House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 430: Love everywhere


Murphy was really busy. He stepped on the stage at the concert in Magic City, and checked the lighting, elevator facilities, etc. with the person in charge of the company.

“Sister, do you want us to go to dinner first?” Mo Xiaojuan sat in the nanny car rented by the company and gave Murphy a worried look.

In the evening, Mo Xiaojuan took the time to buy coffee and snacks, but Murphy just ate a piece of egg **** to pad her stomach, and then went on to audition with the band, with no grains of rice in the back.

Don’t talk about Murphy, Mo Xiaojuan ate the rest of the dim sum – she didn’t expect it took so much time on the first day, but now Mo Xiaojuan feels a little hungry.

Murphy glanced at the driver, she shook her head gently, and said to Mo Xiaojuan, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

Mo Xiaojuan understood, she said with a smile: “Then I’ll go back to the hotel, find a place to solve it myself, and then go back at night.”

“Why do you want to act alone!” Murphy said angrily, she lowered her voice and whispered in Mo Xiaojuan’s ear, “Yang Yi also bought your share!”

Mo Xiaojuan hugged Murphy’s hand and smiled mischievously. She also leaned into Murphy’s ear and said, “I didn’t create space for you!”

This is because Mo Xiaojuan is thinking too much. Don’t say that Xixi hasn’t slept yet. Even if Xixi slept, Yang Yi will not toss Mo Fei at this time. After all, there will be a concert the day after tomorrow. What should I do if I scream?

There were also several reporters squatting outside the hotel, and when they saw Murphy coming back, they rushed over.

“It is rumored on the Internet that you and Mu Ziang are a couple, Murphy, what’s your response to this?”

“Murphy, to the concert the day after tomorrow…”

The microphones were all plugged in. Fortunately, Mo Xiaojuan responded well. She and the driver raised their hands and protected Murphy in the middle until they squeezed into the hotel and the reporters were stopped by the security. quiet.

Of course, along the way, Murphy and Mo Xiaojuan kept silent.

Murphy and Mo Xiaojuan went back to their room first, but as soon as the door was opened, Murphy saw bright lights and the sound of animation from the TV.

Have they come by themselves?

Murphy hurriedly called Mo Xiaojuan in and closed the door, for fear of being discovered.

As soon as Murphy turned around, Yang Yi greeted them from the hotel room, looked at them with a smile, and said, “Have you come back so late? Have dinner?”

“Mama!” A sweet voice also came over.

It was only when Murphy saw that Xixi stuck out her little head from the wall, and the little girl was clinging to the bed, trying her best to stick her head out to see her mother.

“Mama, I’m watching TV!” Xixi shouted happily, and then retracted her head. The position just now was a little uncomfortable, and the little girl was still thinking about the cartoons on TV. Can’t wait to turn around and look back.

At this time, Mo Xiaojuan pushed the inner lock of the door to prevent someone from pushing it open from the outside, and then said with a smile: “Brother-in-law, my sister is so busy that she can’t even bother to eat, and I heard that You brought her something delicious and rushed back in a hurry.”

“Xiaojuan didn’t eat dinner either.”

“That’s right, I’m starving to death, brother-in-law, what did you bring to eat?” Mo Xiaojuan jumped over excitedly.

Yang Yi heard that Murphy didn’t eat dinner, and quickly opened the thermal insulation bag that he had packed, and said, “They are all local dishes from the Magic City, such as Hujiang spare ribs, Modu vegetarian duck, meat wrapped in tofu, and a A portion of Mushroom Guoba Soup. Originally, there are other delicious ones, such as Guantangbao and Xiaolongbao, but they may not taste so good when they are brought back to eat, so I think, if you don’t go to the rehearsal so early tomorrow, we will go together. Eat the authentic morning tea here in the magic capital!”

“What’s the bag over here?” Mo Xiaojuan curiously pointed to a bag next to her. She didn’t need a thermal bag, but she still saw that she used a packing box.

“Oh, these are desserts, you can eat them after dinner! There are strawberry napoleons and walnut pie.” Yang Yi said with a smile.

Xixi heard this term. Although she was still watching the TV, she couldn’t help but said, “Mama, strawberry Napoleon is delicious! Super delicious!”

The little girl was watching TV while making recommendations to her mother, which seemed to be very hard.

Yang Yi smiled and said to Murphy: “She likes this very much, and she ate a whole puff pastry in one go. As a result, she can’t eat other delicious food later. In fact, the walnut pie is not bad. Walnuts, but she’s not lucky enough to enjoy them.”

Murphy looked at Yang Yi with a sigh, she said sadly: “You brought me so much food, and there is such a high-calorie cake to tempt me, when I finish eating, it changes again. What if I’m fat?”

Murphy has been very worried about this problem recently. She has always been in a very standard figure, and it is also legendary that she does not gain weight, so she rarely goes on the scales. But last week, because she had nothing to do at home, she bought an electronic scale online at Sahara Online Mall.

As a result, she found out that she gained six pounds after she was with Yang Yi!

One hundred and seven pounds was said by the company’s medical examination before her comeback, and now she has one hundred and thirteen pounds!

This time Murphy panicked. She complained that Yang Yi cooked food for her all day long, and pestered Yang Yi to take her to exercise in the morning to lose weight.

“What are you afraid of getting fat? Even if you become a fat girl, I will still keep you!” Yang Yi smiled at her.

“No, no, I don’t want to be fat!” Murphy exclaimed.

Mo Xiaojuan has slapped apart a pair of disposable chopsticks with her teeth and her right hand. She flipped the thermos bag with her left hand and shouted, “Hey, Murphy, are you still showing your love? Ignore me, I’ll just do it. Finish your dinner too!”

Anyway, Murphy had already made up her mind not to eat dessert tonight, but Mo Xiaojuan proudly took it over. She is not afraid of getting fat, and she often runs around with Murphy, but is she afraid of losing weight?

While eating, they chatted with Yang Yi.

Mo Xiaojuan’s mouth was full, and she asked loudly, “Brother-in-law, do you plan to make a debut together after my sister’s contract with Tianmei ends and she arrives at the studio?”

Murphy’s eyes lit up and looked at Yang Yi. Although Murphy knows Yang Yi’s character relatively well, she still retains a little hope. She also wants Yang Yi and her to support each other in the entertainment industry and open a mom-and-pop shop!

However, Yang Yi shook his head and said, “No, I’ll just be behind the scenes and write songs for Murphy.”

“What a pity!” Mo Xiaojuan exclaimed, “Brother-in-law, you sing really well, too, and the songs you sang to my sister, such as “Want to Sing Me to You”, also There is “Just Met You”, if you don’t publish it, what a waste!”

Yang Yi frowned slightly, but Mo Xiaojuan was right. These songs carry so many wonderful memories of him and Murphy. If he didn’t sing them himself, he wouldn’t be willing to sing them for other singers!

“Actually, I also really hope you can sing with me. But it doesn’t matter, you have your own I can understand!” Murphy reached out and held a piece with Yang Yi .

Yang Yi’s thoughts are still a little confused. Recently, there are many people who persuade him to show his face, Du Yuanlei, those readers, the editors of Sahara Publishing House, Mo Xiaojuan and Lanzhou Kai.

He really doesn’t want to live a focused life, perhaps because of some psychological effects he experienced in his previous life, but to be honest, his current life is slowly changing some of his original views.

And as Lanzhou Kai said, he wants to keep a low profile. With such a wife, is it possible to keep a low profile? Moreover, Lanzhou Kai has a sentence that is quite right, people are social animals, in this society, he can never be isolated from the eyes of others.

Unless he abandons his wife and children and lives alone in the mountains.

Of course that’s impossible!

However, Murphy’s words still warmed Yang Yi’s heart. He squeezed Murphy’s hand gently, smiled slightly, and said, “Let me think about it again! It’s still early, no Urgent.”

However, the plan always fails to keep up with the changes…


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