House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 426: Fuck off



However, just as they started to watch the second chapter together, suspicions resurfaced, and a woman suspected of being the mistress of the deceased surfaced. This woman was named Xi Wendai, and she had a very lovely and beautiful daughter named Xi Xuehui. Xi Xuehui was Xi Wendai. Daughter born with ex-husband, take mother’s surname.


Xi Xuehui is so sensible that it makes people feel distressed, but her mother is not very reliable. The clues investigated by Cao police gave Xi Wendai’s murder motive, but Xi Wendai has an alibi…


However, at this time, another driver appeared in the investigation. The character was actually Xi Wendai’s boyfriend. Could it be that he and Xi Wendai joined forces to kill the deceased?


“This must be the case!” After reading Chapter 2, Mu Yucheng felt that he was very close to the truth. However, at this time, Mu Yucheng didn’t want to discuss with netizens immediately. Opened the third chapter.


“Just take a look, I know who the murderer is, I won’t look!” Mu Yucheng decided to quietly violate each other’s promises, but he didn’t know that the same situation happened to other netizens.


However, at this glance, Mu Yucheng vomited blood.


“Fuck!” Mu Yucheng couldn’t help it. He sighed on SNS.


Someone replied quietly: “Lao Mu, did you secretly read the third chapter?”


“How do you know?” Mu Yucheng blushed.


“Because I watched it too.” The man replied with a laughing and crying emoji.


There is no coincidence, and a large group of resentful echoes behind.


“I also watched…”




“I want to say **** too!”


Counting them, all broke their promises.


Mu Yucheng was happy, and he typed quickly: “Since everyone has read a little about the third chapter, let’s discuss it, since the driver is dead now, could it be Xi Wendai who did it? She I want to kill someone!”


However, no one echoed his words.


The netizen who asked him just now replied: “Lao Mu, did you only read the third chapter?”


“Yes!” Mu Yucheng replied as a matter of course.


“Lao Mu, you’re too slow to read this, hurry up and read the third chapter. After I’ve finished it, I don’t think there is any possibility of what you said!” To avoid spoilers, the other party has already I typed this sentence carefully, word by word.


“…” Mu Yucheng replied with six points. He quickly turned off the computer screen and continued to watch it seriously.


Mu Yucheng’s reading this book is really slow, slower than his reading of online texts and other physical books. No wonder his teammates are complaining about him.


Of course, it’s all Yang Yi’s fault, even though he writes so brain-burning? Mu Yucheng watched it for the first time so hard, and he needed to be very serious. In the future, he might have to watch it a second time or a third time. He felt that many details were not grasped.


However, after reading the third chapter, Mu Yucheng really wanted to say “fuck” again!


Xi Wendai is also dead!


Died from gas poisoning, all evidence points to Yu Xiwendai’s suicide!


But Mu Yucheng’s head was a little confused. He couldn’t help but turn on the computer screen again, posted on SNS, and discussed with netizens.


“Didn’t Xi Wendai commit suicide? Why do I think Xi Xuehui killed it?” Mu Yucheng asked.


“I think it’s also possible. Yang Yida’s description here is too obvious. Xi Xuehui asked the apartment manager to open the door. The intention of making an alibi is too obvious!” a netizen said with a sigh.


“However, I find it difficult to accept! How could Xi Xuehui, such a sensible and cute little girl, kill her mother who lives with her?” Mu Yucheng slammed the table and typed and posted it.


“Perhaps she found out about her mother’s crimes?” The netizen replied with an answer he couldn’t believe himself.


“No reason!” Of course Mu Yucheng didn’t agree.


At this time, other people also participated in the discussion, and there were different opinions, but no one could convince the other.


At this time, the previous “senior mystery novel reader” appeared, and he interjected: “Whether it was because Xi Xuehui was dissatisfied with her mother’s rotten life, or because Xi Xuehui was abused by her mother and resented, Xi Xuehui killed her mother. It’s an ironclad fact!”


This affirmative tone has aroused the doubts of many netizens and asked him to give evidence.


“You turn to page forty-ninth, third paragraph, do you see, ‘Every time she moved, there was a jingling bell on her body’, then the second paragraph on the next page, ‘She gently Nodding, there was a jingle bell again, do you know what that is?” The “senior mystery novel reader” gave the evidence and sold it triumphantly.


“What is that?” Mu Yucheng was very curious.


“It must be the key, it should be the sound of the key colliding, she has the key on her body!” the man said.


“How is it possible that the key collision is not the sound.” Many people have expressed doubts.


However, these are not very important. Mu Yucheng turned over the last few pages of Chapter 3 and identified Xi Xuehui’s suspicion – after all, the article was written too clearly!


“The person who died should not be the murderer, the murderer must still be alive, could the murderer be Xi Xuehui?” The “senior mystery novel reader” questioned.


“How is it possible! How could a girl the size of a primary school student kill a strong adult? Wouldn’t Tong Shiliang’s father resist?” Many netizens strongly refuted.


“And I don’t think it’s possible that Xi Xuehui killed his mother.”


“The only possibility is that her mother and the driver teamed up to kill the deceased, and then her mother killed the driver and committed suicide because she did not want to cause trouble for her daughter!”


Is it true?


Mu Yucheng couldn’t help but want to read the next chapter, he really wanted to know who the murderer was!


However, when opening the next chapter, Mu Yucheng said “Fuck” again!


In the next chapter, the story has jumped to several years later, when Xi Xuehui is already a junior high school student! No, it should be called Tang Xuehui now. She was adopted by her biological father and relatives, and she also changed her surname to her relatives.


And the previous case became unsolved…


Would you like to be so pitiful?


Mu Yucheng sighed, he remembered Yang Yi’s “Prison Break”, although the style is completely different, Yang Yi has made great changes, but there is still a trace of Yang Yi’s shadow in the details – every time he arrives When he wants to get to the bottom of the story, he won’t let the readers cool once!


Gradually, there was no one in the discussion group to discuss, because everyone was addicted to Yang Yi’s story.


Mu Yucheng didn’t even bother to talk about the plot, he read it chapter by chapter, and when his stomach was growling at night, he remembered to order takeout.


But when the takeaway arrived, he took a few bites and continued to watch. For this book, he forgot to eat and sleep, and only put it on the last page in the middle of the night.


In the end, Tong Shiliang turned upstairs without hesitation and jumped upstairs, and saw the murder weapon that Officer Cao had never been able to find – scissors that Tong Shiliang inserted into his chest at the end, and saw Tang Xuehui’s questioning by Officer Cao Down, indifferent as before, walking away as if he didn’t know Tong Shiliang at all.


Suddenly Mu Yucheng burst into tears, and his pupils, which were already covered with red silk, were covered with tears, and he could no longer read the words on the book.


Actually, in the middle of this book, Mu Yucheng had already confirmed the murderer, but it was not until the last few chapters that Mu Yucheng understood the cause of everything – it was so filthy, which changed two The future of the supposedly innocent child…


He also thought of the silhouette of a boy and a **** the front and back of the book, as well as the phrase “…I have never had the sun, so I’m not afraid of losing”…


It turns out that Yang Yi told them the answer a long time ago, but they all forgot.


When the tears stopped flowing, Mu Yucheng found that he still had lingering fears.


Actually, he doesn’t like these two protagonists at all, because Tong Shiliang and Tang Xuehui are too dark, and their behavior is disgusting and fearful! But Mu Yucheng had to sigh that in the whole story, as the murderers, they were indeed the victims.


At the same time, Mu Yucheng was also moved by the deformed love between Tong Shiliang and Tang Anyway, their dedication to each other is wholehearted and great…


In the author’s postscript on the last page of this book, Yang Yi finally left a sentence of his own in this book: “In view of the complex human beings in today’s society, children lack self-protection awareness and anti-aggression X education, I hope that the This book is a wake-up call to protect children from X-violence, so that every child can have a carefree and sunny childhood. – An ordinary father.”


“Yang Yi has written a divine book! It’s better than “Prison Break”, and better than all the books he’s written before! Can this logic be thought of by humans?” Mu Yucheng finally remembered, This book was written by Yang Yi, and the shock in my heart at this moment has been difficult to calm down for a long time.


Reviewing Yang Yi’s novels published from last year to the present, Mu Yucheng found that Yang Yi’s level has also gradually increased, and each one is better than the other!


“I’m really looking forward to his next book!” Mu Yucheng was a little reluctant to close the book.


Although I am very tired, reading this book is also a great torment for the spirit, but Mu Yucheng is still wandering: “It’s just when Yang Yida will sign the book? This guy is too mysterious, right? If he can Just come to Yangcheng for a game, I look forward to seeing what he looks like…”


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