House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 429: He Xixi travels to the Old Street of the Magic City (3/4)



This week, Yang Yi and Xixi can’t go to the fitness center to play boxing with Lanzhou Kai and Lan Xin. Although Xixi is in high spirits after hearing the news, because Murphy’s Magic City concert will be held this week The sixth is about to start, but Yang Yi and Xixi are going to the magic capital to support Murphy’s concert!


To this end, Yang Yi also took two days off for Xixi and set off with Murphy on Thursday.


This guy was very bold, he drove directly and took Murphy to the hotel where he was staying, and he also booked a room with Xixi on the other floor of the hotel.


“This is called darkness under the lights. The more the entertainment reporters guard the place, the safer it will be. Later, I will walk out of the hotel with Xixi swaggeringly, and no one will put the two of us ordinary people in the hotel. In my eyes!” Yang Yi raised his eyebrows, settled down with Mo Xiaojuan in his room, and said proudly, Murphy, who sneaked over to visit.


“Xixi, look, your father is bragging, and the bull is about to explode!” Murphy couldn’t help laughing, pulling her daughter and laughing.


Xixi believed it to be true, she turned her head suspiciously, looked around, and said in confusion, “Where is the cow?”


This is really not bragging, Yang Yi has this confidence!


In the afternoon, Yang Yi took Xixi out to play, and walked out of the hotel door next to a few reporters with long guns and short cannons. As a result, others looked up at Yang Yi and found that they did not know him, so they continued to bow their heads and play. Cell phones, no longer bird them.


“Baba, why don’t we play with Mama?” Xixi was hugged by her father. She looked around curiously and muttered in her father’s ear.


Yang Yi walked past a reporter, her face as usual, and said calmly, “Because my mother has to go to work in the afternoon! We are here to accompany my mother, not to disturb her work, right?”


Xixi nodded sensible.


Yang Yi drove a car and drove Xixi through the streets of the magic capital, but he was not wandering aimlessly. Before Yang Yi came, he inquired with some fun-loving netizens on a travel forum. Today I want to take Xixi to go shopping, is a very famous old street.


“Yuyuan Road!” After arriving at the ground, Yang Yi took Xixi’s hand and pointed to a road sign along the blue and white background, and said with a smile after he parked the car.


“One Yuan Road?” Xixi first looked around curiously, then raised her little head, looked at the direction her father pointed, and read along, but her pronunciation was not standard.


“It’s Yuyuan Road, Yu…” Yang Yi smiled and corrected his daughter’s pronunciation.


“Okay!” Xixi has no interest in this. She discovered the new world by herself. The little girl jumped up, took her father’s hand, raised her head happily and said, “Baba, let’s go there and have a look. , it’s weird there!”


What’s so weird?


It turned out that what attracted Xixi’s attention were several old-fashioned buildings, connected by one floor, like the Tiananmen city wall, but not so grand, more like shrinking, but a series of seven arches The shape of the teak door is very conspicuous.


Above are palace-like buildings. The yellow glazed tiles, like gold, have plated these buildings with a splendid golden light.


However, it is not a palace.


“This is Jing’an Temple.” Yang Yi smiled and said to her daughter, “Do you know what temple means?”


“What do you mean?” Xixi opened her arms and asked her father to hold him up. The little man was short and was blocked by vehicles on the road, so he couldn’t see anything.


Yang Yi picked Xixi up and said softly, “Do you remember the story Dad told you about Journey to the West? The Tang monk came back from the West, so that Buddhism can develop better in the Central Plains, and temples, This is where monks like Tang Seng lived.”


“Then, is there a Tang monk here?” Xixi had a surprised look on her face.


“No, there are no Tang monks in Modu, they are in the north.” Yang Yi said.


“Don’t have Tang Seng?” Xixi was a little disappointed.


Because there is no Tang monk, Xixi’s expectations for Jing’an Temple have dropped a lot. Moreover, I went in with my father and took a look. The temple with a deep courtyard, quiet and ethereal is not the type that Xixi likes. , then urged Dad to leave.


It doesn’t matter, there are many beautiful sights on Yuyuan Road for father and daughter to watch.


Interestingly, these scenic spots can only be discovered by turning into different small alleys, and this deep and narrow alley, row upon row of plane trees with green shoots out along the way, is a beautiful scenery in itself!


There is no noisy traffic, Xixi is willing to come down and walk, Yang Yi looked at the innocent little girl, couldn’t help but picked up her DSLR and took a few pictures of her.


“You are standing next to this tree, yes, laugh!” Yang Yi directed, pressing the shutter from time to time to capture a few lovely moments of Xixi.


“Hee hee!” The little girl smiled like a flower. She leaned against a brown, slanted brick-patterned doorpost, holding a white mottled sycamore trunk. The green shrubs in the garden next to her poked out The head just served as the background for the little girl.


“Baba, I need to make a photo and put it in my big one.” Xixi forgot what the album said, so she could only do her best to gesture.


“Of course!” Yang Yi smiled and nodded to her.


Xixi didn’t need to look anymore, she turned her head in satisfaction, and walked forward.


“Baba, look, this building is so strange!” Not long after, the little girl seemed to have discovered something remarkable again, and happily turned around and ran back to her father’s side, holding her father’s hand and saying.


What Xixi discovered, and one of the attractions Yang Yi planned to visit, was the former residence of a celebrity. Of course, this celebrity Yang Yi was not familiar with, but his former residence was very luxurious, an Italian Gothic castle building.


That’s what it says in writing, but Yang Yi doesn’t understand how to classify it. He just appreciates it.


Xixi also appreciates it, and the little girl happily shares her findings with her father: “Baba, look, look at that!”


“Well, what’s wrong with that roof?” Yang Yi squatted down and looked at her daughter’s fingers. The gray exterior walls, inlaid red bricks in the middle, and blue sloping roofs, were quaint and simple. In the elegance, there is a distinct sense of liveliness.


“There are two here, this thing, a small house, is the same as my building blocks!” The little girl scribbled her fingers and described it seriously.


Yang Yi understands, Xixi is talking about the two dark blue dormer windows on the roof, an evolution of the skylight, it looks like the building blocks that Xixi played with in kindergarten to build a house. Like a scaled-down version of the house.


“You observed very carefully! Dad gave you a thumbs up!” Yang Yichong gave the little girl a thumbs up.


Xixi laughed happily.


Yuyuan Road is basically full of old buildings, but not all of the former residences of celebrities or scenic spots. There are also many small shops with a literary flavor on this street.


The most are coffee shops and refreshment shops. Yang Yi visited a few of them, but it was an eye-opener. Looking at the layout of other people’s coffee shops, Yang Yi suddenly felt that his own coffee shop has been open for more than half a year, and it seems that he has not made much progress. Compared with others, the literary atmosphere is much less!


“Maybe it should have changed a bit!” Yang Yi thought to himself.


In the evening, before the sun sets, Xixi got hungry after walking around for an afternoon, so Yang Yi took her to eat strawberry Napoleon, in a restaurant called Mr_nice (Mr. Good) on Yuyuan Road. A place highly recommended by foodies.


The Napoleon cake mentioned here is actually a misunderstanding in translation. The essence of this cake is a puff pastry. However, compared with puff pastry, it is more advanced. The puff pastry maintains a crisp texture and is crispy. The leather sandwich is also richer in ingredients, including fresh cream and custard sauce.


Of course, Strawberry Napoleon, the interlayer in the middle is naturally bright and attractive strawberry slices!


Yang Yi has eaten this kind of cake before, and he has also studied how to make it, but his craftsmanship is still a little worse. There is nothing else, just this meringue, after being coated with fresh cream and custard sauce, Yang Yi can’t guarantee its crispness. Unless it is coated and eaten immediately, it will soften after a few minutes.


But this is the secret of other chefs. Yang Yi researched it for a long time and couldn’t find the trick. …you can only taste other people’s craftsmanship when you meet them.


What makes Yang Yi a little regretful is that the strawberry Napoleon in this store has not reached the extreme crispness he used to eat in Europe, but for Xixi, it is enough!


Crispy meringue, soft cream, and fresh strawberries, sweet and sour, are all in line with Xixi’s taste.


“Delicious!” The little girl burped after eating a mouthful of cream, and then laughed foolishly to her father.


Yang Yi wiped his daughter’s mouth funny, he said softly, “Just now my father sent a text message to my mother, she didn’t have time to eat dinner, she is still busy, should we pack some cakes for her to go home?”


“Hmm, Mama can also be eaten! I like it very much.” Xixi patted her small palm and said happily.


“You like it very much, so mom will like it too, right?” Yang Yi asked with a smile, “But the cake is just not nutritious enough, let’s buy something else delicious for mom.”


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