House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 350: Not Conan’s Physique (2/4)



What is Sun Wukong? Why can big brother change?


Yang Huan is messy.


“It’s just taking care of the children, it’s easy!” At this moment, Yang Huan felt blushing when he recalled the Haikou that he was full of confidence and boasted to his elder brother.


I haven’t really brought my children alone, and I don’t know that playing with them is not an easy task at all.


Now Xixi is still well-behaved, and she is still trying to help her little aunt find a way. If the little girl casually said, “Oh, why are you not good at anything”, I am afraid that Yang Huan will be ashamed to find a hole in the ground to get in.


Let’s not talk about Xixi’s side, Yang Yi is already in the bar, meeting with Guo Ziyi and the others.


Among this group of people today, the most excited is not Guo Ziyi, but Wang Chao!


This guy angrily wears a red headband on his forehead and makes his hair stand up. I don’t know if it’s cool or not. Anyway, it’s quite different and fits this environment.


This is not the case with him in normal times. He is usually Du Yuanlei’s follower. He came to the bar to play today, just to let himself go?


Yang Yi didn’t care, he found a slightly quieter booth, one that could seat seven or eight people in a circle, greeted everyone to sit down, then took the wine list handed over by the bartender and handed it to them.


“Want something to drink? Go ahead.” Yang Yi said with a slight smile.


“I want this, this one feels good!” Wang Chao leaned over and watched with Guo Ziyi. He pointed to one of the cups and shouted.


“Wow, it’s like blood, it’s called Bloody Mary, how dare you drink this?” a boy next to him sighed.


“Zhu Liyang, don’t underestimate me, okay? It’s not real blood, so what’s not to drink?” Wang Chao raised his chest.


Zhu Liyang is the lighting engineer of the crew, and is actually a student of the photography department.


“Bloody Mary, this may be a bit spicy, can you do it?” Yang Yi reminded kindly.


“I’m not afraid of spicy food, Brother Yang, my hometown is from Sichuan Province, so I might eat spicy food!”


“Okay, bring him a Bloody Mary, I want a Mojito.” Yang Yi nodded to the bartender skillfully.


“Brother Yang, I, let me have a **** Mary too!” Zhu Liyang said, “I want to try it too.”


“Why did I choose the same one!” Wang Chao quarreled with him.


Over there, Guo Ziyi is also researching what to drink with Ding Xiang. Neither of them has ever consumed in a bar. Even Ding Xiang, who has worked here for a while, has not paid attention to what the guests drink. Things are still very new to them.


“So expensive?” Ding Xiang couldn’t help smacking his tongue when he looked at the price listed above.


Cocktails start at 50 yuan, and it’s just a small glass. Even clear water is sold here for more than 30 yuan. Ding Xiang looked at the wine list, and his whole person was not good.


“If I don’t drink, I’ll just sit here.” Ding Xiang whispered to Guo Ziyi.


“You don’t want to drink? It doesn’t matter, there are non-alcoholic drinks here.” Guo Ziyi would be mistaken, he also opened the back, pointed to the drinks mixed with fruit juice, and said.


“Well, when girls come to bars, it’s best to drink less.” Yang Yi smiled and said to another girl, “Long Ni, what would you like to drink?”


Long Ni is the makeup artist of the crew, but not a student of Jiang Chuan, but a friend of Du Yuanlei. She ordered a low-alcohol stout.


In the end, Guo Ziyi ordered himself a margarita that looked pretty good, and ordered Ding Xiang a non-alcoholic drink called Sunrise, which was made with orange juice, lemon juice, and pomegranate juice. There is a gradient from yellow to red on the top, much like the appearance of the sun.


Ding Xiang’s glass of juice costs 50 yuan. She wants to replace it with the cheapest water, but Guo Ziyi sees through her intention and doesn’t agree.


The drink came up quickly, and then there were some snacks such as fruit platters and French fries. Yang Yi specially ordered these for the newcomers to the bar. Just drinking, I’m afraid they will have to lie down later.


“Fuck, it’s really a Bloody Mary! It looks like blood.” After Wang Chao and Zhu Liyang’s wine came up, Zhu Liyang was holding the small octagonal glass and looking at the thick wine inside, he couldn’t help smacking tongue.


“Zhu Liyang, since you ordered it, you wouldn’t dare to drink it, would you?” Wang Chao deliberately provoked him.


“Why don’t I dare to drink? I’m afraid you won’t dare to drink!” Zhu Liyang was not convinced.


Wang Chao raised his eyebrows. He picked up his glass of Bloody Mary and took a sip. In fact, the glass of wine was only two or three small sips. He frowned and swallowed.


“It’s your turn!” Wang Chao pointed at Zhu Liyang.


Actually, cocktails are not like this, Yang Yi thought it was funny, but he didn’t interfere, just looked at them with interest.


Where Zhu Liyang was convinced, he also picked up the cup and took a big sip. Suddenly, the cup was almost bottomed out.


“Cough cough, cough cough!” Zhu Liyang was choked by the smell of wine and spicy, he turned his head and coughed violently.


Especially the spicy taste, it was so choking and uncomfortable that Zhu Liyang coughed so much that tears flowed out.


Fortunately, Yang Yi saw that the situation was not good, and asked someone to bring him a glass of water to give him a few sips, and Zhu Liyang calmed down.


“Is it so bad to drink?” Guo Ziyi and Ding Xiang were both stunned.


“It’s not hard to drink, but it’s a bit spicy. Who told him to drink in such a hurry?” Wang Chao turned to look at Guo Ziyi, and said with schadenfreude.


“Who said that, it’s so spicy, there’s chili sauce in it?” Zhu Liyang was blushing now, feeling like he was about to get angry, he couldn’t help complaining.


“Bloody Mary, there is chili oil in it, but it’s not chili sauce, it’s tomato juice.” Yang Yi smiled, “Just drink it slowly. Would you like another drink.”


“No, no, I want to drink something normal.” Zhu Liyang made an appearance and had a psychological shadow on this wine.


“Is your glass also juice? It looks good too.” Ding Xiang asked Guo Ziyi curiously.


The margarita is yellow, looks like orange juice, and the most beautiful is the snowflakes around the rim, which are actually salt.


“No, it’s made from tequila and lime juice. I don’t remember very well. Would you like to try it?” Guo Ziyi pushed his wine in front of Ding Xiang.


Ding Xiang was drinking her Gradient Juice, she protected her juice to avoid it, her eyes were full of smiles: “I don’t want it, yours is so expensive, it’s only like this, it’s more than 60 Blocks. Not half as much as me!”


It was the first time to drink at a bar, and these guys were still very excited. Of course, one glass was definitely not enough.


Yang Yi doesn’t drink too much. Like a bystander, he sits with him and looks at them with a smile, then slowly sips his mojito, quietly tasting the strong taste of rum The kind of contrast that mingles with the refreshing taste of mint.


Of course, this wine is actually average. After all, it is a civilian bar. Compared with the high-end bar that Yang Yi went to in his previous life, the rum used is not authentic. But Yang Yi is not as interested in wine as coffee, so it doesn’t matter if it is authentic or not.


Besides, Yang Yi has long since lost the brutish energy of hanging out in a bar wearing a mask in his previous life. He prefers to sit in the booth and drink slowly while listening to songs quietly.


“It turns out that the bar looks like this.” Zhu Liyang’s emotion made Yang Yi come back to his senses, “I thought the bar was a mess, everyone was shaking their heads and dancing there, and the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear the speech. kind of.”


“You’re talking about Di! Let’s be clear.” Wang Chao said.


“It’s not clear, there is a place to dance. To be more precise, it’s called a slow shake.” Yang Yi corrected with a smile, “But it’s still different from Diba, the sound here won’t be too loud~IndoMTL .com~even the dance floor.”


“Yes, usually after nine o’clock, there will be more dancers.” Ding Xiang used to work here, and she has the most say.


“You can go and play if you want. Don’t patronize and drink. Don’t look sober now. Cocktails are just like this. When you drink, they will suddenly break.” Yang Yi encouraged, “By the way, we Play until nine o’clock at most, and then send you back to school, and later, your dormitory will be closed.”


“I’m going!” Wang Chao said enthusiastically, today he is here to release himself.


“Will there be something wrong? I think dancing in a bar is always a bit bad.” Zhu Liyang said worriedly.


“Let’s go, Brother Yang, let’s play together. It’s okay, even if something happens, we have Brother Yang here, what are we afraid of?” Guo Ziyi was very calm, stood up and urged, “Brother Yang can beat ten!”


“Fart!” Yang Yi said with tears in his eyes, “Go play if you want, don’t listen to Guo Ziyi’s nonsense, as long as you be careful, what can happen?”


Not a Conan physique.


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