House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 436: The opening of the surprise series (two/four)



Chu Fangfang is an ordinary third-year student of Modu University of Technology. She likes Murphy’s songs very much, and when she heard that Murphy’s scene was even more amazing, she bought tickets early with her roommate Zhong Zhenzhen. Although it is not a particularly good seat, for the student party, it is already very satisfying to be able to watch a concert!


“Hey, I thought this concert was going to be cold, but I didn’t expect so many people!” After Zhong Zhenzhen sat down, he looked around and couldn’t help but muttered to Chu Fangfang.


“Why is it cold?” Chu Fangfang smiled, “Is it because of the gossip yesterday?”


The news of Murphy’s marriage was the main topic of their dorm night talk yesterday.


“Yeah, you don’t know, these stars are especially afraid of their feelings being exposed. Isn’t there an idol singer like Liu in Hong Kong? He is in his 40s, and he doesn’t dare to disclose his marriage. , and was so scared that he hid his wife.” Zhong Zhenzhen really likes gossip, she said with great interest.


“That’s just an idol singer! Murphy is not an idol singer, she became famous by her singing skills and her strength! Anyway, I think most of the people who came to the concert today came because they liked her songs. “Chu Fangfang gave different opinions.


“Okay, okay, I’m here to watch the fun anyway.” Zhong Zhenzhen said with a smile, hugging Chu Fangfang’s arm.


However, Chu Fangfang and Zhong Zhenzhen didn’t care about chatting. They hurry up, took their cameras, took a few live photos, selfies, and group photos, and prepared to go back and send microbroadcasts as souvenirs.


Unconsciously, the concert began. With the roaring background music, a large ball surrounded by a huge screen slowly opened a mouth, like a UFO in a sci-fi movie, an escalator slowly descended down.


Suddenly, the spotlights flashed wildly at the exit, and Murphy finally appeared there amid the overwhelming cheers of tens of thousands of fans. The light behind him shone like a **** descending to earth!


No, it should be an immortal, because it was Murphy, who was wearing the familiar white gauze skirt, and walked down the escalator like a fairy, walking down the mortal world.


“Beautiful!” Chu Fangfang’s Zhong Zhenzhen was so excited as if he was in the scene, shouting along with the fans at the scene.


However, Chu Fangfang paid more attention to the song that Murphy was going to sing. However, according to the accompaniment of this opening, such a familiar melody, her true love fan has also heard it.


“I am still the same at this time, the loneliness at night can easily make people sad…”


Murphy raised the microphone, and the first sentence sparked even greater cheers.


“…I don’t have any news from you because I’m thinking of you.”


On the stage, Murphy’s singing suddenly stopped, and she said softly, “Can we come together?”


“Don’t leave if you love me, if you say, you don’t love me…” The fans in the audience went crazy and excitedly sang along with Murphy, Chu Fangfang also sang happily, she But I love this song.


The atmosphere was lit, the dark auditorium lit up with stars and fans swayed glow sticks, almost in unison to the beat of the song.


After Murphy sang this song, Chu Fangfang still had some unfinished thoughts. At this time, she heard Zhong Zhenzhen’s muttering: “Her scene is really good, there is no one else in this voice!”


“I’ll just say it!” Chu Fangfang said proudly, “Murphy is one of the few singers who can sing live as well as the studio version!”


At this time, Murphy, who had finished singing the hot song, waited for the cheers of fans and the various voices saying “Murphy, I love you” to stop, and finally she could talk about her opening remarks.


However, to the disappointment of many, Murphy did not even mention the gossip that went viral yesterday, but instead said with a smile after thanking the fans who came to support her: “Today, I am A new song for everyone!”


The news was so explosive that the fans in the audience couldn’t react for a while, but soon, their excited screams broke out, and the whole stadium was deafeningly cheering.


New song!


Don’t care if it’s unreasonable to sing a new song after only two months of the new album, it’s like chasing a novel, don’t worry about the author’s ability to write so many chapters, anyway, it’s just to urge the update: you have the ability to break out A hundred chapters, even if there are a hundred chapters every day, I have the money to subscribe!


The fans at Murphy’s concert were in such a state of mind. They were so excited when Murphy said they would sing a new song: Hurry up and sing, we will definitely buy, buy, buy!


“It’s a new song again! Murphy is so crazy!” Chu Fangfang took Zhong Zhenzhen’s hand excitedly and said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen a singer who sings so fast, I hope it’s another masterpiece! “


However, without waiting for Chu Fangfang’s Zhong Zhenzhen to respond, Murphy continued: “Today, for this new song, I invited a very special, very special guest to come to the scene and follow me. Let’s sing this song together!”


Before the words fell, the cheers rose again, and the curiosity of the fans was bursting!


Who is it? which singer? Chu Fangfang guessed wildly.


“No way? Could it be Yang Yi?” Her Zhong Zhenzhen said excitedly with the fire of gossip burning in her eyes.


“I don’t think it’s possible, didn’t Yang Yi write novels?” Chu Fangfang clenched her fists excitedly and said, “I think it’s Chen Yijie, or Mu Ziang, Murphy doesn’t say, it’s one for her. A very special guest?”


Zhong Zhenzhen frowned and said, “Because it’s very special, it could be Yang Yi! Don’t you think it’s time for gossip and waves? It’s very special to her, isn’t it her husband? ?”


Zhong Zhenzhen’s guess also appeared in the minds of many fans at the scene. They all widened their eyes, a little excited, and a little strange.


However, don’t guess, at the back of the stage, a tall man in a black casual suit, holding a guitar, walked out slowly.


Really him? Sure enough it was him!


Seeing this height, fans who followed yesterday’s gossip immediately recognized it. After confirming the guess in his heart, there were bursts of screams from the audience.


“I’ll just say it! How could Murphy have no response at all!” Chu Fangfang’s Zhong Zhenzhen shook her arm excitedly and said, “This is directly brought out to meet the parents, no, see the fans! Hehe , Murphy is really decisive, better than those stars who refuse to admit their lives and lives, they are so cool that they have no friends!”


For this performance, Yang Yi specially put on a suit that he rarely wears – mainly because he was tired of wearing it in his previous life. However, his dress was not formal, not only did the suit have no tie, but the collar of the shirt inside. The buckle was untied, and there was an uninhibited wildness in the gentleness.


“The legs are so long!” Chu Fangfang’s Zhong Zhenzhen couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, poked Chu Fangfang, and said, “Hey, little pig, did you see this, this Yang Yi, after dressing properly, is handsome Much better!”


“Is it because of being tall? Tall people are handsome in suits.” Chu Fangfang gave an objective evaluation, she said, “However, I’m a little worried! Yang Yi, can he sing?”


This question also appeared in the hearts of many fans at the They exclaimed at the appearance of Yang Yi, but also felt strange, how could Murphy let a writer come out to sing with her?


If you can’t sing well, won’t you smash the signboard, and won’t it make people more opinionated about Yang Yi?


Chu Fangfang secretly sweated for Yang Yi in her heart. She is not like some brainless fans, chasing stars so much that she even wants to interfere in the relationship of stars. Chu Fangfang feels that emotional problems, as long as Murphy lives happily.


However, Zhong Zhenzhen expressed a different opinion on Chu Fangfang’s question: “I think this Yang Yi must be hiding something! You can see that he has brought a guitar to the stage, maybe he can sing well! How can he capture Murphy’s heart without singing skills?”


Chu Fangfang thought about it and thought it was quite reasonable!


However, they don’t need to guess, the music on the stage is already playing.


The prelude is a guitar solo, a warm and affectionate guitar sound, through the microphone in front of Yang Yi, the sound is transmitted to the ears of the fans in the audience.


Hey! not bad! Chu Fangfang’s eyes lit up.


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