House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 262: Birthday Surprise (Third/Thursday)



Murphy was so busy that she forgot her birthday, so she didn’t get home until half past eight today, and Mo Xiaojuan drove her downstairs.


After getting off the car, Murphy just wanted to say goodbye to Mo Xiaojuan, but saw that Mo Xiaojuan also got out of the car after turning off the engine and closing the door.


“Xiaojuan, you can just take me here, and you have to take me upstairs? It’s all at the door, it’s safe.” Murphy said with a smile.


Mo Xiaojuan sent out the edited text message, and then quietly hid the mobile phone in her hand, she smiled and said, “Sister, you are in such a hurry to drive me away, go and talk to me. Brother-in-law has lived in the world of two people?”


“Why do you keep talking about this?” Murphy said, blushing a little, “I think about this every day, and I don’t rush to find a boyfriend.”


“What’s so good about a man? Hey, don’t say it, I came down because I was in a hurry, sister, take me to the toilet quickly.” Mo Xiaojuan took Murphy’s hand and shouted.


The nearest toilet is the toilet in the coffee shop, but today Ding Xiang was taken as a spectator. The coffee shop was not open, so Murphy took Mo Xiaojuan upstairs.


“Hey, why is there no one at home?” Murphy was a little surprised when he saw the dark and quiet upstairs as he walked up the stairs.


“Turn on the lights, sister, you can’t see anything, it’s weird.” Mo Xiaojuan called from behind.


She raised her voice on purpose, but Murphy didn’t notice it was wrong and thought the girl was scared.


“I’ll turn on the lights now.” Murphy did not doubt that he was there, and he felt the switch on the dark wall, and “slammed” it on.


“Pop” With the flashing lights, a louder sound suddenly came from behind Murphy.


“Ah!” It was so sudden that Murphy jumped in fright and grabbed Mo Xiaojuan’s arm in a panic.


“Happy Birthday!”


“Happy birthday to Mama!” Following Yang Yi’s blessing, it was Xixi’s cheerful cry. The little girl hid with her father just now, hid on the sofa, covered her mouth, and couldn’t hold back. , and then giggled with laughter.


Murphy’s eyes got used to it a little, and then he could see clearly the colorful paper fluttering in the sky, and the culprit who scared him – the empty fireworks cannon in Yang Yi’s hands, and he was jumping excitedly and smiling. Red daughter!


Although she already understood what was going on, Murphy was still a little terrified. She turned to look at Mo Xiaojuan, and sure enough, this girl was snickering there!


“Surprise!” Mo Xiaojuan waved her arms exaggeratedly and said to Murphy with a smile, “Sister, happy birthday!”


No wonder she’s following.


Murphy rolled her eyes at her angrily: “You guys are keeping me in the dark, and Mo Xiaojuan, I don’t even tell me my birthday!”


“Just to surprise you! I’ve been preparing for more than a week. In order to keep the secret work, I didn’t dare to tell Xixi before today.” Yang Yi walked up and put a “crown” on Murphy’s birthday.


“You scared me, you have to compensate!” Murphy pouted and hammered Yang Yi’s chest with a small fist.


“Okay, compensation, you can say whatever you want today.” Yang Yi smiled gently.


Murphy didn’t think about how to make compensation for Yang Yi, so he left the bad guy aside and let him clean the scraps of paper on the ground. She is now also entangled by Xixi, and the little girl excitedly brought her own gift.


“Mama, Mama, I’ve prepared a birthday present for you!” Xixi wore a small hat like an ice cream cone. She was very cute. She handed her her own gift, her big eyes showing some nervous anticipation , “You must like it!”


Although her father polished herself, wrote a line of words, and helped her frame it with cardboard and packaged it in a gift box, Xixi was still a little less confident.


“A birthday gift from Xixi to Mama? As long as it is from Xixi, no matter what it is, Mama likes it!” Murphy was very happy, after all, it was the first birthday gift Xixi gave her , she held it dearly, reluctant to open it.


However, Mo Xiaojuan, who likes to watch the fun, is instigating: “Open it, open it and see!”


Xixi thought her mother couldn’t open it, but she kindly reached out her little hand to help untie the ribbon: “It’s opened like this, pull it down!”


The gift was opened, and there was a painting in the box. Murphy was a little surprised. She thought that in such a hurry, the little girl should have gone out with her father to buy a gift, but it was also expected. Dad taught me a little bit.


In the painting, the little girl painted a lot of flowers, and then there was a long river with three people walking beside it. Although there was no concrete representation, it was not difficult for Murphy to guess that Xixi painted their family of three.


Yang Yi doesn’t teach Xixi those meticulous painting techniques, just don’t want to stifle her daughter’s imagination, but he has taught Xixi some compositional tips, so that Xixi can express the mood she wants to express better expressed.


“This is Xixi, this is Mama, this is Baba!” The little girl also came over to introduce, “Then this is us walking, holding hands.”


“It’s beautifully drawn!” Murphy said sincerely, “Mama likes this birthday gift very much!”


“Really!” Xixi held her little hand in surprise and looked at her mother.


“Of course!” Murphy put the painting aside, picked up the little girl, and kissed her sweet little cheek.


“Giggle, giggle!” The little girl laughed contentedly.


Next to Mo Xiaojuan, she picked up the painting and looked at it. She exclaimed with a fuss: “Wow, there is a poem on it!”


“It is the beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, and when the flowers are falling, they meet you again.” Mo Xiaojuan sighed while reading, “This must have been written by my brother-in-law, the words are not bad, and the poems are quite suitable for the occasion. Now is the season of falling flowers.”


“It’s not good to read a book when you’re reading. When do you say it’s autumn when it’s blooming?” Murphy corrected, “The blooming season generally refers to the end of spring.”


The reason why Murphy can judge so clearly is because she also contacted Yang Yi and her reunion, which happened to be late spring and early summer.


“I don’t care, I don’t care, anyway, this poem written by my brother-in-law is very good! It is especially suitable for this painting!” Mo Xiaojuan shouted.


There are quite a few gifts from Murphy. On one side are gifts from fans, and on the other side are gifts from Mo Xiaojuan, Ding Xiang, Guo Ziyi and others. Because Yang Yi’s gift is a bit big, I hide it first. in the study.


“Ding Xiang and Guo Ziyi were taken by the school to attend the lecture. If they can’t come, let me convey their blessings to you.” Yang Yi said, watching Murphy unpack the gifts from fans first.


The birthday gifts sent by die-hard fans are basically some perfume, cosmetics or beautiful clothes, which can’t attract Xixi’s attention. eat.


“Wait a minute, your mother will blow out candles later.” Yang Yi comforted the little girl.


“Crack!” Mo Xiaojuan next to her took a picture of Murphy sitting on the carpet unwrapping a gift with her phone.


“What are you doing?” Murphy asked in surprise as he opened the gift.


“Take a I’ll send you a microbroadcast when I go back!” Mo Xiaojuan said enthusiastically.


Murphy’s microbroadcast, after Yang Yi taught her to register, she left it to Mo Xiaojuan, and she rarely played, but Mo Xiaojuan was very interested and often updated Murphy’s microbroadcast.


Of course, Mo Xiaojuan still knows that big stars need to keep a little distance from fans and maintain a sense of mystery, so she basically posted Murphy’s itinerary and work status. Today’s photo is the only one Murphy’s life photos are mainly to thank the fans who congratulated Murphy on his birthday.


Nowadays, there are not many people who use Weibo, but Mo Xiaojuan likes to watch the daily growth of the number of backstage fans, as if watching Murphy grow step by step.


Yang Yi looked and shook his head. He stood up and went to get the cake and put in candles.


But Murphy didn’t plan to open all the gifts. She picked out a few cosmetics and beautiful clothes, and said to Mo Xiaojuan, “I’ll keep these and give them to Ding Xiang, and you can take the rest. Go and break up with the people in the company!”


“Okay!” Mo Xiaojuan simply agreed. This is not the first time that celebrities receive gifts from fans, and they basically do this.


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