangfang, the most gossipy, was a little surprised. There were several conjectures in her mind. The most unreliable one was: “Could it be that Mu Ziang is a woman? So I don’t care about Murphy at all. Marrying another man?”

Of course, this is just her guessing. Mu Ziang has long been confirmed by Chen Yijie to be a man!

The fans in the audience didn’t have time to be surprised. The camera switched to Murphy’s side. She and Yang Yi in a white dress had a sharp contrast, as if they were white in black and white.

The makeup that is not too flamboyant seems to be just a glossy and pink lipstick, and the delicate and beautiful face is still attractive, but this fairy-like beauty, those shining eyes, look at Yang Yi , anyone can read the deep love.

Before the fans could be jealous, Murphy raised the microphone and sang affectionately.

“I want to sing to you while I’m still young…” After the sound was amplified, Murphy’s clear and gentle voice spread throughout the stadium.

“It sounds good!” Chu Fangfang squeezed her fist excitedly, and she didn’t dare to cry out, for fear of destroying this wonderful piece of music.

Murphy is worthy of being a strong singer. She sang with a voice that was not loud at all, and the hearts of many male fans in the audience swayed.

For example, in front of Chu Fangfang and the others, a boy said excitedly: “Wow, it’s so sweet, I think I’m in love!”

However, his companion laughed and mercilessly pulled him back to the cruel reality: “Wake up, you thought Murphy sang to you? They watched her husband sing!”

At the moment when Murphy sang, the accompaniment was finally no longer Yang Yi’s single guitar sound, and the following bands also started their work.

“Blossom as much as you like, decorate your years with my branches…” After Murphy finished singing, he smiled slightly, raised his hand and pointed the camera at Yang Yi next to him.

This smile is like a garden full of flowers, the bright and charming spring is blooming.

However, the camera on the big screen was slowly transferred to Yang Yi’s side by the photographer. Yang Yi didn’t have Murphy’s charming smile. He was unsmiling on stage, giving people the feeling of being a little cold.

But as soon as he spoke, the audience was shocked! (Note 1)

“Who can replace you?” The deep and deep voice, with a strong magnetism, suddenly caused many picky ears to burp.


Just one word, beautiful!

Breathtakingly beautiful, unbelievable!

A writer sang this?

Chu Fangfang opened her mouth in surprise, but this scene was being staged in every corner of the scene, and almost everyone was shocked at the moment when Yang Yi spoke.

They couldn’t believe their ears and that Yang Yi’s voice was so nice.

“Love while you are young…” Yang Yi told them the next sentence.

Yes, you heard that right!

Although I can’t see the reaction of the fans in the audience, Murphy, who is next to Yang Yi at the moment, is full of joy and pride: “Have you seen it? This is my husband!”

“My dearest one, let’s be together after a long journey…”

After Yang Yi finished singing, the camera switched to Murphy’s side again. However, this time the director used another camera and used a gradual switch, so that Yang Yi’s figure remained on the screen for a while, and appeared for a while A scene of two people in the same frame.

“I’ll sing me to you…” Murphy sings.

While Murphy’s long note had not fallen, Yang Yi also raised his voice and sang the lyrics along with it. Although it didn’t have the amazing feeling of the bass just now, it also showed the tacit cooperation between him and Murphy.

“Give me your innocent smile…”

Although this section was sung by Yang Yi in order, Murphy took on the part of the main song in order to reflect Yang Yi’s singing skills.

“We should have a happy, happy… sunny time…” Murphy sings, and Yang Yi harmonizes. (Note 2)

Zhong Zhenzhen didn’t feel anything yet. Chu Fangfang, who closed his eyes and listened carefully, couldn’t help but open his eyes and looked at Yang Yi who was also on the big screen in surprise.

This harmony is very accurate! Not only does it not steal the limelight of the lead singer, but it also maintains a very harmonious filling effect.

Like Chu Fangfang, there are indeed a lot of fans who can hear the difference. At this moment, they have gradually gained a recognition of Yang Yi’s singing skills: they are not weaker than real singers!

However, simple fans like Zhong Zhenzhen account for most of them, and they are also happy. They just need to listen to the songs and enjoy the beauty of the songs.

This song is really suitable for male and female chorus, especially the live version!

“I’ll sing me to you!” This time it was reversed, with Yang Yi as the lead singer and Murphy singing along.

“How about touching you with my hot feelings? The years are worth remembering, nostalgic, shy red face…”

Under the camera, Yang Yi looked at Murphy, her cold face also seemed to soften, her eyes as deep as stars, and her doting tenderness was revealed without any concealment.

In the public, when Yang Yi looked at him like this, Murphy felt sweet and shy in her heart, just like what she sang in harmony, her pure face lowered slightly shyly.

“Who can replace you, love to your heart’s content while you are young, dearest person, let’s be together after a long journey…” It was Yang Yilai who sang this piece, the gentle and affectionate magnetic bass that made tens of thousands of people Many fans couldn’t help but get addicted.

Chu Fangfang closed her eyes and listened with intoxication on her face.

However, her roommate didn’t give her a chance to appreciate it. Zhong Zhenzhen, a “pseudo-song fan”, shook her arm vigorously, put on the face of a fan girl, and screamed: “Hey, I can’t do it anymore, I can’t do it anymore, Yang Yi actually sings so well, when will he debut? I want to be his number one fan girl!”

Chu Fangfang couldn’t help laughing. She pinched Zhong Zhenzhen’s baby-fat cheek and said angrily, “Can you stop for a while, have you forgotten? Yang Yi also has a master, he and Murphy are both Got the certificate!”

“Yes!” Zhong Zhenzhen reacted and sighed in disappointment.


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