House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 349: My cake is delicious (1/4)



After school in the afternoon, Xixi was picked up by her father in a car. No, she was picked up by her little aunt’s house.


“Baba, why don’t we go home?” Xixi was carried upstairs by her father. The winding corridor was a little dark. Fortunately, in her father’s arms, the little girl was a little scared, but she was still careful. He looked around, and then whispered in Dad’s ear.


“Dad, I have something to do tonight!” Yang Yi told her daughter a little lie, because if she told her that she was going to play, the little guy would definitely not want to stay at home by himself, so he had to go with her Not possible.


“So, you are with my little aunt. My little aunt has already prepared the meal, and then she will take you a bath, and then my dad will come back later, and I will take you home to sleep, okay?”


“Isn’t Baba with Xixi?” Xixi looked at the surrounding environment timidly. She felt that it was different from the last time she came, and it seemed a little scary.


Of course it’s different. The last time I moved was during the day. Although it’s only evening, in winter, it gets dark quickly, the lights in the corridor are dim and dim, and the front always looks dark, as if some monster is hiding .


“Come with me, but Dad didn’t tell you that Dad will do some errands and come back to pick you up at night.” Yang Yi smiled and kissed her daughter’s cheek, “Okay?”


“Well, that’s fine… But, Baba, you have to come back sooner, I’m afraid.” Xixi put her head on her father’s chest. Although she felt a little grievance in her heart, she was still very good.


When I arrived at Yang Huan’s place, the room was bright and dignified, and Xixi was familiar with the furnishings here, and when she saw the little aunt who was cooking in an apron, the little girl relaxed a little.


“Wait, Xixi! The little aunt will prepare the meal soon!” Yang Huan stretched out his fist and touched Xixi manly.


Xixi always thought this way of saying hello was very funny. After touching her little fist, a bright smile appeared on her little face.


Yang Yi only felt relieved when he saw his daughter smiling. He stood in the living room and said to Yang Huan in the open kitchen, “Then Xixi will be taken care of by you, I wrote you a note. Have you read all the matters and things to do? Are you still complete with milk powder, clothes, etc.?”


“It’s just taking care of the children, it’s easy! You don’t need to tell me, I can do it!” Yang Huan said with a smile.


“Really?” Yang Yi deeply doubted Yang Huan’s chicness.


“Leave it to me, you can rest assured! Hurry up, everyone is waiting for you!” Yang Huan waved his hand and rushed out.


Yang Yi finally reminded Xixi and left. He took everyone to celebrate at the Xinying International Hotel, but he only ate a few bites of the buffet, then went to pick up his daughter, leaving the large army to continue to sweep there.


Yang Yi now estimates that they have also begun to shift their positions. The ones who went to the bar followed Guo Ziyi and Ding Xiang, but Qin Wen, Du Yuanlei, and a girl who did not go to the field, they went shopping together.


So, Yang Yi has to leave quickly and meet them at the bar.


After Dad left, Xixi sat on the sofa, a little cautious, but she still turned her head around, picking out some fresh things to see.


“Hey, Xixi, come on, it’s time to eat!” Yang Huan came out with the washed dishes and saw Xixi sitting on the sofa, and called out with a smile.


“Yeah! Good!” Xixi hurriedly got off the sofa and ran a short distance.


“Are you wearing so many clothes to eat? Hurry up and change!” Yang Huan did these things very quickly. She helped Xixi take off her scarf and thick down jacket. “Wait for dinner. After dinner, wear it again! Auntie has no heating here, it’s not like your father’s house, so dress warmer, that’s right.”


Xixi pulled the sweater that was rolled up and made it a little uncomfortable, and asked curiously, “Auntie, why don’t you have a heater? I have it!”


“Well, because I haven’t installed it yet, and I don’t plan to do it, I’m with you, Sister Ding Xiang, don’t be afraid of the cold.” Yang Huan bent down and pinched Xixi’s little nose, and said with a smile.


“Where’s Sister Ding Xiang?” Xixi was picked up by Yang Huan and sat on her high chair. Obviously, this was also moved by Yang Yi in advance.


“Your sister Ding Xiang, uh, she has something to do tonight. She went to class.” Yang Huan lied without blinking.


“Are you in class? At night? That sister Ding Xiang is so pitiful!” Xixi frowned, feeling sorry for what happened to sister Ding Xiang.


“Hehe, don’t mention her, come, Xixi, try it, is this Fushou fish made by my little aunt delicious?” Yang Huan smiled and gave Xixi a piece of fish.


Fu Shou fish is actually tilapia. Yang Huan used the braised method, and it still smelled very fragrant.


However, Xixi didn’t move her chopsticks. She pouted her mouth and said, “Little aunt, you didn’t even pick fishbone! I’m afraid of fishbone, and my father will pick one for me.”


“This piece of fish has no bones, my aunt promises you!” Yang Huan gave Xixi the fish that was about two inches below the fish’s head. The fish there is the strongest and most delicious. What a fishbone.


Xixi dug up the meat and rice with a small spoon suspiciously, and ate it until her little mouth moved.


“Is it delicious?” Yang Huan asked expectantly.


“Delicious!” Xixi nodded and said loudly.


“Hee hee, that’s a must, you little aunt and I, I used to be at home and often had to cook. So I also learned a good cooking skill!” Yang Huan said with a smile, “Compared to your father’s cooking , which is more delicious?”


The Yang family is a very traditional family. The so-called tradition, to put it bluntly, is chauvinism! All the housework is handed over to the women, while the men farm and work hard, and when they come back, they will eat and drink.


These ideas may seem feudal, but after all, it is a relatively poor rural area, and it is not uncommon for the older generation to have such ideas.


So, let alone Yang Yi in the past, Dad Yang can’t cook, and neither can Yang Qing. Although Yang Huan is spoiled by two older brothers, Yang’s mother still asks her to do housework, just because she is afraid of her. In the future, she will be too skinny, will not be able to do housework, and will not be able to marry.


Of course, the current Yang Yi is the same as a different person. At first, Yang Huan wondered why Yang Yi knew how to cook, but then she saw that Murphy didn’t know how to do kitchen work, so she guessed self-righteously. It was Yang Yi who learned to cook for Murphy.


However, when Yang Huan asked this question, she was simply asking for her own humiliation. How could she and Yang Yi’s level be on a par? What’s more, what she asked was Yang Yi’s loyal little girl Xixi!


“My Baba is delicious!” Xixi said immediately and with certainty.


Xixi didn’t notice her language problem, and Yang Huan didn’t care either. She deliberately imitated Xixi and said, “I don’t believe it!”


“That’s right!” Xixi was very upright and said anxiously, “Why don’t you wait for my Baba to come back and let him cook it for you! My Baba will be delicious, and you have eaten it too. Ya!”


“Alright, alright, I’ll stop teasing you, your father’s cooking is indeed better than your little aunt’s, but today I still have to try my little aunt’s craftsmanship and change the taste, right?” Yang He laughed happily.


After a while, Yang Huan was not so anxious to take Xixi to take a bath, so she accompanied the little girl to play in the living room. But what to play?


“Xixi, what do you want to play?” Yang Huan asked directly.


Xixi is sitting on the sofa with her feet tucked under her butt.


“I want to watch TV, I want to watch Rem!” she said, pointing to the wall-mounted TV. This is left by the previous landlord, and it is also the TV that A Guang and Xu Shishi watched together after moving house in “Fairy Tale”.


“Watching TV? However, we haven’t opened this TV service yet. I can’t watch it.” Yang Huan spread his hands.


She and Ding Xiang were reluctant to open the TV line, because they don’t watch TV much, so it would be a waste of money to open it.


“Then, what shall we play?” Xixi swayed from side to side in a bored manner, then rolled over on the sofa, turned over, and got up again. Her hair was a little messy, but it was fun, she laughed. Ying Ying.


“Usually, what do you and your father play at home?” Yang Huan asked.


“Playing with toys! Little Do you have any toys?” Xixi asked.


“No, your father forgot to bring it.” Yang Huan shook his head.


“Then, then I will play with Xiaojiao, little aunt, do you have Xiaojiao?”


“No…” Yang Huan shook his head again.


“Baba will tell me stories, little aunt, can you tell stories?”


Yang Huan was sluggish and embarrassed: “No…”


“Aiya, little aunt, how come you can’t? I can tell stories!” Xixi also puffed out her small chest proudly, praising her father without any effort.


“Can’t you say something a little aunt would do?” Yang Huan was a little broken.


“Then…then…” Xixi was actually trying her best to help the little aunt find a way, her big eyes lit up suddenly, as if thinking of something, and said, “I will become Sun Wukong, little aunt, you Will you?”




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