House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 305: The most special song (two/four)



Just when Yang Yi was telling the story of Ice Age 1 to two little girls, Ju Jie was recording the “Music Hurry Up” program in Yangcheng. The routine was similar to Murphy’s, but this time he became a main character.


With Ju Jie’s jumping character, he has a good performance in variety shows, such as playing table tennis, you draw I guess and other shows, he has a lot of fun, and his appearance rate is very high. And Liu Xinqi two hosts left a deep impression.


“It is said that this time, Ju Jie, you brought us your new song, right?” Finally, when it came to the topic, Chen Hang asked with a smile.


“Yes, a very sad song, hey, I suggest that the director get two packs of tissues for Sister Xinqi first, I’m afraid she will be so moved that she will cry with makeup later!” Ju Jie said in a sentence , then interacted with Liu Xinqi and the director offstage, the camera switched back and forth, and his amusing image made people laugh a little bit.


I have to say that before Ju Jie, under the arrangement of the company, he participated in many variety shows, and even worked as a small host. This sense of artistry has been tempered.


As a variety show host, Liu Xinqi still likes this kind of guest very much.


“Ju Jie, I’ve been thinking, what kind of stimulation did you have before that made you so eloquent as you are now?” Liu Xinqi couldn’t help laughing.


“Hey, man, who doesn’t have a few unforgettable pasts? I’ll sing this song below, and you’ll probably understand it!” Ju Jie began to pretend to be deep, but he always pretended not to. Well, it showed obvious flaws, but this made the audience below the stage to laugh.


“Okay, next, we have Ju Jie to bring us his upcoming original single. Well, I won’t introduce the title of this song, let him sing it for everyone!” Liu Xinqi He smiled and pointed at Ju Jie, then went down with Chen Hang and gave the stage to Ju Jie.


The accompaniment of the background audio sounded, and the unique timbre of the flute immediately lifted the audience’s spirits. The gentleness of the wind music gave the song a sad color, although it was not really sung. , but a vague, tragic tone has been set.


Ju Jie, who was wearing brown sunglasses and had a small beard on his chin, raised the microphone. He put on a melancholy look and sang in his suppressed hoarse voice.


“Although I didn’t say it, in fact, I already had a hunch that I can’t give you happiness now, which is my greatest helplessness now…”


The first few paragraphs are normal. Although Ju Jie’s singing skills are mediocre and lack of bright spots in timbre, the most important thing for a drool-worthy song is not to have clear words. Do you want the audience to understand the lyrics you sing?


The audience understood that Ju Jie was singing about his failed feelings.


However, the scene described in this lyric is very familiar, and the audience who have experienced the end of their relationship feel the same, and the sadness in their hearts arises spontaneously.


“I face your confession with silence, and the joy I once had disappeared…” Very sad, just like the helplessness when they broke up, the audience felt their mood was suppressed and seemed to be waiting for an explosion.


They were not mistaken, and with the rapid beating of a string of drums, the suppressed emotions finally burst out.


“Finally you became someone else’s mistress, and I know it’s not because of love…”


Ju Jie sang in a high-pitched voice for a while, but he sang the taste, but the audience was stunned and completely ignored the taste.


Wait a minute, little San? ?


The audience below the stage looked at each other. They all thought it was a little weird. Is this serious? Girlfriend is someone else’s mistress?


But shouldn’t this kind of thing be kept secret and hidden from others?


Why does Ju Jie sing so generously?


Chen Hang and Liu Xinqi in the audience also had a wry smile on their faces. The audience’s black question mark expression was exactly the same as when they first got the song.


However, the director next to him was excited. He felt that when the song came out, it would definitely cause a lot of topics. Whether it was praise or scolding, all the firepower was concentrated on Ju Jie, but the popularity was given to him. “Music Hurry Up” is shared!


“Finally, you became someone else’s mistress. From now on, I’m no longer your harbor. When you snuggle in his chest, have you forgotten the love I once gave…”


Ju Jie on the stage was still singing with a face full of intoxication. His left hand clenched his fist and covered his chest. His sad look made some female audience feel bad for him.


This feeling is very subtle. They should have been disgusted by this song, but because of Ju Jie’s handsome appearance and sadness for love, the motherhood of these female audiences was inspired instead.


I really want to hug him for comfort and care, do you have any?


After a song was sung, the audience was silent, and everyone was so shocked that they forgot to applaud.


“Cough, I think, those who don’t applaud now are the audiences who understand me, the audiences who understand this song, and the audiences who are kind and don’t want to hurt me. Right?” Ju Jie Without waiting for the host to come up, he began to resolve these embarrassments.


These remarks made the audience in the audience burst into laughter, and then they all applauded loudly.


“Thank you Ju Jie for giving such a high evaluation to our audience, and thank you for the new song you brought. Sure enough, the song lives up to its name, “Little Three”…” Chen Hang said, he couldn’t help but want to laugh, “This is really a special song.”


“Chen Hang is right. It’s very special. It’s the most special song I’ve ever heard in my life. I want to ask Ju Jie, did you really write this song?” Liu Xinqi asked a lot The question people want to ask is, “Of course I’m not questioning the copyright of this song, I just think it should be difficult for men to make these things public, right?”


Although Ju Jie was reluctant to admit it, he still followed Du Lun’s request and smiled awkwardly: “It was written by me. I feel it, and I feel it.”


It can’t be said explicitly that a sense of mystery can attract more attention.


“Then let’s ask another very gossip question. Your “Little San” is written by another singer from your company?” Liu Xinqi asked.


“Ah? Who?” Ju Jie asked in surprise.


“Who? A lot?” Ju Jie’s answer made the audience wonder.


It’s a bit too much…


With his net worth and background, those girls in Tianmei who haven’t debuted or who haven’t had much fame after debut naturally have “favors” for him. Ju Jie is also a young and frivolous age, so naturally he will send them to his door. The girl who came has talked about a few relationships. But whether he was serious or not, these feelings didn’t last…


“It’s Murphy who was exposed by the media before!” Liu Xinqi said with a smile, they are going to dig out the revelations today!


Ju Jie was not very prepared for this issue. Thinking of Murphy’s prosperity in the company now, he still said honestly: “Of course it wasn’t written for Sister Murphy. The previous report was wrong, and the company has clarified that it was some bad news. The media is maliciously hyping After saying this, the director under the stage and Du Lun in the audience all showed disappointed expressions.


After the recording of the show, Durham closed the door of the fitting room and began to complain: “Jay, why are you denying your affair with Murphy?”


“Because that’s not the case at all! That hype wasn’t your idea before, have you forgotten?” Ju Jie said of course, “And now that Sister Murphy is so hot, if I make trouble for her, I will Auntie has to beat me to death!”


Du Lun said sternly: “Then you don’t want to clarify it directly! Now that Murphy is so hot, you can be a little vague and let the media guess, and then you can rub her popularity. ? I tell you, it’s too late, you are really going to be a big hit, even if you clarify it at that time, it doesn’t matter!”


“Uh…hey, yes, why didn’t you think of it?” Ju Jie patted his head, looking annoyed.


“Forget it, since you’ve already said it, it’s not easy for us to let the program team re-record. Let’s see how your single performs after the release!” Du Lun sighed, putting on such a rich second generation , he was really tired. 89


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