House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 425: Your courier has arrived (Third/Thursday)



“Hello, your Sahara courier has arrived, please sign for it.”


At noon, a courier boy wearing a red Sahara express jacket, black pants, and a red motorcycle helmet knocked on the door. Mu Yucheng, who specially asked for an annual leave to stay at home, finally waited for him. The long awaited package.


“Thank you!” Mu Yucheng took the pen and signed the courier slip. He smiled and said to the other party, “You guys are doing well now, and the clothes are all matched.”


The delivery guy from Sahara Express smiled shyly, nodded and said, “Yeah, the company distributed new clothes the week before, and I have to wear this set for work in the future.”


“Is it just one set? You wear it like this three hundred and sixty-five days a year?” Mu Yucheng caught the loophole in the other party’s words and joked with a smile.


“No, no, three sets, these are winter clothes, and there are three sets of summer clothes.” The courier brother quickly explained.


“Haha, just kidding, I actually saw your Sahara Express report in the newspaper. It seems that a new boss has come, everything is very different, look at this mental outlook, it has improved a lot. Huge! All of a sudden, I distanced myself from other couriers!” Mu Yucheng took the courier box and gave a thumbs up to the courier brother, saying.


After the Spring Festival, Sahara Online Mall announced a new appointment. Fu Jun will no longer serve as CEO of Sahara Express, and Li Long will take over as the head of Sahara Express. Of course, Fu Jun is still the CEO of Sahara Express. Li Long’s boss, Li Long needs to report his work to Fu Jun.


The name Li Long is relatively unfamiliar in China. However, he has a very good experience abroad. Before taking over Sahara Express, he first worked for DNL, ​​a well-known international logistics company in Germany, for ten years. Experience, and then served as the head of the European branch of FEX International Express for a term of five years.


These two express delivery companies are giants in the express delivery industry. Of course, the domestic express delivery market is special and blocked. Although they also have business in China, their scale is far less than that of several domestic express delivery companies. National Express.


Of course, it doesn’t need to go so far. Li Long is also considered an elite among the turtles. After being dug back by Sahara Express, he immediately remodeled Sahara Express.


It is also because Sahara Express is young and energetic, and Fu Jun gives him the trust and support that Li Long’s philosophy can be instilled.


The first is the construction of the team. As Yang Yi proposed before, Sahara Express will acquire or eliminate all the joining forces one by one, train all couriers in batches, strengthen discipline, and improve service attitude. After the year, Sahara Express received the main reason for the gradual increase in customer satisfaction evaluation.


Then there is the establishment and maintenance of the brand, such as the uniform clothing that Mu Yucheng sees now, and even the uniform replacement of transportation, etc. Of course, these require a lot of capital investment, even if Fu Jun gives support, it is impossible All the upgrades were completed at once. At present, only the uniform clothes have been replaced, and the means of transportation need to be upgraded gradually and in batches.


There are also many technical upgrades such as scientific zoning and sorting, and management upgrades. These are simply not exhaustive. Li Long is using advanced foreign concepts to bring Sahara Express to a new height. .


Of course, Mu Yucheng didn’t have much interest in learning more. He just saw it in the newspaper, so he casually chatted with the courier boy. After the courier boy left, Mu Yucheng couldn’t wait to close the door and unpack the box. , took out the book that I had been waiting for for half a month!


“Walk in the White Night”, like the other 1.2 million fans who participated in the pre-order, Mu Yucheng was very curious about what this book was about.


The cover is already very familiar, so there is no need to look at it any more. The plastic film on the outside is torn off, and Mu Yucheng opens it directly. The style of this book is very strange, without any coloring pages, the overall tone is black and white, very strange.


Without the table of contents, turning to the second page, a line of small characters “Chapter 1” revealed the first layer of fog in this story.


However, Mu Yucheng was a little dumbfounded. He found that he couldn’t understand the first chapter.


It seems to be saying that a police officer walks into a crime scene to investigate, but the story is very nuanced, even including some trivial things about buying grilled shrimp cakes before walking into the scene.


What “that building has become a children’s playground” these conversations made Mu Yucheng inexplicable, and the subsequent conversations at the crime scene also puzzled Mu Yucheng, what “the victim was eating Killed after being full”, “The hole on the belt is two looser than usual” and so on.


Are these clues given by Yang Yi? Let’s guess who is the murderer?


Perhaps true mystery novel fans can find some clues from it, but Mu Yucheng does not have this level. He is not a real mystery novel fan and can only guess by himself.


“I think it should be the wife of the deceased. Her behavior is so weird that even the police officer can see that she is contrived!” Mu Yucheng muttered to himself.


However, he found a problem. This is a physical book, not an online novel. Even if he has some thoughts, there is no book review area for him to show!




No, Mu Yucheng logged on to his SNS with great interest, and asked in a “Prison Break” reader group formed by a fan himself: “Who is reading Yang Yida’s new book “Walking in the White Night” now? , let’s discuss it!”


“Xiaomi? Yang Yida has released a new book? Why haven’t I read it on Qiuyi?”


Mu Yucheng had to tell the other party the release address of “White Night”, and the link was sent. However, if I only place an order now, I am afraid it will take two or three days to arrive. This is only possible with Sahara Express. speed.


“Lao Mu, you’re not being kind! If you don’t share something good sooner, you’ll say it now!”


Mu Yucheng’s online name “Mu Yuchen” is still relatively loud among Yang Yi’s fans. His conversation with that netizen still exploded a lot of diving people, and they all blamed them. After getting up with Mu Yucheng, they also began to call friends and go to the Sahara Online Mall to place orders and buy books.


“Lao Mu, I also bought “Walk in the White Night”. I just got it, and I can’t stop reading it! Come on, let’s discuss it quickly, I just want to talk to someone!” Finally, someone bought the book.


If there is the first one, there will be the second one. After a while, more than 20 netizens who bought the book responded.


However, in order to prevent them from spoiling in advance, at the strong request of the angry crowd, Mu Yucheng quickly set up a small group and pulled these twenty people Then everyone started from the first The first chapter began to discuss, and no spoilers were allowed to read quickly.


However, after Mu Yucheng put forward his point of view, some “senior mystery novel readers” told Mu Yucheng with a smile: “Old Mu, let me tell you, the murderer can never be the wife of the deceased! According to normal reasoning The routine of the novel, the more suspicious the suspect at the beginning, the less likely he is the real murderer!”


“The real murderer is often the most inconspicuous and unlikely one!” the other party said triumphantly.


“Then who are you talking about? Could it be Officer Cao?” Mu Yucheng said unconvinced, “He is the most unlikely to be the murderer.”


“Uh…I can’t guess that either.”


“Do you think that the family of the deceased told in the story is very oppressive? The mother behaved very strangely, and then the boy named Tong Shiliang was a dark boy again. Could it be his mother and the surname Song? The clerk had a leg, and then maybe the clerk surnamed Song and his mother killed his father, because Tong Shiliang found out about this matter, so he was so melancholy?” A netizen expressed his opinion.


“It’s possible!” Mu Yucheng felt that the possibility was very high.


“Impossible, that surname Song appears too many times in the book, and his performance is too suspicious. Unless Yang Yi’s brain is disabled, it is possible to reveal the murderer so quickly!” The former “senior mystery novel” Readers” retorted.


“Then how do you explain the strange behavior of Tong Shiliang’s mother?” said the netizen in disapproval.


Other netizens also lined up and put forward their opinions, but no one could convince anyone.


“Stop arguing, let’s watch the next chapter together, okay? I really want to know who this murderer is!” Mu Yucheng had to stop them, and this proposal was unanimously approved by everyone.


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